What the HELL is going on???

Forgive my bluntness of the title. But, the original one was from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It was from a scene where there were 3 witches, a quite famous one. They say, “double double toil and trouble.” It is a funny line, and silly too. However, over the used we have learned that the spell used there, actually exists. You can google it, and see for yourself.

So, what the HELL is going on exactly? Well, the supernatural is entering the natural, more than ever before. The veil is being TORN away. What we used to NOT be able to see with natural eyes, we will begin to, more and more. The enemy knows his time is running out, so he is trying to bring as much destruction as possible. But, here is a point to consider, and live by, satan only has the POWER given.


God gave him power in the beginning, because GOD wanted to keep us humble. The enemy may come to kill, steal and destroy, but we do NOT have to LET him. In fact, our job as Children of GOD and warriors in HIM is simple. I was watching a show this morning with a well known best selling Christian author and teacher who said this, “our job is to dispel the darkness.” Something clicked, and I was grateful to GOD to hear this same person, who barely ever discusses real warfare, dig a little deeper.

I know this topic is not an easy one to discuss. Especially now because there are so many movies, books, and songs that talk about it. It is much easier to watch it on film and think, this is make believe, or read it, or even listen to it. But, we have been doing that for far too long as people of GOD. We have been observing long enough, it is time to learn to FIGHT, the right way! It is FAR TIME to stop believing the LIES of the enemy.

If people are intrigued by this topic of darkness, it is understood. As a kid I was always highly fascinated by it. Mainly because there was so much around me! There still is in the world, but thankfully not as much in our own personal life. Because GOD has made it very known, that He takes care of HIS kids. He will fight for you, you need only BE STILL. We are living PROOF!


If you have ever read the bible, you can see that the times that God warned us about are approaching. Now, some are 100% convinced we are so far a long, there is no turning back. That we are where it LOOKS like we are. Many are just terrified and often make poor decisions under the spells of the world. But, I ask this, “Would God ever give us every single aspect of HIS plan?” Or perhaps, would He save some surprises for later?

Looking at God’s track record, He absolutely LOVES us so much, that HE sends us small surprises, medium surprises, and BIG surprises. Every single one of them, is powerful! There are great surprises and ones that seem unsettling at first. But, when we surrender these to GOD and receive them as He desires, no matter the feelings or emotions that arrive with the surprises, GOD can take the ashes and make them beautiful.

So, the point is not don’t watch certain movies, or go certain places. It is more that if you do without being protected and under the shadow of HIS wings, it is just plain dangerous! As a kid I had deep depression. It started when I was abt 3, and kept getting worse. I was so sad, and I was taught to put on a happy face. My husband also struggled for years with depression. I am thrilled to say we do NOT struggle anymore. God healed us!

Now, we understand because we have learned this, that on the CROSS where Jesus died, all the pain we were feeling was TAKEN ON by HIM. For years we went through agony, trying to FIX the problems ourselves, or even going to “doctors,” like a GOD thinking they could fix the problem.

Sometimes only GOD ALONE can heal. He uses ALL kinds of avenues for sure, but the ones we used to see as safe have really proven not to be, at least NOT to the degree that we thought it would be. The enemy seems to have infiltrated government, and law enforcement, to name a few. But, to encourage you all, so has GOD!

We also know in our hearts, even though at times, we scratch our head and ask what IS going on, that it is ONLY temporary, and NOT always what it seems to be. I had someone share recently that someone planted nails outside of her brand new vehicle. It terrified her. Likely it was a kid just thinking it would be funny, but those kind of pranks are anything but.

It is time we start to take responsibility for our actions as a people. I mean, look at the country where we live. We have ignored things so long, and people have said, “Well it’s going to HELL in a hand basket.” So why are we surprised to see THAT playing out?

Here is another question, Can we be redeemed? Because as His PEOPLE we absolutely can and we already HAVE, as a country, well only GOD knows what it will take for that to happen. But, I do believe we can pray for mercy. Back to our friend who almost got hurt, well she didn’t. God saved her life. So, now her job is to forgive and to RECEIVE that protection and LOVE.

