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Today is Mother’s Day. What an honor it is to be a mom! I still wake up in awe and think, “Wow, He chose me.” Last night I was remembering lyrics to an old song. Be you can guess which one. ūüėČ Though the song is NOT a great song, the point is clear. We have to be like the virgin. The most infamous one is Mary, Jesus’s mother.


I have a special affection for her. So many reasons why, but the number one reason why is, no matter what came against her, she was faithful to GOD. I personally know how hard that can be, and am certain many of you do as well. Because serving God is NOT an easy path. But, it is so very worth it! Because there is nothing more spectacular, wonderful and amazing than the LOVE of GOD. The more we choose HIM, and obey HIS word, the better it gets!!!

So, in this entry of writing today, being a virgin is not just from a not having had sex standpoint. It is about purity, grace, love and more. Let’s look at the¬†definition.

Definition of VIRGIN

a : an unmarried woman devoted to religion

b capitalized : virgo

a : an absolutely chaste young woman

b : an unmarried girl or woman

capitalized : virgin mary
a : a person who has not had sexual intercourse

b : a person who is inexperienced in a usually specified sphere of activity

: a female animal that has never copulated

Examples of VIRGIN

  1. <a¬†virgin¬†in the world of comedy clubs, he’s still learning to deal with hecklers>

Origin of VIRGIN

Middle English, from Anglo-French virgine, from Latin virgin-, virgo young woman, virgin

First Known Use: 13th century

Related to VIRGIN

abecedarian, apprentice, babe, colt, cub, fledgling,freshman, greenhorn, neophyte, newbie, newcomer,novice, novitiate, punk, recruit, rook, rookie, tenderfoot,tyro, beginner
My favorite one is NOT the first one. ūüôā Because I am not devoted to religion, But, I am absolutely 100% devoted to our awesome GOD! The definition I love is the young girl. I also love the synonyms.¬†
A virgin is someone who has been purified by God. Shouldn’t that be something we embrace? I can tell you when I married I was not a virgin. I so wanted to be, but it did not work out that way. What I can also share is that for the first almost 3 years of our marriage, we could not be physically intimate. In that time, God resurrected us. He healed many wounds that had come into our lives. That time we could not connect with each other, we began to connect to God more.¬†
He made us virgins ins HIM, so that we could be PURE before HIM. I remember one time Sarah E had just gone to sleep. She was over a year or so, and my husband David was watching Healing DVD’s because cancer was trying to take him out, and I fell before God in prayer. I kept crying out, “show him, show him, show him.”¬†
I did not know this then, but what I was crying out to GOD about was the GLORY of GOD. Specifically I was asking that my husband be shown just why GOD was my first, my true, and my one and only ETERNAL LOVE. It was not that I did not love my husband then. Nor, that I don’t now. I do, very much! But, most of ALL I love God within him. Because God in him is powerful, mighty, strong, a warrior, a leader, and so much more.¬†
I was not a physical virgin before marriage, but I was a VIRGIN in another way. I had never been officially married. I was a virgin to being a wife and mom, which incidently came close together. In fact, I became a mom, before I was married, just like Mary. 
Today I believe God is challenging us to become a virgin to LOVE. To ask HIM to bring us to a place of purity. His word says, “Blessed are the PURE in heart, for they shall see God.”¬†
I am, on some level, a virgin to LOVE. because until very recently I was a very bad receiver. I never believed anyone loved me, least of all God. But then, after years of crying out to God. He healed some very deep wounds regarding rejection, hopelessness, unworthiness and hate. For years, I detested myself. Even now, I have to wake up daily and thank God for who He has made me to be, and is making me to be. I do this to honor HIM, and to retrain my mind, as He gives us the mind of Christ.  
I have always LOVED everyone else, but knew deep within, that unless I received God’s love through others I would miss out on the promises and the PROMISED LAND.¬†
This morning, as our daughter came in with breakfast and a heart melting card that healed all the way down to my soul, I was blessed to experience MORE of God’s LOVE! My cup runneth over and I am beyond words grateful.¬†
Thank you for taking the time to read something a bit more personal today. I know we ALL have places God is smoothing out, and it is wonderful that we can share in each other’s journey together.¬†
Going to close with what has become my favorite verse. 

2 Corinthians 12:9

Amplified Bible (AMP)

9 But He said to me, My grace (My favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for you [sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear the trouble manfully]; for My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and [a]show themselves most effective in [your] weakness. Therefore, I will all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may [b]pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me!

Praise GOD that NOTHING is impossible for HIM, even making us virgins again!!!!!

