Married to Jesus

My prayer is that the children He has given, will grow up, married to Jesus. To be honest, I really did not. I grew up, looking for good, and seeming to be consumed by the bad. But, I kept crying out to God. Because, even when I could not feel HIM, or it appeared He left me, HE was still there.

It was like, before I even consciously said YES, to Jesus, I was HIS. I belonged to HIM, and HE was the ONLY one who really got me. Yet, so many times, I betrayed HIM. I justified my actions, thoughts, and I quite simply took bait, that was meant to harm me. But God. I would love to say, I never struggle now. That suddenly everything was perfect, in my life. But, the fact is, sometimes things are challenging.

I absolutely CAN say that HE perfects our lives. HIS LOVE causes us to appreciate the MOST difficult times, people, places, and things. Because, WE know what it IS, to count it ALL JOY. Boy, have WE learned that one the HarD way. I used to worry what others think. Now, I am RESTING more each day, in HIS thoughts. My HOME is in JESUS. My marriage is in Jesus, and with HIM.

I love my earthly spouse, HE is a beautiful, man of God. I am very grateful for him. Most of ALL, I am grateful for HIS dedication to JESUS. I continue to say, I don’t mind being second. Because logically, if Jesus is first, the earthly spouse is second right? One problem….GOD is not looking at it that way. He sees it as, if JESUS is first then the spouse is part of HIM, and so they are first THROUGH JESUS.

WE FEAR bad things, when there is something unsurrendered. We misunderstand life, and challenges, when our heart is hurting, and ultimately not fully GIVEN to Jesus. When I woke up today, it was around 9 something. Usually I get up early, but WE have felt a bit more tired lately. So, today, I rested. When I woke, I ate of the word of God. Because, it is HIS LOVE on the page. I see that now. It took me years, to SEE. He just kept showing me. He was so patient and loving, as I kept trying. When ALL He wanted was my heart, and my REST.

So now, one day, one moment, WE REST in HIS time, ways. GRACE is JESUS. When He says, my Grace is sufficient, He is saying so much. When He reminds us, it is perfected in our weaknesses, that says a lot too. His GRACE is who HE IS. It is HIS LOVE, POWER, MIGHT, LIGHT, STRENGTH, JOY, HOPE and EVERYTHING HE IS and IS GIVEN to HEAL US. He is a deliverer, a best friend, a brother, a father, and many many many more beautiful attributes. Quite simply, He is EVERYTHING in our lives.

The world will try to sway us. But, our JOB is not to moved, from the fastening of GOD. WE must stay in the palm of HIS hand. WE must REST. RESIST EVIL STAND THANKFUL. I realized today, that instead of us resisting GOd’s transformation, we must resist the ways of the world. THAT is so very simple. BUT, so very profound too. God blesses us daily. The storms have purpose.

THERE really IS NO need for worry. We can make good choices, or bad choices. WE can fear this or that. But, the fact is HIS GRACE is sufficient. His power is perfected in our weaknesses. I see that verse in TRUTH more and more daily. It is what this ministry is built on. Jentzen Franklin reminds us, “in storms, to use the bread crumbs from before.” I believe God gave HIM that. Because, it is those crumbs, when we want a FEAST, that create ONE!

Look at the feeding of the 5,000. These young little babes, come in, with an opportunity, to join Jesus. They have an opportunity to marry HIM. I pray daily, for our children, the ones we have and will have. I pray that God give them spouses, that have a desire for GOOD, and for JESUS. Even if they don’t fully understand that. WE have given too much weight to the BAD. It is time, we do as commanded, and FOCUS on the GOOD. For that is where Jesus dwells.

HE is the best spouse ever. Whenever I do something well, or my husband David, it is because of the LOVE of Jesus. If I had to chose again, I would still chose HIM. I would chose for HIM to use us, and our family to bring Heaven. Yes, there are tough times, and persecution. But, our hearts and lives are HIS. IT is the ONLY way out of the dark. HIS LIGHT shines the way.

Matthew 5:16Amplified Bible (AMP)

16 Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good deeds and moral excellence, and [recognize and honor and] glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Jesus gives us that LIGHT.

Shine today, because the dark seems stronger, but it NEVER will be stronger than HIS LOVE.

In His Grace and Favor,





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