Let GOD arise and let ENEMIES be SCATTERED!!!

This morning as I woke I was sore, and I was tempted to speak complaining. God convicted me, and said there is healing happening. So, I began to be grateful. Jesus has overcome the world, so in HIM so shall we. But only, when we do things HIS way. Glory to GOD!

This is an exciting time, it looks terrible around us. But, it does not change the facts.It is a time for us to see the BEAUTY develop from the ashes. God made promises to us. Promises that happen more and more as we seek HIS face and OBEY Him. He will keep His promises. he wants to see them fulfilled in our lives.

Let the LION of JUDAH ROAR on your behalf today! After all, he died for you and for me, so we could experience FREEDOM in Him. ~


Many are NOT obeying God, and for those that are in this place, my heart grieves, and my body aches. Because what is coming for them is indescribable. Such pain, anguish and sadness will hunt them down. It will not be sent by the enemy. God is sovereign and when we reject HIM and choose other “gods” then He has to chasten us. It is His job to do so. Believe it or not, he does so from a place of LOVE.

While typing this out today, He laid upon my heart, I heard a song I used to love. Then, all the sudden I did not love it so much. I connected the song with memories. Again, God convicted me and said to lay it down. To lay every bit of it down at HIS altar is freeing, and it honors HIM. So, once again I took myself, my physical body, questions, emotions, memories, desires, hopes, dreams, aspirations, thoughts, children, ministry, and really anything else that came to my heart mind and spirit. I felt a release. It was almost instant. Glory to God!

The dead that will arise first, are HIS children who have been held in captivity. He came and  still comes to set the captives FREE. When we are feeling controlled, it is not just the spirit of control, it is also a Pharoah spirit that the enemy wants us to believe is God. It is also a spirit called Kundalini. We have spoken of this before. The latter has been used by the enemy to drive God’s children into the ground. Long before their time had come many of them, but God.

The greatest thing about God is whether it looks like it now, He ALWAYS gets His way. Because He is a winner, we become one in HIM. United with HIM Goliaths fall and He gets the Glory. His Bride will be spotless without wrinkle or blemish, and He alone will cleanse us.


So, LORD today resurrect us, your children ; and give us your wisdom. Teach us how to remain hidden in you, and be used by you to raise the dead, to command scattering of your enemies.  For it MUST be YOU in us to do this, or we will fail, every time.

Even when we are in the pits of despair and FEAR, God will come to us. He will give us an opportunity to be set FREE. This choice will be between life and death. God desires that none shall perish.

Should we not be seeking to pray GOD’s desires, even above our own? Because this is OUR job, to be used by HIM to bring Heaven to earth. The Lord’s Prayer talks about this. So today we ask God, on the day of the angels, as well as that of judgement and disorder, and in they month of completion to have HIS way.

God does not want us ill. he has given us many tools and weapons to be used in battle with the enemy. One of them is OIL. Something as simple as olive oil can be prayed over and used to anoint. Trust GOD, because HIS ways work! He is bringing NEW OIL this season, and with it will come JOY for those ready to receive and following HIS narrow path.


There are some things we cannot yet do, but He can. He is a great teacher, and if we are willing to learn, we will receive MANNA from Heaven. For only He can quench our thirst and fulfill our need for what we hunger for. Only GOD can cause the DEAD to Arise and HIS enemies, which are also ours, to be scattered. All GLORY and HONOR to the Father, son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

LORD pour into us, so your GLORY can shine, and the DEAD can be RESURRECTED!

For we are yours. no matter what part we play in the BODY, we BELONG to you alone!!!

We do NOT belong to the enemy and we choose today to come OUT of agreement with him in ALL areas of our lives. Because one of the greatest enemies that satan uses is SELF. Lord, burn away ALL iniquities from us and your children that you share with us.

May the DEAD arise more and more, for the GLORY of GOD! May ALL enemies be scattered through the power of HIS might alone!

In Jesus name and BLOOD,


LET GOD arise, and raise the DEAD things in our lives that He desires resurrected. When you do, you will see amazing MIRACLES and the ENEMIES will SCATTER will JAWS dropped OPEN!!!

In His Grace and Glory,


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