Today, I woke up thinking about wounds. How many of us have been wounded? The world looks at healing from a MIND, BODY, and SOUL which is interesting. When Jesus speaks of Healing it is SOUL, BODY, and SPIRIT. It is like the world combines the soul and spirit, yet they are very separate.

A few days ago we were led to listen to a series, that God gave Katie Souza on healing soul wounds. It is a fascinating series, if some of you have not heard it. It focuses on how the GLORY light of JESUS heals our soul wounds. Wounds are like puzzle pieces. Every time God heals one, a piece to HIS puzzle, falls into place. 🙂

God uses dreams and visions to show us what LIES (LIVES) within our soul. The enemy uses what is there and creates, LIES to manipulate us. Then, we become like puppets on a string. There are demons that are often attached to the wounds, but we cannot be used as effectively to handle them, until JESUS, the son of GOD, united with PAPA, and the Holy Spirit, heals the wounds.


This PICTURE personifies the GLORY LIGHT of JESUS as it HEALS, DELIVERS and SAVES us!!!


The person who did this teaching, as God led, has an amazing testimony. She was an extreme addict, and even was imprisoned in this world, in more ways than one. Praise GOD he delivered her! praise GOD that HE is delivering others through her too!!!

He says we overcome by the BLOOD of the LAMB and the WORD of our testimony. THIS is GOD’s LOVE in MOTION!!!


Last time, we were led to speak on FIRE. That which was unholy and that which was HOLY. That fire is used to burn off iniquities and sins that are hidden in our wounds, and in some cases, as a woman I say this, our womb. Men, cannot birth children through a physical womb, but they do have a spiritual womb. It is a place where GOD births His visions in us. We all have THAT!

I remember one time, when God was teaching us about the wounds He has healed, we were led to cry out and ask HIM to manifest and heal us. The healing had already happened in the SPIRIT, but we desired to see the GLORY shine in the natural. He has that desire FOR us to. The word says He will give us the desires of our heart, but we cannot RECEIVE them when we STAY wounded.

The soul TIES we develop, block the soul WOUNDS from being healed. God has us working on a book for marriage, but it is also for relationships. It is called “The TIE that BINDS.” The whole purpose is to share our testimony, that we are learning daily to ONLY BIND ourselves to GOD. To be bound only to HIS ways, HIS LAWS of LOVE, and HIS vision.

The name of the blog is titled this way because we are NOT 100% healed, and won’t be until we enter into Heaven, but we are 100% whole in HIM! He has healed the wounds, and we are seeing HIS healing SHOW UP and multiply!!!


Scriptures we were LED to today…

God has led us to use SPREAKER as a ministry platform for Face of Grace ministry, the one He has given us to steward.

He gave us a 3 part series on WOUNDS. The first part has already been recorded and is available now. May it BLESS you ALL greatly, and may HEALING, DELIVERANCE and SALVATIONS accompany it all the way to GOD’s GLORY GATES!

In His Grace,


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