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551976_356879881087543_1016047998_n11250155_10153643998796223_3692579556315771082_nlarge612wpFrT0WL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_10307200_10152921095957785_5214134257696538820_nHello!  I woke up this morning, hearing “Everything is gonna be alright.  Rockabye. ” It was a comfort to me.  A reminder, Im safe in His arms.  Love❤️ A very OLD song .  But God.  As I prepare for something NEW, yet Old, He does this with ME.  Have you ever walked, down   memory LANE?  Sometimes, it can be, a tough road.  It can be littered with stuff, that can pop up, and hurt . Or,  just get in your shoes, like a pebble that eventually blisters.  It starts out as an irritation.  Can you relate?  Please SAY, I’m not alone in this.. .Because, the last thing, a writer wants ,is to feel alone.  ❤️




JESUS has had to break me of this,  The FEAR of being alone.  Some callings, require, a certain amount, of “alone” time.  And well,  mine definitely does.  I used to be terrified of, ending up alone.  But, one day, I realized, by God’s Grace, that I’ll never be, ALONE. Because, HE is ALWAYS with ME.  In fact, HE, and ALL of Heaven too.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  Now, that is Great news!





As the song… “Just Be Held” comes on.  Was just speaking about this, on Thursday. You’d think it would not, be hard, to practice what is preached, so to speak.  But, sometimes, it is. Because, to be honest, I still have, VERY hard days.  As “In the Eye of the Storm” plays.    This song a key for me.  Grace needed, just to breathe.  Because, somedays. Wow.  Tears.





The title, of this entry is about what, gets added, or Subtracted to our life.  A few years ago, someone told me, I was learning, about “Catch and release. ” I later had a memory, of playing softball ⚾️ ,as the catcher.  I would practice, with both my parents, separately.  Never knowing then, what I know now.  I was just grateful, for the time. I’m still, honored, by the memory.  But now, I see, God was teaching me more.  About catching the good, throwing out all the negative and icky stuff.  Subtract the yuck➖ ➖ ➖ Such a simple concept, by His Grace.  Just Love.  ❤️  ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️





I realized very young, that I was an inquisitive child.  ❤️ My biological mother, said, “You ask “500 ” questions a day. ” Now probably not that many.  But, you get it.  It was a lot.  A BIG Lot!  I wondered about EVERYTHING! ! ! I kind of became addicted to “wanting to know. ” And there was some danger in that.  But, oh my, did I get Grace to try and figure things out.



From a VERY early age… I began trying to be creative. Not exactly technical.  I fell more into, arts and entertainment.  Yes. Give me a stage, and I was home. ❤️  I loved to perform.  Because it brought people joy!  And somewhere along the way, the temporary  addiction of “wanting to know” became a NEED. It got like obsessive.  And I was not trusting God, with the plan.  This was in my late teens early 20’s.



I still Loved Jesus. I still Loved the whole Family of God.  But, I felt so disconnected. At age 23, my biological mother, went Home to Jesus.  And my world, dramatically changed.  I left my home town, to try, and find a new way. But, that didn’t last long.  Then, I left a second time.  This time, I did not return.  And, on this leg ,of the journey, I met my AMAZING husband. ❤️  And Sarah was born .





Add and Subtract.  Yes.  Love ❤️ does that.  It definitely does.  No question. Grace Grace.  Is it easy?  No way.  The song.  “At the Cross” ( Chris Tomlin). ”  At the cross, at the cross,  I surrender my life… ” Yes… That.  Every SINGLE moment, of EVERY single day. With every Single breath.  #unitedbytheloveofheaven ❤️



“Here my hope is found.  Here on Holy ground.  Here arms open wide.  Here you saved my life.  ” (CTomlin)



His GRACE is sufficient ,and POWER is perfected in our weaknesses.  Today, is NOT… My strongest day.  But, may HIS ❤️ shine ✨ brightest ,because of His perfect Grace.



Much Love ❤️ to You ALL ~


In His Grace,





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