When I was a child, I truly thought like a child. But, some children today, do not think like children. WE have one of those currently, and have known many. I believe as a youngin’ as my family would call me, I wanted to think differently, and maybe did sometimes, but it was not really encouraged.

It was not necessarily openly discouraged, but it was not um, not given good feedback. My family was seemingly comfortable in their misery. It is not that we were transparent about being miserable. I tried to be, but became an outcast when I did.

The reason THIS happened, was because people did not want to be reminded of their own wounds, let alone mine. I did not want to stay miserable. IS there anyone who really wants that, or are we just deceived and tricked into thinking that is all there is?

I know a lot of people who have been trapped in HELL. I want to be clear, that we, as a family get sent to be used in many ways. God sends us to help the least, last and the LOST. Do you know why? Because we were once the least, the last and the lost.


THIS is not a cool place, not hip or happening, it is EVIL period….So who are you going to choose? Where do you want to go when you take your last breath?

I tell you to stay away from evil, in fact, we as a family can, because we have seen the destruction it can be used to do. We also suggest letting GOD use you to cast it OUT and AWAY, and encourage receiving HIS LOVE, because without that you will live in “earthly” HELL here on earth, and in Eternal HELL after you pass from the earth as well.

We have been to HELL and BACK. We have lived to tell about it. When people say comment like, “good for you” we say GOOD for GOD! Because HE alone, is the one who resurrects us, He keeps us from a lifetime of HELL. He hides us, under the shadow of HIS wings, and HE alone keeps saving us from harm.


I used to see pictures like these and be scared. Thank GOD the LORD delivered us from FEAR. He does this every single day. Thank GOd we are FREE in HIM!!!!!!

I was planning to write this yesterday, but GOD intervened. what he showed us is, today, being the 20th is about REDEMPTION. Since, that is the name of the blog He gave us, as well as what happened on the cross when JESUS died, it was awesome for GOD to give this wisdom and insight today. 🙂

images heaven 7059347-the-pearly-gates-of-heaven-being-opened BreathOfHeaven heaven2

To US it is a NO BRAINER that HEAVEN is better than HELL. The one we serve here on earth, determines whom we will serve after we leave it. ~

Our life has NOT been easy. WE look at the lives of others sometimes, and sit and just thank GOD that He trusts us so much. He knows that we will RELY 100% on HIM in the challenges.

I can tell you, from a very personal place, watching those we LOVE keep going through seemingly HELL, after going through so much can just be gut wrenching. I used to ask GOD, when is enough enough? The answer I would get and still do, is the same. HIS Grace is sufficient and HIS power is made perfect in our weakness. Thank GOD for that.

Thank GOD for that. He so deserves the GLORY!!!  I have had visions of hell, and dreams of it. I have no doubt it is real. But, I also have no doubt that it is a conduit of evil on earth too. Meaning, the bad things that happen here, stem from there. Same goes for HEAVEN regarding the good things. Reminder, the GOOD will always supersede the bad. No matter how it seems. Glory to GOD that HE has won. 🙂

I have noticed when we are under heavy fire, even GOD fire, there are temperature changes. What would be hot and blistery awful in HELL supernaturally, is often cold here, because the enemy can only bring DEATH, not life. GOD creates and the enemy can only manipulate.

LORD, use us to LOVE the HELL out of people to PRAY for them, not against them. May we only BLESS and not curse. Because our JOB is to LOVE not hate. Rid us of any negative and evil emotions that may be hidden, or spirits around us or within us, not of you. We repent LORD or anytime we have stepped out of line. We receive your LOVE today. IJN AMEN

God speaks clearly of the promised land. Do you want to see it? Or, do you want to stay in the HELL that many have, just within their mind? We desire HIS promises, and thankfully GOD always keeps them, just as He said He would.

No, we are not perfect, but we serve a PERFECT GOD. He is us is perfect for sure, and in you as well. He smooths all rough edges, and He resurrects HIS jewels from the ashes and dirt. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! Thank you FATHER GOD, Lord JESUS our brother, and Holy Spirit, the one that to me is like a mom, as Holy Spirit nurtures and LOVES. GOD united is the BEST thing, better than even the air we breath, is the LOVE of our mighty GOD!!!!!

Thank you that we don’t have to stay in “earthly hell” Thank you JESUS for dying and taking HELL on and winning, so we could and CAN walk in your FREEDOM!!!! LET FREEDOM RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

–Matthew 7:13–14


In His Grace and GLORY,


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