The Chocolate Factory!!!

How many people LOVE chocolate? Everyone raise their hand now. 🙂 I cannot imagine having a world without it. Just like, I cannot imagine a world without GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Today, as I woke I felt a strong stirring that the CHOCOLATE FACTORY like Willie Wonka spoke of, is like the Kingdom of Heaven. Specifically, it is like the parts that we are supposed to bring to earth! We call upon HIM and HE moves in us and through us to do so. 🙂

Bear with me on this one. A few days ago, someone sent me a message about a teaching that they read on prosperity. Now remember, prosperity is not just about money. In fact, THAT is actually only a very small part of it. It is really about becoming the sharpest tool in the shed. See, God gives us all a body, which is HIS temple. 

Our job is to work with HIM and in HIM as well to honor it. Also, of course to honor the one who created it, from HIS awesome LOVE!!!! 🙂

So, back to the Chocolate Factory, at the end of the film, Charlie, the main character is TESTED by the famous Willy Wonka. He decides to do the right thing, and walk away, instead of to be vengeful.Then what happens? Oh yeah, He gets the whole THING!!!!! Not just the chocolate, but ALL of it!!!!

Years ago, in prayer we felt that we were shown that our job is not just to spread the gospel literally, but as it says in the word, to work with GOD for THY KINGDOM to COME on EARTH as it is IN HEAVEN. This means, when we have an issue, we can actually not just pray about it, but go there with God and address it! Hallelujah!!!!

Now, God works according to our faith right? So many people have said, I wish I had your faith, and we remind them, GOD has OUR FAITH in HIS HANDS! For the FAITH is in HIM, and NOT in us. In fact, what we were led to realize is, when we doubt, it is because of ourselves, and NOT God. 

So, a sin against self, God’s temple, creates those wounds, which lead to cycles of doubt. So, as the wounds heal, we can tell the devil to GO and he actually has to OBEY!!!! Because GOD in us, as well as us, united is telling him to back down!

Yesterday we had NEW LIFE hit our family! We now have 4 baby kittens. 🙂 It was amazing, because there was a trial we have been going through for years, and when we got this cat, it instantly bonded with our daughter. So, I didn’t think much of it. But, at first, we thought she was a he and the he that was the daddy was a she. LOL (Love our LORD)

The hilarious thing is they were backwards, and GOD made it work for HIS GLORY, just like with us. We started out not understanding what God wanted. So, because we were trained to, and many other reasons, we often rebelled. We always asked forgiveness, and learned A TON along the way. God is restoring the years the Locusts have eaten, and now we will finally get the CHOCOLATE FACTORY! 

Meaning, we will get what GOD desires for us, because we have been tested and tried and tested and tried, and we will be tested and tried some more. Hallelujah!!!! Just cannot boast enough about how GLORIOUS our GOD is!!!!

Lord, thank you for forgiving us, for delivering us, and resurrecting us daily. For surely we are seeing the GLORY and salvation of our ALMIGHTY GOD in action. We praise you ALWAYS, for only YOU alone are worthy.

You promised to finish the work that you started, and here you are doing as you said. For you are not a man that you should lie! We sing your praises now and FOREVER!!!!!!



The BLOOD is for the SIN and the GLORY LIGHT of JESUS is for the wound!!!!!

To those who pray faithfully for US, GOD is about to BREAKTHROUGH like never before!!!

Praise our awesome GOD!!!! Multiply it LORD for your GLORY!


In His Grace,



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