Am certain by now that ya’ll have noticed a few things. One is that WE LOVE GOD and people, and two is that we LOVE music and  three we LOVE movies. A few years ago, we watched a movie called “August Rush.” In the film, the woman has a child prematurely and then her father takes the child from her and tells her it died. But, she always feels like something is missing. The story is about healing really, in the heart. How an Orphan becomes adopted back into the fold of family. 


This morning when waking, I was very tired and wanted to go back to sleep. But, GOD. Thankfully, it is a beautiful sunny day! So, that does make getting up a bit easier. 🙂 I kept hearing lyrics to a song called HOLD FAST by Mercy ME. The point of the song is simple. GOD will NOT FAIL!!!

It is the same point as the movie “August Rush.” We are adopted into the family of GOD, free from the FOG of this world, and accepted into the midst of HIS. There is a spirit of adoption, and it is beautiful. It is angelic, and full of LOVE. It is one of the many reasons people desire to adopt nowadays. They have this LOVE inside and want to share it. 

We have always known we will adopt, in GOD’s time. When I was a little girl, my mother would say you need A LOT of LOVE. She was right, but what was not mentioned was just how much GOD had given me to share. Our job as Humans, especially children of GOD, is to be loving and kind. 

We look at the world and wonder how many are taught that nowadays. But, times they will ALWAYS change, and the enemy will always try and undermine God. But, the fact is, he cannot. GOD is bigger, He always will be. He has saved our lives too many times to count, and the lives of countless others we know. 

When you are healing, and wounds feel like they will never heal, remember this, HOLD FAST, HELP IS ON THE WAY. He doesn’t give up on us, and never leaves us or forsakes us, so we have to let HIM move on our behalf. 


Today, the 23rd, the BIBLICAL number of death. We are choosing to die to ourselves, once again. To wait on GOD and serve HIM patiently knowing that wonderful things are in store for those who choose HIS ways. 

GOD can use anything, this has been proven time and time again. Yet, people still try and limit HIM. The reason we believe this happens is because it was what they were taught to do. God gave us free will, and He will not come against it. He will go around it, above it, and even through it sometimes if necessary, but NEVER against it. Our will is a gift we were given to choose God. 

The LORD does not want us as prisoners. We are FREE in HIM, and who the son sets FREE is FREE indeed!!!!!!!

Yesterday Sarah Elizabeth was talking about school. She has been doing a reading assignment and misplaced the paper. She said, ” if I do well i get a trophy, but I don’t need a trophy.” It was such a profound statement about our world. Love how GOD uses HIS kids. SO, today we say GOD something is missing in Heaven, if u want her to find it, make a way. 🙂

The pictures posted today on here represent the movie mentioned. One is of the mother, another of the son, and the 3rd of the child as he has grown. The family is  a family of music and LOVE and God, whether they know that last one or not. What drew us to the film was the purity of the story. 


God can and WILL take ANY tragedy or challenge  and use it for HIS GLORY and purpose!!!

One other reason I sense we were drawn to the story of this family in the movie, is because at the time, it was just me, Sarah and Tim. We have gone through many transitions. One is that we now go by new names in our new place where we live. He is David, I am Ellie, or Eleanor, and Sarah is Sarah E. Watching the film when we were going through difficulty, gave us HOPE that GOD would move and things would get better as we grew in HIM. They have, and do every single day. We are humbled and grateful. 

Lastly, I was on FB yesterday and saw someone post a picture of a woman in Boston. She had lost a leg. But, oh the JOY in her eyes when she vowed to dance and teach again, and RUN again! See, now THAT is GOD. May he grow her led back for HIS GLORY and all the others who will receive it. He can do it! NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE for GOD!!!!!!!

Love to you ALL this beautiful day 🙂

In His Grace,


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