Are we Godly Chameleons?

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The first one represents the colors of the rainbow 🙂 HIS promises will come true, when we OBEY, Repent, let HIM move and receive the blessings.

This is a LINK which shows biblical colors.


Praise, Warfare, Passion, Power, Fire, Harvest Season, Fruitfulness

Combination of Orange , Red , and  Yellow :

Consuming Fire, Holy Spirit, Igniter of Passion, Purification, Power and Presence of God

This one with the 3 babies is AWESOME 🙂 Plus the person’s 3 fingers 🙂 DOUBLE the GLORY of GOD!!!!! Cause the # of 3 represents HIS GLORY!!!!!!

december babies for sale 066

This is for turquoise…

River of God, Sanctification, Healing, Life Giving Flow of the Holy Spirit, The New Jerusalem


Light, JOY, Celebration, God’s Glory Revealed, and OIL of HIS Spirit

This LINK gives some scripture references. We must remember that GOD can and WILL use ANYTHING, but thankfully when we step out of line, He excuses nothing as well. Thank GOD that HE LOVES us so much!

Light, Joy, Celebration, and Glory Revealed, Oil of the Spir
Light, Joy, Celebration, and Glory Revealed, OilBa
  NThis morning when I woke, my mind was full of so many things. I began to pray seeking
GOD, for the topic for our family blog. As the hustle and bustle of Monday morning began,
getting the kids, off to school, etc…one thing kept coming to me. As a child I remember
calling myself a chameleon. Not for a moment did I think of it as a negative.

I also recall thinking it was COOL to change every day. But, unfortunately I was “blissfully” unaware of whether the changes were good or bad. There was not a daily observation of fruit, if you know what I mean.


In fact, all around me, most people were telling me NOT to be so selfish, and yet, they were. How do we follow examples that are not BEING Godly examples. Well, when it is ALL you have, it is often all you seek. There were people TRYING to follow God, but not asking HIM to work through them, at least NOT directly or consistently. I did not hear anyone say, “I am sorry God or I repent.” very often.

Yesterday I was speaking to a dear friend, a beautiful, divine connection that God made for our family. Recently, it has been impressed on us as a family that we MUST enter HIS courts with praise. It is NOT merely a suggestion, but rather a command from God.  You see PRAISE is the beginning of thankfulness, I began to ask her if she praised God. She said, no, not regularly. It was not just a question, more a point of reference. because IF we are NOT praising GOD, He will not move as effectively. She began to, through GOD’s eyes see the importance of this, and He will reward her, for choosing HIM.

Let’s look at what a chameleon is…

Chameleons are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. The approximately 160 species of chameleon come in a range of colors, including pink, blue, red, orange, turquoise, yellow, and green.

This is an AWESOME definition!!!! Look at the intricacies here, the distinction, how each one is SPECIAL! Just like us, we are set apart and unique. Even identical twins are identical in DNA, but not 100%. Their personalities are often very different, and their gifts.

Today, I repent on behalf of myself, our family, and our nations for ever being an UNGODLY chameleon. I don’t want to go whichever way the wind blows, unless GOD is the one blowing it. Isn’t that what we ALL should desire? HIS ways, over those we are used to, are always better. Oh, and here is something to ADD, the more you do things HIS way, the more PEACEFUL things become.

Another thing that came up was a sermon we heard on thankfulness. It is definitely important to be thankful. But, here is a question to consider: Who are we thankful to and for? Are we thankful to GOD or are we thankful to self? Recently someone asked me, why does GOD get ALL the GLORY. My response was, because ONLY God deserves the Glory. We never will be deserving on our own, but with GOD, and ultimately because of GOD in us, we can partake of HIS Glory, as well as become part of it.

God makes every single creature, and GOD makes every single one of us. HE is the ONLY creator. If we try to say that WE did something, without giving GOD credit, we are indirectly manipulating the GLORY. The word that comes to mind is siphon. We cannot be caught siphoning the GLORY of God. It is one thing for GOD to LOVE and bless us, it is quite another for us to try and TAKE without permission, said blessing. Father forgive us, any of us, myself included if we have ever fallen into this place or spirit of error.

This weekend was FULL of learning. We had someone, from a place of persecution, probably hurt, and definitely evil and malicious intent, try and discredit our family. But God. It was kind of funny how it happened, and really NOT surprising to us. As God gets BOLDER, the enemy appears to as well. There has always been GOOD and EVIL. But, thank GOD the GOOD supersedes the EVIL, no matter how it appears.

When you have encountered what we have, very little becomes surprising. Do I remember to thank GOD every day? Well, I can say, somedays I probably forget, but GOD. His Grace is sufficient, and HIS power is made perfect in our weaknesses. Thank GOD…Praise GOD…GO GOD!!!!! May HIS name be GLORIFIED!

It is so easy to feel discouraged in the world which we live in. The media has been, for a while promoting events that um, well don’t exactly uplift us or encourage us. But, if you look really closely, you will begin to see a shift happening. Are people thanking GOD at awards shows? Well, not ALL of them, but people ARE beginning to understand that without GOD none of it would be possible. NONE of US would be either.

Think of it this way, if you are led to give someone a gift, bake them a meal, etc…and you do not partake, but you go and tell someone what YOU did, you have then rejected being a blessing. But, if you go and share what GOD did through you, then the blessing is received on that person’s part and yours. Plus, GOD alone is GLORIFIED.

If I or you do something well, even if we do it together, GOD does it. He does ALL things well. He does NOT change in character, but often HIS plans change according to our level of obedience. Just look at HIS word, and you will see. He makes ALL things NEW. He makes possible what was IMPOSSIBLE, by removing the demons, or imps.

I ask this day, the 23rd which represents Biblically dying to self, that GOD transform US into GODLY chameleons, that WE change as HE changes us. That WE hide within HIM, even when out in the open.

As a teenager, my favorite show was CHARMED. My mother hated the show. She would always say, “that show is evil.” But, perhaps mom did not understand something. ALL the things in the show that evil was doing, GOD can do and DOES even better and from HOLINESS.

The word says, we will do even GREATER things because JESUS intercedes for us. He is our brother. He LOVE us! He will do even GREATER things through us. We are important, we have value, we have GOD value, because HE created us. HE is in our DNA!

In Jesus name and BLOOD, we pray that all NATIONS will KNOW that HE is GOD!!!! We pray, that they will begin to laugh at the enemy’s plans. May each person be encouraged and choose to speak LIFE and not DEATH. Today, we choose this day, whom we will serve. I choose the Heavenly Father, His son JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. May ALL GLORY and honor be unto GOD, now and FOREVER!!!!

What will you choose?

We would love to have feedback as you are led. This is NOT a place of contest, we desire open communication, and to bless GOD.  We also pray it be a place where God can use people to encourage each other in HIM. Hallelujah!!!!! Our awesome GOD is so worthy!!!! Love to you ALL!!!

In His Grace and Glory,


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