But, so often we FIGHT GOD, and one example is Jacob who wrestled with GOD. How many of US have done that? I can say we did it for years, and finally submitted to HIS ways. We still wonder about something and question God sometimes, but there is Grace to learn and grow. It is not from a place of meanness, or control anymore. It is from a place of a genuine and our heart for HIS people.

We used to say, ” We know that GOD will send us people just trapped in evil ways for HIM to use us to minister to.” So again, why were we surprised, when they showed up at our front door, literally?  Thankfully, what could have been really bad, and even deadly in some cases, was prevented. GOD always protected us, and still does. people still show up at our door, but because we learned in HIM how to decipher and discern, we are NOT shaken by it anymore.

He keeps what He does secret until time for it to be revealed. For many in this time of what looks like imminent FEAR and destruction, really “horrible” things are coming. But even those things that APPEAR at first to be terrifying, have a lesson and a purpose. He will teach you, if and when YOU are ready to learn.  For he desires to REACH you before you eternally BURN.

I remember when Sarah Elizabeth got sick, my very first thought was, “What did we do wrong?” I had friends that said, no kids just get sick. But to me, that was just an excuse. So, I put on my detective hat, and began to research WHY people get sick. What I learned was people get sick for several reasons. The most common reason is our environment.

Then, I started thinking about the kind of environment we had lived in since she was born. It was then anything but Happy. 🙁 We were angry, bitter, fearful, in pain, deeply hurt, and just plain BROKEN. My husband and I have now been married almost 7 years, and I am thrilled to say that about the 3rd year things began to dramatically change, for the GOOD. Now, at first it hurt like HELL, because it was so uncomfortable. We had developed habits of ignoring the bad stuff. We had to learn to go to GOD and deal with it, to get to the GOOD.

When we started to, in prayer and in daily LIFE,  to address what looked really BAD, the mountains crumbled, people were healed, and FREEDOM, JOY, PEACE, LOVE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, and ALL of the other fruits of the spirit came in place of the AWFUL stuff. You give GOD a happy home to inhabit, and evil cannot dwell there!!! 🙂

My  husband had 2 years prior to her diagnosis been very ill, in fact close to death with a similar thing. They wanted him to have surgery, but after A LOT of prayer, he opted NOT to. It was definitely the best decision for him, because when he said no to that, he said yes to something else. He said YES to GOD’s will for his LIFE. This does not mean surgery is bad. It simply should be a LAST resort. He then took  at least 5 months of of work, and spent time with GOD. He watched DVD’s, read the bible and received the healing. He took supplements, and did juicing, but most importantly He, for the first time in his life, ever nurtured the body, he was given, the temple of GOD.

It’s interesting that when he was ill, I took no responsibility. He was an adult, and then I did not see MY part in it. Thankfully I do now, by the Grace of GOD. I can see that as a wife I had a responsibility and still do to speak LIFE over my spouse and NOT death. I was so negative and spoke a lot from pain. I finally began to understand  and DIGEST that the POWER of LIFE and DEATH really is in the tongue.


However, when Sarah E was ill, I took immediate responsibility. Why is that? Well because when D was ill, it was not tangible to me. When Sarah E was ill, somehow it was. What we did learn is people don’t have to just GET sick. There was a healing ministry by a man named John G. Lake, which is still active today, and it was used by GOD to close hospitals down.

Not saying there is no purpose for hospitals, or doctors, but the point is this, if THEY heal you and THEY take credit, then GOD is just a word. Some give God credit, but many times, in medical experiences, we have looked at the circumstance and wondered why most physicians do not see the WHOLE picture. In the hospital with Sarah E, after she was out of the hospital, they would not give her any of the “perks” that she received while being a patient.

It may sound like we are upset, but we are NOT anymore. WE are just so passionate about healing, deliverance and salvation. We are DRIVEN by the things that are of GOD, and we desire to work with HIM to share HIS LOVE in ALL areas, wherever He leads us.  ~

In His Grace,


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