The number one thing, under attack in our lives as lovers of GOD is simple. It is JOY. How many times do we just do something to get it done? But, there is little JOY in it. We have learned the HARD way that when our JOY is under attack, something BIG is coming! For example, look how Sarah Elizabeth has been flourishing. The medical community would have had us believe it was a lost cause, but GOD. They did the test again, and ALL was clear. His healing lasts forever and is just infested in a mighty way with JOY.

Recently, we were reading a book pertaining to evil and how it can impact life. That is as simple as we can say it. As we were reading about all the Healing that supposedly was happening, The one thing that stood out was this, the JOY was absent, and in some cases almost nonexistent. So, the conclusion was this, if there is NO JOY then there is no real healing. It is just a temporary one that fades away.


Our joy and strength is in GOD and HIS word. But we don’t mean just in reading it, but in living it out. Every day since this year began; we have begun with prayer, worship, and communion. He shows up in the most interesting ways. As long as we stay surrendered to Him, we cannot and will not fail, because He won’t let us. He never fails at anything, and when we do it is because it was part of the plan.

That sounds unreal, strange and even foreign. We have been taught as a society that failure is just unacceptable. But, many thought Jesus failed when He was crucified. Yet, it was HIS greatest achievement. We serve a resurrection God. He takes whatever appeared dead and brings NEW LIFE to it.

So, today choose JOY, FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and PEACE. Because really, what is the alternative. Don’t play with fire that will burn you. Be filled with HOLY FIRE that will protect and heal you, and multiply into all who come into your lives. The LORD never fails at HIS tasks, and sometimes they take time to complete. 🙂

We went through a season of just hating all things that appeared evil. But now, we know GOD can use anything, as long as we seek HIS wisdom in process. Will it be perfect and look elegant and clean? Well, not always at first. But it is a guarantee that it will be tailor made. He does ALL things from a place of LOVE.

For those of you who desire to know more about our story, so far there are several books written. The first one is already available on Amazon, and also on It is called  “Walking the Line Between God and Satan.” It was written using my middle name Katherine. The second is called “Sarah’s Journey: God is Faithful.” It is the continuation of the first, and delves a bit more into deeper experiences. The third, which is in process is called, “The Tie that Binds.” It specifically deals with what happens when GOD, and our FAITH in HIM is not the cornerstone of marriage, and even our lives in general. We are writing this one together, God, hubby and me.

May God bless you all greatly, loving this experience, may the JOY continue to be multiplied!

In His Grace,


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