Who is our superhero?

When I was a child, I thought like a child. Then I became a man, or in this case a woman and put away childish things. The word speaks about growing up. This is one of our favorite verses, and yet also such a convicting one. We cannot stay with the child mentality forever. Being a child at heart is so different than being one in mind.


THE only thing we should ever FEAR is GOD. For He alone has the power to change ALL things. He alone is sovereign and HE alone is worthy! MAY HIS FIRE FALL.

As always, this morning began with the hustle and bustle. Things are about to change so Gloriously for our family. Why? Because we paid our dues? Is it because we earned it? Though these things may seem be true, THAT is NOT the reason that GOOD change and GOD change is coming.

It is coming for ONE reason. GOD LOVES US!!! When we allow God to move in and around us, and we do not restrict HIM, the union becomes so much sweeter. There is NO NEED to strive for approval anymore. It becomes apparent that GOD meant for us to have peace, JOY and abundant blessings and that we must only seek to LABOR to keep it. We need to REST in HIM and HIS ways.


The word of God also says that we should take NO pleasure in darkness. That we should be shining as a LIGHT in the darkness. IT is HIS obedience through us that causes mountains to crumble, and essentially to disappear.

As an adult, one mind set I have kept is this: GOD is my Hero. There is no one else that can do what the LORD does in our lives. The enemy can only mock and manipulate, he cannot and will not ever create. THAT is reserved only for GOD, the one and only creator of all things.

Everything that turns bad, began with goodness. It is often why it is so tough to discern the difference. IT is virtually impossible to do so without GOD. At least, to do so consistently anyway. 😉


Sometimes when GOD makes us into Super Heroes, we have to stay hidden away, or in disguise. It is always SAFE to be hidden in HIM.

This morning I was thinking abt the phrase, “It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s… You can insert your favorite superhero here, that is the super hero that the world perceives as super. All the things that are mentioned FLY!!!!

Eagles are the only bird that FLY above the clouds, solo. They FLY with GOD. We need to recognize that GOD can use ALL creatures, great and small for HIS GLORY. The word of God says, “Those who wait upon the LORD, shall rise up with wings like eagles. They shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not grow faint.” Those who wait, or serve HIM, will become able to SOAR in HIM. Like a superhero!

this is a link for scriptures pertaining to being a superhero.


The main point of this entry is, when you know who GOD is in you, the fear evaporates, and the demons cannot attach any longer. Doesn’t that sound great? I mean, will we sometimes lose our peace, or get frustrated. The answer is likely yes, but way less and eventually it won’t affect us the same. Because GOD and HIS infinite LOVE is so much BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was speaking to a new sister that God connected us with. It is amazing to me that he uses our family to mentor others. Even our children are used to do this. NOTHING is impossible for GOD! The sister I was talking to had been very sheltered, had interestingly enough, not experienced many encounters with darkness.


Now, on the surface that sounds awesome huh? But, when we go a bit deeper, we realize, that when we have ALL darkness kept from us, it creates a false sense of safety. I thought about how, when I was a kid, my mother tried to do the same thing with me. But, I went out, on my own, often behind her back to have adventures. Not always safe adventures, but GOD.

This is a time where we need to have insights abt enemy plans. If we do not, not only can we not be used to help others learn, but we can get blindsided as well, often if we do not have a clue what to expect. GOD will fight for us, but WE have to be still and know that HE IS GOD! Our own personal superhero whose LOVE has NO BOUNDS!!!!!


when praying about what pictures to use, I felt led to pick a few that are of THIS world, and a few that are kind of OUT of this world. There will be a few from a play about Superman, and a few that are of BIBLEMAN. Which Hero should we be encouraging the children to look up to?

As always, GOD can use anything, but we must remember the weapons of warfare are NOT carnal, they are spiritual. I personally believe that BIBLEMAN, who teaches kids to use the armor of GOD and HIS word, is the best example. For this is like JESUS, and it keeps the FLOW going that the enemy so desperately wants to stop.

THE FIRE, SPIRIT, and REFRESHMENT OF GOD cannot be stolen. IT will go ON until eternity. There has always been GOOD and there has always been evil. There always will be, but the GOOD, and GOD will always superseded the evil, and the bad.

BE a superhero in HIM, He needs you precious jewels!

In His Grace and Glory,


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