Above the WATER

Wow, this feels so foreign. It is a different time of day. It is an OLD tool. There appear to be lots of distractions, happening. I look at the clock, and it says, 9:10. When it was EARLY this morning, my usual time… I had NO peace about writing. If YOU are a writer, you understand, there is a TIME to write. Mine is usually then. Oh, but GOD. He sure, has been changing things up lately. Smiles. 9, is DIVINE perfection of the heavenly Father. That means. WE cannot MESS it up, you guys. Isn’t THAT a relief? 🙂 10. THAT is TESTIMONY. Oh, is HE building MORE of that, every single day. His LOVE Amazes ME.





Perfection to US, is SO different than it IS to God. To US, perfect means, NOTHING goes wrong. But, To Jesus…and in HEAVEN…WRONG is NOT a focus. Let me explain a bit. GOD focuses on GOOD. That is NOT to say, He never shows us, where we can heal, or IMPROVE. He most definitely, shows US where WE can GROW. However, it is ALWAYS from the most KIND and LOVING place possible, that HE reveals, how WE can BE changed.




Picture this….




Jesus stands in the middle of the storm, whatever the STORM might BE. And HE is electricity. So, He conducts the storm. He can move the storm AWAY from you. And YOU, sit with HIm, in the place of peace. So, no matter what chaos, is going ON around YOU, HE will COVER you, and KEEP you in the CALM. YOU will NOT be SWALLOWED UP.




Unless of course….HE wants YOU to be…temporarily. Remember, Jonah. Yes, He was swallowed, by a whale, to bring humility. Yet, the swallowing UP…WAS … NEVER , meant to be to HIS detriment. Just today, I was reminded of how, WE are a part of each other. WE ARE because of ONE reason. JESUS IS. WE were made by GOD. Not only BY the GOD of HEAVEN, but in the IMAGE of GOD. Inside of us, we have, so much GOOD. Because, HE placed it there.



But, YET…. Do you ALWAYS feel GOOD? Do YOU always FEEL like YOU MATTER? I can honestly say, I have battled feelings. I am healing from this. I am learning, there is Grace for this. But, it is a daily surrender, of knowing HIS goodness. Because, His Love is greater than my questions, or wonderings, or past. His LOVE is bigger and more powerful. He can keep me, ABOVE the waters of THIS world. Yet, sometimes, I forget that. And still…He reminds ME. This, is how FAITHFUL, HE is.








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