Today, as we came out of about 2 weeks of challenges, I was reminded that the Refiner’s FIRE is good, necessary and important. When we play with FIRE, we will likely GET BURNED. But, here is the question, what kind of fire are we playing with? Is it HOLY fire or UNHOLY?

I lived in a specific state for almost 10 years. Referring to geographically, emotionally and spiritually speaking. When I was moved from that place, I was reminded of something a relative said to me. “Don’t play with FIRE, or YOU will GET BURNED.” I remember thinking well, maybe I WANT to GET BURNED.

My husband had lived there for almost 20 years, and really until the last  8 years, had not had much change in his life. Thankfully, GOD got a hold of him in a new way, and he has learned and is learning that GOD’s arms are a safe place to be. He was very angry at God, and He is now starting to understand that was playing a HUGE role in his health and also the health of those around him that he loved, and that God loves.

The fact is, there is NO WAY to avoid getting burned in this life. The more we try to avoid it, the more burned we will get. For years people have just been ignoring the enemy. Many of them have been burnt to a crisp, and some have not lived to tell about it. 🙁 Thankfully, some have, and we can say, as ones who have that getting burned hurts like HELL.

That is at first anyway, because eventually the flames that feel like HELL, begin to feel like HEAVEN. We can get BURNED by GOD, or BURNED by the enemy. The burns from the enemy come from soul wounds. These are places, people, and circumstances that happen that affect our soul.

We were listening to a wonderful teaching regarding this. It spoke about the GLORY LIGHT of JESUS. When that shines on our soul wounds, we have healing take place. It is like FIRE, in some cases, it even burns. The HOLY LIGHT, and FIRE of GOD burn off the iniquities of sin, and places where sin entered in.

One example they gave was a woman who had experienced abuse. The woman giving the teaching was shown that this other woman needed to repent. Immediately, she got defensive and said, “why should I? I mean, I was the one who got hurt, the victim. ” Because of her reaction, she eventually knew she MUST REPENT for letting the soul wound be made, and not fighting back. This women did, and found much FREEDOM in place of it.

When we are naturally passive, we can get burned, when we are aggressive we can get burned. GOD says very clearly, there is a TIME for everything.

He also talks about that somethings must be burned with HOLY FIRE. Here is a great link we were led to regarding this.

Here is another link that talks about UNHOLY FIRE.


THE LOVE of GOD brings transformation from the UNHOLY FIRE to the HOLY FIRE!

We have had many things that most would consider crises. But, we saw them as challenges that lead to growth. Remember it is not whether we sin, but it IS whether we let SIN WOUND us. It is wise to just repent, or choose to change as GOD leads, daily, dwelling on HIS word and promises, instead of THIS world and how it may appear. For, it is GOD ALONE who overcomes the sin in us!

The fact is, when we PLAY with FIRE we WILL GET BURNED. But, maybe we need to be, so that we can be FREE from the bondage of THIS world in which, we are told to be ALIEN of.

Our daughter had to stay home because of something that came up with school. This circumstance, we have been through a few times. Every single time it comes about we are under a lot of stress. Usually we are burning the candle at both ends, and being stretched way too thin, because we are trying to be helpful, and we end up overextending ourselves. In this case, it gave us all a break that we really needed. Was it easy, nope, but it was WAY easier than before, because we did not FIGHT the refinement.


Like when Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednigo went in the fire, GOD was with them, and HE alone protected them. IN GOD is the only time the UNHOLY FIRE cannot touch us!!!!

Our prayer is that GOD possess us and cause our YES to be YES and NO to be NO. But, sometimes we do falter, and thankfully GOD has a way of cleaning up our messes for sure. Hallelujah for that! Our goal as parents and as COGS (Children of GOD Supers) is to create a safe place to land, when we fail. This happens in our lives by consistent surrender to GOD and HIS ways. he gives us a safe place to FALL.

Being burned with HIS FIRE is an aspect of GOD’s LOVE. Definitely has not always been our favorite aspect, but it IS a part of the process, and it MUST happen for HIS GLORY to shine! After all, GOD births HIS GLORY in PEACE, not in  CHAOS.

Lord, bring us GLORIFIED PEACE through your REFINING FIRE!!!!


Have your way, and we thank YOU in advance for KEEPING YOUR WORD!!!

One time a few years back GOD showed us that we were Cowkids. Meaning, hubby is a Cowboy, I am a Cowgirl, and our kids are Cowkids. God says let the little children come unto me. he wants us to come in purity, with ALL the IMPURITIES burned away….IN HIS HOLY FIRE! We are renegades fro CHRIST and in it to WIN it for HIM and IN HIM!!! Rebellion is bad, but FREEDOM is GREAT! Hallelujah!!!!

In His Grace,


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