As I begin to prepare to write this, it felt like so much got stirred up. I had no plan to write today. Little did I know, that God did. 😉 The title is about color. His LOVE is all about every color and nationality. His promise symbol is the rainbow. It has so many colors!!!!

I have said so many times, “That is a horse of a different color. ” Yesterday, someone said to me, “Aren’t we all?” That really hit me. I thought, “YES! WE ARE!!!” God meant for us all to work together. But, other things took place, and well complicated things a bit. Look in scripture, and you will see the challenges, and the trials. But, the GOOD NEWS, is in HIM we are the SAME color.

The color is HIS LOVE. It is every color you can fathom, and a few you probably cannot. 😉 The point is EVERYONE deserves HIS LOVE. Jesus came to save the least last and LOST. That is ALL of us! WE all have been broken, and in some ways, against God. I know there is good and evil. I am not in any way, saying we should not separate. I am simply saying, JESUS LOVES anyway. He changes the color from Fear to LOVE.

Faith passes away. Hope passes away. BUT, HIS LOVE stays. It is stuck to us like HOLY GLUE. WE can run, but we will never OUTRUN HIS LOVE. NOT EVER. Even those who have a destiny toward the bad, have an opportunity out. They just may not choose it. But, God handles that. OUR JOB is to LOVE.

The world will show colors, and if WE are not in a place of HIS LOVE and REST, we will get affected, from a negative place. JESUS was moved with compassion, mercy, grace, and LOVE. Should we NOT be? Forgive us LORD. For name calling, and holding onto offenses. For standing from places of pride, and calling it truth. Forgive us for doing it in a way that dishonors you. Make it right Lord. Bring us HEAVEN.

I have heard people say, “If someone shows you their true colors, believe them.” I have something else to add. LOVE them anyway. THAT can be impossible, without JEsus, and without a really DEEP connection to HIM. Even with one, we are not guaranteed a suffering free life, or one without difficulty. People get so religulous, and religious with condemning, that the LOVE gets LOST.

It is time we ask Jesus to find it, resurrect it and restore it. Because HE will. I look forward to it. We have endured a lot, through Jesus, and we will more. But, I finally see why. I finally am starting to see the point, and purpose. It is ALL about the LOVE. HIS name is JESUS!!!!!!


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