But, HE hates me!!!!

Today is the 1st of March, and when I woke up I began to think about this month and all the connections. There are the Ides of March for one. It was a fateful day where much destruction came. Destruction can come in all forms. Something may look destroyed, and may actually just have a need to be put back together. It is also a month where Spring begins and harvest comes! We must be aware of the BAD but encouraged by the GOOD.

We had something like this happen yesterday. It was a minor thing, but has a great big major lesson. Our kittens that are now going on a year were playing. The male, knocked our puzzle off the table. We looked at it and at first thought,” well we could put it away.”Then, we rethought it and decided to restore it! Cause that is what GOD does with us.

After having a series of ODD dreams, the mind attack I got was, “God must hate me for such and such.” Immediately, I was convicted and reminded, almost as a gentle HUG that it just was not true. Papa LOVES us! In fact, He loves ME too. 🙂


So, ruminating on this, even with a child who has a strong will about her smoothie, and almost missed the bus, trying to get hubby off to start his day, and the animals settled, and anything else that comes, brings comfort. It is so common to go to that place, where we likely began as a child, feeling rejected like an old shoe that does not fit anymore.

To think in our minds, or even to speak it, “But, He hates me.” However, our prayer, as a family, is that people in this season; where things appear really scary and way colder, will experience even more the LOVE of GOD. It is the ONLY thing that can save us.

There is no natural weapon that exists that is more powerful than the LOVE of GOD. It says we love, because He first loved us. The word tells us we were loved even when we were still sinning. So, all those who may be caught in a web of sin, He loves YOU!


The point is to overcome whatever pulls us away from GOD. If our career does so, it has become idol, if our kids, family, friends, etc… God is clear about being a jealous God. He wants absolutely NOTHING above HIM. It is HE that has overcome and will do so in US!

The time is definitely changing, and everyday we praise GOD for having HIS way, no matter how it appears. Because if we let the appearances dictate our actions, from a fearful place, we will surely not make it very far.

I am by no means flawless, yet GOD sees me that way. He sees the potential of that spotless daughter and He stays focused on that. So, in turn, from respect I go, in fact we do as a family, and ask HIM to cleanse us of this world, and of any sin. We repent, which simply means to turn away from and change the choices.

Does this make life perfect? No. But, does it make it peaceful? YES! This is a time in the world we live in where we must REST in God. If someone is not a believer, we must pray and praise GOD for whatever his or her destiny is to become.

Grateful every moment that our destiny, and that of every child we receive is to serve GOD. Words cannot describe how grateful I am, and we are. 🙂 My heart aches for those who may never know or get an opportunity to see in action GOD’s LOVE.

If GOD did it for us, and does it for us, He can and will do it for you! We pray the armor of GOD over ALL believers. We speak LIFE and not DEATH. We speak blessings not curses. Remember though, that GOD will often have us experience the BAD and UGLY, holding HIS hand so that we can understand more, be able to see, and appreciate the GOOD!


The world, and the small god of it will try and make you terrified of the signs and wonders that are occurring. The enemy uses no new tactics, when doing so. The verse that came to mind this morning as a warning was this one in Luke.

Luke 21:7-10

Amplified Bible (AMP)

And they asked Him, Teacher, when will this happen? And what sign will there be when this is about to occur?

And He said, Be on your guard and be careful that you are not led astray; for many will come in My name [[a]appropriating to themselves the name Messiah which belongs to Me], saying, I am He! and, The time is at hand! Do not go out after them.

And when you hear of wars and insurrections (disturbances, disorder, and confusion), do not become alarmed and panic-stricken and terrified; for all this must take place first, but the end will not [come] immediately.

10 Then He told them, Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

THIS comes from LOVE believe it or not. ANY GREAT parent would chasten and correct as well as discipline a child when out of line. It is the same with GOD, the BEST parent of ALL.

He does NOT HATE us, so tell that devil to go! The lies of the enemy are not welcome among the COGS!!! (Children of GOD SUPERS)

In His Grace,


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