In His Grace,


12 May 2013


Today, am really tired in my body. But my spirit and SOUL are leaping for JOY! So many great things are coming to pass. We will share more as led. Grateful for GOD’s eyes on our life. Reminded today that SURRENDER is an almost every moment thing. Because if we are not surrendering to GOD, we are surrendering to something else.¬†

In scripture it says, “Choose this day whom you will serve.” Because if we serve the devil, it leads to death. But that death has no chance of resurrection. The enemy is so subtle. He plants small ideas, and uses memories and really anything and anyone that will let him. The great thing is so does GOD. He uses things for the good of those who LOVE HIM.¬†


If we do NOT surrender ALL consistently we are rebelling, and rejecting God. Look at the world around us, and you will see this. God is bringing about a turnaround, and it is coming into completion. So here is the question, whom or WHAT are we surrendering to? 

Are we throwing babies out with bath water, by assuming GOD cannot use something? Because SIN is SIN is SIN to GOD. Only Blasphemy that is a conscious choice, is the unforgivable one. We have to begin to consistently give GOD credit, not because He wants it, but because HE DESERVES IT!!!!!


We watch many programs on TV, some that have great morals and values, and some that are a bit off the wall and yet comical.  We do pray that GOD show us what He wants us to see, and protect us from what He does NOT want us to see. GOD can use anything, PERIOD. 

TODAY, we choose to surrender ALL, to be children of GOD who have integrity and choose to do ALL things in HIS timing, and step back and let HIM move, when we are led to sit down. Thank you in advance to our awesome GOD for teaching us to release all unto HIM, for HE loves and cares for US!


In His Grace,


10 May 2013

Game, Set, MATCH!!!!!

Today is the 6th, It is the month of May which is the fifth month and the year is 2013, which is the number of Jesus Christ, and also apostasy and rebellion. The 6th is the number of man and the evils of the enemy, and the 5th is the number of Grace and Favor according to scripture.

What is on my heart today is simple. We live in a GAME. Why are video games popular? Because people LOVE to play games, and because all of LIFE is one. I enjoy games, like most, but there are 2 types of them which relate most to God to me. When playing games, we must have armor on, and ask GOD to protect us. The enemy likes to manipulate, plant evil seeds, and lie.

The first game we are discussing  is TENNIS. In tennis there is a game, which is also called a match. When a person wins, it is game, set, match. So, think about GOD and our relationship with HIM. The enemy is out to kill us, period. This means, he is out to literally kill us, figuratively kill us and spiritually kill us. The word says He comes to kill, steal and destroy. In the game of LIFE, prayer is like the tennis ball. God is the maker of the GAME, per se, and the MATCH or winning happens when we do as He leads, and HE wins through us. As we pray, the set happens and the MATCH is already won through HIM in the Heavens. Hallelujah!!!!



The second game, CHESS, is all about eliminating pieces. Look at the enemies plans, isn’t that how it works? Think about movies like “Independence Day” or shows like “The Mentalist.” The first one is all about retaliation and elimination, and the second is all about observation to uncover the enemy’s plans. See, this is NOT so different than life. Look around you and you will see this in everyday news programs.


The JOY comes in this amazing gift. The greatest weapon we will ever have is GOD’s word. It really is “a double edged sword.” So, why are we walking around in a daze, it seems as we make plans, but do not consult HIM, or HIS word? This is really not smart, because these days the enemy lies around in the open, waiting for those who have their guards down.

The word says He sits and waits to pounce, like a roaring lion. Many have said, he is getting stronger. But, he isn’t, it just seems that way. Thankfully the more we rely on GOD, the more ignorant the enemy becomes. GOD has plans that even we don’t know, but they are for our GOOD and that is what matters.

The enemy will try and steal our memories, children, hopes, dreams, faith, JOY and more, but we don’t have to let him. IN fact, the word commands us not to, and if we ever have we must repent for coming into agreement with the enemy and not God. Because only GOD deserves the GLORY and only HE can bring about lasting change.

God does not hold us to a standard of perfection, He holds us to a standard or righteousness, and holiness, where when we sin, it is like a lightning strike. Immediately, in the next breath, we must repent, and ask HIM to bring transformation and permanent change.

Yes, the enemy will keep trying, but who cares, cause our GOD is so much BIGGER!!!!!

God is a multitasker, He does ALL things well. ¬†Let Him nurture you ūüôā Receive HIS LOVE today!!!!



This picture reminded us of how GOD gives unconditional LOVE!


In His Grace,


06 May 2013

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