11250155_10153643998796223_3692579556315771082_n10356327_797736560298840_800842292463146719_n11202110_10154345977482785_478541223262868865_n12239719_10153428949738579_1494682980063883186_n10885101_10204570307329565_2892851412103914149_nYesterday, I felt that nudge to write. I have been dealing with some things, for a few months. Lots of really yucky symptoms especially, that just sometimes happen to me. Who knows why? Really, only JESUS knows the exact reason. Have you ever had that happen? For me, I have dealt with it, A LOT. But God.

Perhaps you went to see the doctors, and described the symptoms. Yet, most and maybe almost ALL of them, had no ideas. I did not know the title, of this entry, till today. I heard the word, “Bonanza.” I turned on the tv, kind of hoping, to catch the last half of a show. Guess what was on? Bonanza. This particular show, was about a blind girl. In particular, an accident that created the problem.

How many times have we had this happen? In our lives, how many times, did something create blindness? The fact is, even if it is not, literal blindness, like her case. Thankfully, hers was temporary. I noticed, in the show, that after she was asked to marry her beau; she could see. A miracle happened, we SHE embraced LOVE. She was SO excited!!!! She went to her Father, and told him. But, he did not share her excitement. He was a very fearful man.

Her dad tried to convince her to lie, and say she was still blind. Because those who accidentally harmed her, were giving them blessings, and such. It was from guilt though, and he was terrified they would stop. She obliged, but regretfully, and of course, was found out. SEE that is what happens, when we try to please man.

Let’s look at the definition of Bonanza 🙂

Simple Definition of bonanza

Popularity: Top 30% of words
  • : something that produces very good results for someone or something

  • : a large amount of something valuable

Full Definition of bonanza

  1. 1:  an exceptionally large and rich mineral deposit (as of an ore, precious metal, or petroleum)

  2. 2a :  something that is very valuable, profitable, or rewarding <a box-office bonanza>b :  a very large amount <a bonanza of sympathy>

You see a BONANZA can be a wonderful thing, or a challenging one.  It is somthing to consider….

Bible verses about Spiritual Bonanza
(From Forerunner Commentary)

Nehemiah 8:13-18

Nehemiah 8 records a significant festival period in Judah’s history. This occasion begins on theFeast of Trumpets during the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall following the reestablishment of those Jews who chose to return from their Babylonian captivity. They had good cause for their emotional response to keeping this Feast of Trumpets in this particular location and time under the stresses they had already endured, all the while knowing that those stresses were not yet over. This was in all likelihood the first Feast of Trumpets observed in seventy years, and who knows how long the Jews had not observed it before they went into captivity?

Their joy continued, as verses 13-18 relate the first keeping of the Feast of Tabernacles in the land in a long time.

“Not since the days of Joshua the son of Nun had the children of Israel done so” probably means the Feast of Tabernacles had not been kept with the combination of all the elements in their right proportion to constitute a great Feast. They were obedient, in the right place, in the right attitude, with the right emphasis. The books of Kings and Chronicles provide records of the feasts being kept by Israelites during the period between Joshua and Ezra, but they did not always keep them consistently or correctly, especially in attitude and purpose.

However, we can see that Ezra understood the Feast of Tabernacles to be a spiritual bonanza whose fruit was rejoicing.

John W. Ritenbaugh
Amos 5 and the Feast of Tabernacles

THIS is just one example, in scripture of how Bonanza happened. Always encourage you to seek out more. 🙂

In His Grace and Glory,

E and Fam


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