Hello everyone, today as I woke God impressed it upon me to talk about GAMES. One time someone told me, “life is what you make of it.” I would edit that a bit and say if we try to make it go a certain way, it back fires like an explosion in our face. LIFE is supposed to be an adventure, but if we PLAN everything how can it be?


This picture is from Laura Croft Tomb Raider. Though I have never seen the movie, and have heard much critique about the evil, I do believe we should be explorers, even in GOD. We cannot shut out evil and ignore it. It must addressed and dealt with or it begins to DEAL with us instead. GOD can use anything! He cannot be limited!!!



In the beginning, until about 3 years ago, I and actually we, had every intention of doing it my way and our way and calling it GOD. It was not like we were really aware that was what we were doing, and had to eventually realize it, and learn to stay surrendered to HIM and HIS ways. Not to mention say we were sorry to GOD for trying to do HIS job. Our pride had to be given up. This is still a daily reaffirmation of the covenant that we made with HIM. We committed to doing our part to stay healthy and be good examples.


We always desire only to give GOD the best we possibly can. We have devotionals almost daily as a family, as well as prayer time. GOD moves very strongly around us and uses us for HIS purpose, but it is HE that always gets the GLORY. It is a JOY to be loved by and to serve our awesome GOD!!!!


This does not mean we strive though, we used to because that was what we were taught, that we had to EARN God’s LOVE. This is an absolute fallacy, because HIS LOVE is there free and clear, and everything that we try and do to earn it, actually complicates the plan GOD has for us to receive it. There was a MAJOR price paid by Christ so that we could receive it.

So, now to the title of this blog post. Have always seen life as a game. There is even a board game titled LIFE. Kids and adults play video games, about creating LIFE and cities. We play games for entertainment and enjoyment. But the enemy has a plan for evil, and many things are hidden in those games.

I have never learned to play CHESS, but I do know the premise of the game. Basically THIS is how I see LIFE, like a BIG chess board. In our lives only GOD can say check mate. He moves people in and out of our lives. Games can be used for GOOD and for evil. Am in no way advocating that we should hate life.

But, looking at the fact that we all sin, we must not hate the sinner, but the games the sinner plays and the evil surrounding and at times within them. So, the phrase “Don’t hate the player hate the game,” is simply a new spin on LOVE the sinner NOT the sin.

Here is the danger with just saying that phrase. It indirectly excuses the sin, without it being dealt with. There is no accountability in it at all. There is only REBELLION and disobedience. NOTHING that is GOOD ever comes from a life filled with rebellion. It is sad, full of despair, often hard core drugs, alcohol, and other kinds of complications. For many it has led to death.

Only GOD knows whether those stuck in that place got out before breathing their final breath. I choose to believe that GOD is a merciful GOD, and that He gave them every chance available to reach their destiny in HIM. But, I also know that there are MAJOR consequences for intentionally coming against GOD.




So, here is my question, what if we were to LOVE the player and the GAME? How much difference would we see? Would we see instant relief and healing? Perhaps we would. 🙂 Maybe we should TRY it and see.


We all love animals, and if a person does not like animals, I dare say he or she has not experienced the love of God. Because they are each such a beautiful GIFT from HIM! The animals LOVE unconditionally. They RECEIVE discipline and correction. WE as humans could learn a lot from animals. This is why we study them so diligently.

Even though we did not come FROM the animals, we did come from the same place, from GOD who created us. 🙂 When I have been sad, and feeling disconnected, one of the cats would always come and nuzzle me, and LOVE on me. One day I became AWARE that GOD was sending them to do so.

In the same token, when we are not being consistently loving to them, they have gotten ill. Also true when we are not taking care of ourselves. Look at the sacrifices that animals make for us? I know they can be a harm to us, BUT only when we are in FEAR and not PEACE. They were made to work with us and in some cases FOR us.

So, regarding games, I personally do not think they are bad. I believe that they have a purpose, and it can be for GOOD or for EVIL. We always lead children to pray over what is watched, read, or played. The prayer that is said is LORD, protect us from what you don’t want us to see, and show us what you do; signed in JESUS name and blood for HIS GLORY.

Today, if you are willing ask GOD to teach you. We no longer tell people they should or should not watch, read or listen to something. But we do share information as it is given to us about what is hidden in movies, books, clothes, etc.. Mainly, because knowledge is an aspect of becoming wise. In the world we live in wisdom is essential.

However, worldly wisdom is not nearly AS essential as wisdom that comes from God. When we get a cold, we are trained to take medicine, but sometimes that cold has a point, a spiritual root. Some authors have researched it and found it relates to confusion. This is just one example. Our family does not hate doctors, but we do not use them until we are in PEACE.

God has purpose for everything. The medical field started out to be one of healing and hope, and over time has gotten distorted. The pharmaceutical companies are often led by GREED and PRIDE. Even at a hospital, it is hard to be seen if you have no insurance. GOD is working on it though, we are coming into a beautiful season of healing.

For those willing to seek GOD and partner with HIM, there will be what seems like no limits. Because GOD cannot be limited, and when He moves in us, we literally become SUPER HEROES in HIM!!!!

There has always been lots of judgement for us choosing GOD’s ways over the world, we don’t expect that to stop. People have said they don’t like something, or it makes them uncomfortable. But, here is our response. We were uncomfortable too at first. But now, we are at peace with the discomfort that sometimes comes. GOD is changing and transforming HIS people who are willing receive HIS LOVE.

So, LOVE the players in the GREATEST game ever, LIFE!!!!

In His Grace,


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