Do you want to experience the GLORY of God? I want you all to know something, if you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would have said NO WAY. This is because I really believed that I was unworthy, useless, worse than dirt of the ground. I had been pushed down, and kicked, betrayed, and hurt. Now, I know ya’ll can relate to this. Cause the enemy has no new tactics. 


If you are a non believer, it is even worse than if you are a believer. There are many who have said to us, “sometimes I wonder if I should have chosen to follow Christ.” Our response, well when you do so, there is a level of protection, mercy ,and grace that comes, that you cannot receive otherwise. You begin to find out that He sees you as worthy.

The word says He loved us while we were yet still sinning. So, this means, when we reject sin and choose HIM, that LOVE can shine even more. THIS is the GLORY of the LORD! This means that we consciously choose, and then practice the art of walking by Faith. Is this easy? NOPE. Is it worth it? YEP!

Long ago, in our lives we learned through Revelation that GLORY is about not just the finished product, or end result, but ALL the STUFF in between. When Sarah Elizabeth went through cancer we began to search the heart of God. We ask HIM to search our hearts, but transformation happens when we search HIS. 

When David had cancer, we also sought God. He taught us that sickness is not what we think. That, as humans it is common to be trained to look at the symptoms, and not the root. The root 100% of the time of disease is spiritual. That does not mean other aspects cannot be factors. But, the root is not of this world. 


Cannot count on both hands how many believers have said this, “:well, we live in a sinful world!” Here is the response we now give. Sin was actually cleansed, forgiven and redeemed at the cross with Jesus’s death and then resurrection or New LIFE came in return. This means the curses we should have experienced, we now can choose to claim FREEDOM from. This one act brought about an opportunity for deliverance, healing and salvation of everyone.

That does not mean that ALL will choose it. In fact in the book of Revelation, He talks about the many people who will not. But, our job is not to save them, it is to LOVE them. So many people are so concerned about saving people. They are trying to do a job that is not OURS to do! So, get this, that steals from God’s glory.


God is continually showing us that the CORE of the problems that plague us is SPIRITUAL! We fight not against FLESH and BLOOD. So many are dying and missing OUT on the GLORY of GOD. We are seeing this all over the place. Sickness does not have to be a death sentence. It can actually become an opportunity for God’s Grace, LOVE, Mercy, Peace and JOY to be birthed in us. 

God tells us He will turn our mourning into dancing!!!! He will turn our anguish to JOY!

Listen, we are living proof of this! Every single day, in fact, lately every moment, we choose HIS JOY! That does not mean we never screw up, or never sin. It means that it does not take ROOT in us anymore. The JOY of the LORD is our strength.

All of this is a portion of HIS GLORY! So, again, do you want to see HIS GLORY? Do u want sickness out of the homes, churches, and world? Cause if you do, there are things that must be put in place for it to come. God has given us a template and we must be trained in HIM, so we can train HIS babes. It is He in us that does so. So, guess what, we can’t fail! God does not FAIL!!!!!!

Papa, bring your GLORY GLORY GLORY for your people who love you. Help us to seek your way, not our own. To recognize that ALL we have been given is yours. Make us good stewards, and posses us for your purpose and plan. Protect, guard us, and put a wall of fire around us as you send us out to share your LOVE!

In Jesus of Nazareth’s name and BLOOD 


Continuing to pray that the GLORY multiplies in the BODY of CHRIST! Let us know if anyone is led, to share prayer requests. We Love you ALL!

In His Grace,



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