Help ME, Help YOU!!!

Today when I woke up, and felt led to come write today, the topic I was given was panic. People seem so “terrified” in this world, that some even have panic rooms in their homes. Those rooms are put in place to “protect.” But, it has been shown in some cases, that the protection they offer has often back fired. 

The title of this entry came from a movie called Jerry McGuire. This movie is about relationships. It is about relationships with others, as well as a relationship that one has with self as well. It is a funny satirical look at the world, often through a child’s eyes. In fact, the child steals the show. Isn’t that always true?  There is a scene where 2 of the main characters are talking, and one gets really passionate and somewhat angry about something, and the other says, “see, that is the difference between the 2 of us, you think we are fighting and I think we are finally talking.” 

This stood out to me, because I have felt this way MANY times in my life. As a child I felt I had to fight for my place in the family. There were times, like the child in the movie, I would say outlandish things to get attention, or make someone laugh. There were other times I just quit. I was so wrapped up in my self, and what I thought I wanted. 

Cannot tell you how many times I wished someone had said, “Help me, help you.” I was the baby, a pain to everyone around me it seemed. They gave me stuff to shut me up, and in some cases keep me out of their hair, I thought. But now, I understand that all of the family, did the best they could. The loved me the only way they knew how. 

The openness that I expressed about what was going on, was something new to them, and most of them did not like it, and responded accordingly. This world is broken as a whole. But, Christ came to heal it. God is a God of second chances. Even now, with ALL of the judgement going on  in the world, He is still being merciful and giving Grace and LOVE to those who will receive it. 

Every decision I made then was from FEAR and PANIC. It was always about running from something, yet what I was running into every single time was God. There He was with open arms, He still is, but so much has come to pass, so many have fallen away, so now the arms are still open, for repentance, but discipline must come. 

Any GREAT parent disciplines their children. It is NOT done from meanness or control, it is done from LOVE. Was watching a show today and the person who was a guest was talking about her father. She had spoken something kind to him and it truly touched him. God used the kind words she said, to help him heal and experience God’s love. 

Now, this does not always have to be a face to face interaction, in fact often we have to wait on that so that God can do work behind the scenes. We have seen amazing miracles, God has raised from the dead many around us. yet, this is only the beginning of what is to come. He promises that those who seek HIM in spirit and TRUTH with PURE hearts will see HIS GLORY shine. 

So, think about the relationship with GOD as one where He says, “Help me, help you.” We can help GOD by surrendering to HIS ways, and letting go of past thoughts or patterns. Also, by forgiving ourselves and others, By, sharing HIS LOVE with even a smile, or sincere prayer we can be used by GOD to break through a wall of pain. We can learn about HIS ways, to be able to avoid falling into deceptions and traps. What else can we do to help God? 

Every single day, is NOT perfect, but it IS FULL of GOD’s LOVE. The very fact that we make it from one day into another is HIS mercy and GRACE. The enemy wants us discouraged, wants us to limit GOD and doubt HIM, but the fact is, no matter what, GOD comes through and HE alone will NEVER fail. We must choose to submit to HIM and ask HIM to take over, so what we try and do will succeed, because GOD will do it, not us. 



It must be a daily choice and act to cast our worries on HIM. We often have to choose not to judge and often not to even react. He is a BIG GOD and can handle anything. ~




Also, when we DO REACT, we cannot beat ourselves up about it for what seems like forever, cause this just feeds the enemies ability to cause problems. We must stay humble. ~ 


A few days ago, this came up in our house hold. Years ago, we used to have a huge issue with NOT expressing what we felt. It was especially key in my husband, and no matter what I did to try and teach the children differently, it seemed to affect them as well. 

So, I sat down and had a talk with Sarah Elizabeth, and said,” People fight from time to time. God never said, “don’t get angry.” He said, “Do not sin in the anger.” So, here is what we learned, we were not incredibly nice during this challenge, but we did END it in forgiveness, and it was very healing for ALL of us. 

What was meant for HARM, GOD used for our GOOD. We are grateful. It brought PEACE to our family, and as you know the peace multiplies. For all we know another family at the same time, was being affected by something similar, and suddenly, they felt peace. See, GOD is like that because HIS ways are mysterious. 

One last thing, when Sarah Elizabeth was in the hospital the second time, she felt driven to go. She had 100% peace. THAT was what mattered, it was because she stayed in the peace of GOD that He handled things with such LOVE. She left within 30 days, and while there said, “mom, God must have brought me back here to finish healing me, and to teach me some things that i was not strong enough to learn at age 3.” I said, “You know, God is so amazing that I bet He uses this experience not to just heal you, but to heal HIS whole land!.” She said, “Yeah, God is like that.” It was beautiful, and a precious moment in GOD’s LOVE. 


Today is the 22nd, which means LIGHT. So let yours shine for HIM today and watch HIM bring the GLORY of GOD to fall upon YOU! Help HIM help YOU! Let HIM shine in YOU!

In His Grace,


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