Beautiful Place Breakdown

This began today at 333. That definitely means MUCH to ME. As I listen to the song. “I know how to LOVE you well” (Tim McGraw) I keep thinking about, something that was said. “GOD is doing SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY, in your marriage.” I REALLY had to have JESUS break that down for ME. Because, what I can tell YOU most, is, that our marriage is beautifully BROKEN…and HE is making it WHOLE. In so many ways, it is at the VERY best place, it has EVER been. AND THAT, is Because, of the LOVE, of JESUS. It just is ya’ll. He gives us GRACE, STRENGTH, ABility, to overcome and ALWAYS surrender , in the process. MOST of ALL, He helps US forgive…and to have HEARTS, that are being cleaned, so WE can LOVE more. WE have a LOT of tangible blessings. WE have had plenty, and little. and NOW we know, that … it’s important, to just BE GRATEFUL, for EVERYTHING. The GOOD, the bad, the Ugly. Be Grateful. Choose that. It is where the JOY….lives. In the HOUSE of Gratefulness.



When I was asking HIM, about this entry, HE said, simply. “MANY are going through LOTS of trials right now. And when in trials and suffering, it’s often, hard to SEE the LIGHT, at the end of the tunnel. But, I AM that light. And I will make the darkness FLEE. If ONLY my children would TRUST Me. Tears. I Hug HIM, and I say, “I’m so sorry.”  I can feel His heart breaking, for the things happening, in THIS world. Yet, He is not surprised either. As in this world, the song…”THERE GOES MY LIFE” (Kenny Chesney) plays. He says, “Me too. But, it will be okay. There is ALWAYS a plan. and it does NOT fail. He smiles, through His tears.



I am often comforted, when I SEE HIM, share in the emotion. That might sound strange. But, in THIS world, it is SOoooooo EASY to Feel alone, and just isolated. For ME, that can happen, in a room full of people. But God. When I see JESUS, this way, it helps me remember, that…He is like US, in a lot of ways. LOVE. Breaking down, is NOT always easy, or BREEZY. Again, but GOD. However, it is necessary, and there ALWAYS is beauty, that comes, through, from and IN the process. #HISLOVEHEALSUS



I remember, a TIME is my LIFE. Oh man…I was SOooooo not as close to JESUS. I still LOVED HIM, yes. But, I was REALLY HELL bent, on MY OWN ways. It was rough. And, I experienced a LOT of Hell.  THIS was one of my favorite songs. “Breakdown HERE”

“Paved with pretty lies and broken dreams…. ” Those are just SOME of the lyrics…. “SURE hate to breakdown here, nothing up ahead, or in the rearview MIRROR. Out in the middle of nowhere nowhere. I’m in trouble, if these wheels stop rolling. God help me keep me Movin’ somehow…” I would BELT this song out…over and over. I think, I even bought the single. It might have been a ONE hit wonder. But, now, I look at the lyrics, from a different perspective.


What is in YOUR rearview mirror?


Is it a Beautiful, place of breakdown? Because, at TIMES, mine was LOVELY scenery….on the outside. This pertains to cities, I lived in….My physical body, and actual vehicles. Yet, inside, there was chaos, that ONLY …HIS LOVE could help. And much of the time, I just wandered around, hoping I was doing some good in the world. Yet, I was tormented, just by existence. Again…but GOD.




LIVING in that horribly fearful place, created opportunity, for VERY poor decisions. Thank GOD for Grace. I continue to ask Forgiveness, for anyone, i directly, or indirectly harmed, in that time of life. Even with words…I so apologize. For then…and NOW. My heart…is so to LOVE. I come by it, Heaven made, straight from ABOVE. Lord knows, I am not a perfect child/or adult. I’m so thankful, that GOD sees fit, to LOVE me ANYWAYS. He LOVES me back to LIFE, EVERY single DAY. And for that, I will forever, have more than gratitude. #onegratefullionkid . LOVE.


Today is the 31st, and 31 is offspring, in the LIFE book. In the bible, it says, WE are HIS children. SO….WE are protected, and SAFE and WE are LOVED. And THAT, is a beautiful place, to breakdown. Don’t you think?



In His Grace,


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