HIS way or the HIGHWAY!!!!

As a visionary in HIM, as well as a dreamer, I see so much. Some things, I would rather not. But, GOD. He needs us so much!!!! This morning GOD woke me at 5AM asking me to pray. I heard HIM say, ” They must turn to me, or I cannot save them.” My heart ached, knowing what is to come. Persecution is getting heavier, even more so for those in disobedience and rebellion. 



He holds out HIS hand to us, to help us, but so many reject HIS LOVE. Please receive and EAT from HIS table. We have eaten at the table of the enemy for far too long precious ones. GOD has a feast for us, but we must repent, we must choose HIM. ~

God is not going to put up with the enemy continuing to torment and torture HIS children. He wants GODLY order. This may NOT look like what we expect, or even what we have been taught to do. There is a misconception that God’s way is the hardest way. It only seems to be, because the enemy has tried hard to make his ways look easy. They ONLY lead to DEATH and torment. That is all they produce…and GOD is the only creator. The Heavenly FATHER, HIS son and our brother JESUS, and the beautiful Holy Spirit. 


THE FAMILY OF GOD frees us from the FOG of this world!!! WE must come to HIM like a child. ~

I know this, because I so have had to repent for that. I have also had to repent for falling pray to the world’s spells. In fact, our whole family repents of this daily. The enemy wants to KEEP us in deception, but the LOVE of GOD has already set us FREE. So why would we choose to live in bondage???

Well, the answer is this, we have been conditioned to. We have wounds deep within, that have been neglected for years. If we never acknowledge them, they will fester and all kinds of nastiness will come, just from the wounds, not to mention the demonic entities that guard them.  


The HIGHWAYS in LA….and we wonder why all the chaos and witch craft around. PRAY it out COGS!!!! LET GOD use you!!!!


GOd makes EVERYTHING beautiful, even what the enemy meant to turn evil. ONLY HE CAN TRANSFORM. ~

What happens on highways? Well the first thing that came to mind was travel. The second thing that happens sometimes is wrecks or accidents. When these things happen and GOD is at the head, then healing also happens and deliverance and salvations arrive as well. GOD protects, the enemy defects. 


The worlds’s highway can appear smooth, but THAT is deception, unless you are hidden in GOD. ~

We cannot get discouraged and stay there. WE have to keep moving. GOD will expose, and the enemy wants us stuck on the exposure, but we must let GOD close the doors, after exposure comes in. It is a gift, for GOD to show us HIS truths. 

I am certain that as led, it has been shared that I was set FREE from being a cutter as a kid. When I share how awful I was, it is NOT to brag on the enemy. It is ALWAYS to brag on GOD that HE is bigger than the destruction I used to carry. I was so locked up in emotion, that the only freedom I found was pain. 


GOD brings GLORY from chaos….period. ~

It really is NO different than a drug addict. Because it was my go to place. But, NOW my go to the ARMS of GOD. Coming to HIM and thanking HIM that I cannot, nor can ANYONE ELSE, and that is key, mess up HIS awesome plans. 

We know the plans GOD has for us. He has plans to PROSPER us in ALL ways. He does not wish to harm us. This is in HIS word. WE absolutely MUST watch our thoughts, actions and WORDS. WE must choose to speak LIFE. BUt, if we do so with ulterior motives, GOD will so deal with us. WE will reap what we sow. This means, the GOOD, bad and UGLY will come, but GOd and HIS reflection is so much bigger!!!! When we repent for where we falter, GOD heals us at HIS altar. 

So, today will you choose HIS GLORY road, or keep going on the highway of life, while he remains watching? Personally me, and our family do not want HIM as just a spectator. He has to be the one SOVEREIGN in ALL WAYS!!!!


The enemy wants us BLOCKED and BOXED and GOd wants us FREE to BE in HIM. ~

We can start out doing things for GOD as a sacrifice, but at some point it must be different. He says OBEDIENCE is better, so LORD transform our minds, hearts, spirits and souls so we obey you, from LOVE. 


A beautiful prayer indeed. IJN and HIS BLOOD AMEN 

HIS ways, are the only ones that work. yes, the enemy may get in, but he won’t stay in. GOD will remove him, in some cases permanently. Now is NOT the time to play with GOD. Those days are done. 

In His Grace and GLORY,

Being broken FREE from BONDAGE ~

E and Family 

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