When it Rains ☂


10551057_10153035975977785_1329849181222001721_ntimthumb184414_10151642914512863_1045860989_nYou’ve heard the saying, when it rains it pours. Well, that is triply true, when you are a “heaven kid. ” You get up, like it’s gonna be a normal day, and then.  Bam.  Remember recently, the blog extension , “I hear Jesus? ” I’m praying about how, He wants that, to come about.  Is it a new page?  Truly, I don’t know. For now, we will continue here .📌 ❤️



Have you ever just had, Life fall 🌻 apart?  Funny, that the sunflower would, pop up.  Perhaps, a reminder ,that when life appears to be in ruins, Jesus is still working.  There are flowers blooming, in His Life garden .  But is it easy, to SEE that, when WE are naturally grappling for control?  And not just that, maybe a way out, of the mess. ..Perhaps? Most would answer, No!



I know, for ME it’s a constant surrender process.  Not one day passes, that someone does not misunderstand. But, I’m so trying, not to take that to heart.  💞  Years ago, someone along the way, told me , “I take the good with the bad. ” I appreciated that.  Whether they knew it, I learned a lot about compassion, from that individual .  Jesus is the good, and He never SEES us as bad.  No matter what.



I was walking in a restaurant. A familiar spot.  My husband chose it.  Many of you know it.  It’s a Christian place.  As I walked in, I had my headphones in, and there was a song about resurrection on.  Maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve heard it today.  Apparently phone plays it, in offline mode.  ❤️  But, as I hear it, I then hear,  “Look around and up. ”



My heart 💞 aches.  I see a sweet family.  A man, a woman, and a little girl.  #memories.  Tears.  I’ve cried lots this morning.  After all, it has only been a few days, since her 5 year.  So I continue on.  And I hear, “Take this. ” He hands me a net.  It’s huge.  I see words.  They say outcast, misfit, different , controlling, prideful, arrogant , judgmental, cruel,  mean, hateful,  rude, gross, disgusting, insane, unloved. I see Him take His net and capture them.  Then He instructs me, to specific ones.  I do the same.  We work together. Sweating ,we stand up.  “These words represent many things,  He says.  But , my love ❤️ covers EVERYTHING .

#Jesusisafisherofmen ❤️



He looks at me, and says, “You are NOT these things.  None of my children are. Choose the attributes that, belong to you.  I died for, your freedom.  I look up, and say, I’m sorry.  He says, “I love ❤️ you. I will NEVER condemn you.  Because of my Love ,nothing can harm you.  Joy,  Peace , Gratitude of Kindness ,  the 3 chord strand of my Love.  ❤️ ”



Heavenly Father, thank you for Grace ,to face the day.  To succeed to fail.  So, that you can prevail ,in every way.  Create in us clean hearts.  Thank you Jesus ,for your Amazing and Abundant Love ❤️, that comforts us.  Especially in the midst of changes ,and challenges .Holy Spirit ,we appreciate the nurturing, that only, you can bring us.  We come with repentant, and broken 💔 hearts to, receive today.


In Jesus name ,




In His Grace,






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