Just Between Us

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This was a post, I  made on my FB page.  And someone dear to me, asked me to share it here ..  Blessings to you ALL ~ 💐


“Just between Us”

A child sits with Jesus. Looks up and says, Jesus, “Why is there pain? ” Jesus pauses, and then says, “There are many tools in the world. ”

The child, begins to cry. And then says, that one hurts. Jesus, places His arm, around the child’s shoulder. He then says, ” I know, precious. I know. ”

The child continues to cry, as Jesus is catching the tears. And the child looks up again. And, this beautiful child says, “why does I’m sorry, sometimes not get said? ” Jesus begins to cry too. And the child realizes something. The child realizes, people, are not saying sorry to Jesus… either.

This time, the child, puts an arm around Jesus.

You SEE… When WE are hurt, Jesus is hurt. When WE feel, He feels.

This is why, we should not make decisions, or choices from an emotional place.

#Lovealways ❤️


The Greatest of These is LOVE ❤️ 💫💜💌💝💛💞

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