Dancing with Jesus

For days I have been meditating on this entry. What does it mean to DANCE with Jesus? A dance partner, requires complete trust. You are putting your life, in his or her hands. The more experienced partner leads. He is indeed, our loving leader. He is GRACE. Therefore, even when we fall, it can be graceful. But, we have to say YES. It starts with that one word.

Remember the Just say NO campaign? Who prospered it? God did. He gave them the great ideas, to reach out to families. I know, there were other agendas, but what I remember is the GOOD purpose. That was and IS to SAVE us. To keep us from ALL harm. I used to think, if I just stayed away from drugs, and tried my best to live a good life, THAT would be enough. But, I was striving to WIN God’s Love. Like, it was a prize I got, only when GOOD. But the TRUTH is, HIS LOVE is ALWAYS present.

I was reading a book today, and in it, it discusses a scenario. It was of a man and his brother. The brother was observing his walk with God. One man, was not in love with God, and because of the observation, was terrified to LOVE HIM. Oh, did this convict me. Tears welled up in my eyes. I cried out to HIM. I said, “I am so sorry, if anything I did, or said, drove someone away from YOU.” I say that now, to anyone who may have been, one of those, pushed from God, instead of to HIM. Please forgive me, and give HIM another chance. Because ALL God wants from us is to RECEIVE His LOVE.

So many, focus on everything that has to be changed. But, HE just wants to dance. He wants to be our partner. He desires to be our best friend. He wants our hearts. Years ago, I heard a song called, “The Dance.” It was back, when I listened to lots of country music. Even then, I looked for God in everything. I was a teenager, and I just wanted to find my way. I just hoped it was HIS. I remember equating this song to relationships. But now, I see it as how Jesus felt. Let me explain.

It’s all about, how He was glad He did not know, what was coming. I believe Jesus did not fully know, until HE KNEW, what would come, then and now. When He said yes, it was because, He loves us, and loves HIS Father. I believe He only had glimpses of the battle, but yet, had complete PEACE in the process. WHAT an example we have to follow! He never chose to doubt the plans of Heaven. He just allowed what to come, to come.

His life on earth, was a dance with Heaven. Because of it, WE can now, dance with Jesus. We can now, hurt with HIM, heal with HIM, and LOVE through HIM. Many of us have lived a LIFE in the middle. We sort of stayed somewhere between good and bad. But, JESUS, only CHOSE the GOOD. Which means, when someone did something, that He did not agree with, many times, He would overlook it. He took it to HIS Father.

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