What happens when FIRE attacks? The answer is, it ravages. It destroys pretty much everything in its path. What happens when powerful water attacks or wind? The same thing! The world is ON FIRE. Some of it is HOLY and some is VERY unholy indeed.


Many are receiving from, and in agreement with, the enemy. Some without knowing, and sadly some with very real knowledge and purpose to glorify satan. This is NOT a time to play around. It just isn’t.

Remember years ago, when Billy Joel sang the song “We didn’t start the Fire?” Well, the fact is this, WE DID. Maybe not blatantly, or necessarily from malice, but we need to own it and repent. Why is the rebellion seeming so extreme? Well yes, God prophesied it would get rough, but guess what else He told us? That we have the power, through HIM in US to trample snakes and scorpions.

He did NOT, I repeat did NOT tell us to lie down and take it. He did not say that we deserve to be abused, or that we should be doormats. He in fact said, that we are ALL called to be BOLD in the LORD. His word says, “Many are called, but FEW are chosen.” The chosen ones will know who they are. They cannot say, “I did not know, because too many people are interceding on their behalf, and on behalf of the nations , since a lot just refuse to pray.


When God reveals His secrets, it is not always happy. Because to our flesh it BURNS. After all JESUS was crucified for our sins. SO, that we could have LIFE and do so abundantly. That does not mean do so in excess. Yet, many of us do so. But, we have an amazing GOD who loves us and forgives us and needs us to forgive ourselves and others, and keep repentant hearts, full of HOLY FIRE.


HUMBLING is necessary, chastisement is necessary. if we fight it, we will just get MORE. Look around us in our world. The earth is crying out, literally with FLOODS, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and more. yes, there is biblical prophesy taking place. However, part of that is for God’s people, HIS children, to step up and be willing to let GO of control, or even desire to. To speak to the winds and the waves, as god moves in us, and see them obey.

We can all be in agreement that the “WORLD” is on FIRE. Many have said it is going to “hell in a hand basket.”  But, I do not agree with the latter. I simply believe the enemy wants to deceive us, make us NOT open for correction, and either kill us with passivity, or kill us with overzealousness. The last one is simply zeal for things other than God.

Was watching “Independence Day” reminded on the 4th, and God reminded us that it is required for us as COGS (Children of God Supers). We cannot just pray against wars and famines, and destruction. We have to pray that God’s will be served in them. Ultimately that as these things arrive, GOD will move and HE alone will be glorified through HIS son, Jesus Christ.


Father, today we pray that you will burn up ALL spirits NOT of you with your HOLY FIRE. We pray that you will release even more warring angels to encamp around your children. That as we are led to go out and be used by you to  heal the sick, feed the poor, cast the demons out, and raise the dead, the GLORY of GOD will prevail, and all will know and give honor and homage only to you, our GOD and KING.

In Jesus name and BLOOD,



LORD bring your GLORIFIED FIRE, as only YOU can. BURN away all that is of us, so ONLY you remain.

In His Grace and Glory,


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