TWINS Again ~ 🌺💐🌸

  1. Cuddle Bears

    Cuddle Bears in honor of Sarah Elizabeth Sharpe



    12239719_10153428949738579_1494682980063883186_n816e6e642d8b65a15137333cbf5ed2301393995_10201078220131542_2001900371_n10527370_10152605851838879_2057460581450348634_nrepublic-of-the-broken-home-300x225fighting-parentsThe toughest part, about existing, in THIS place, is having the one, who was the MoST accepting, in such a tiny package,  baby be watching now. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO very grateful, for every single thing. Having gone through the motions, and still enduring them, the perspective, from before, inn some ways, is just no more. ❤️




But, in others, more daily, is given, a new vision. Eyes But be aware, that new vision, can very much disrupt the OLD. Especially, in a natural way, and sometimes it is VERY ODD. But, make no mistake, that it is God. His love, love❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ no one said would be easy. Not to mention, in this place and time, it can make us feel queasy. ~~~





I used to give WAY more credit, than was needed, to a place, of hurt. So many are living in the prison, of religion, and in it, there is ONLy one cure. Guess what it is? The real LOVE of Jesus. I always wanted a twin, and then came Sarah. She was this, ray of sunshine, that through Jesus I just began to adore. Yet, I admit, every day, I would secretly wonder, somewhere, is today the day? I don’t think I have ever verbally admitted that, till now.





Because, I was taught, to put a smile on your face, and love in your heart, and just get through. But…Jesus Love, and His plans are so much MORE than just survival. ~




I guess this is… What I wrote then.  Hmmmm 222. Yes.  Wow… Now. Going on a treasure Hunt, looking for Jesus.  Are we gonna find Him?  Guess we’ll SEE… Grace Grace.  So needed this journey.



To See. To Grow. To let Go…



Oh the plans of God, and of Heaven will Carry on… Without US…. True.  In a sense.  However, don’t be so clever to think, you are not significant. Oh, the places WE go, together. We go, with Jesus Christ.




When do we Obey… Write Away.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Grace. Mercy. Love.

Surrender… We must fear not Heaven’s ⚡️ Highway.

Because… That FEAR,



False Evidence Appearing Real… …




It can have CLAWS… I’ve seen it.  But, His ❤️…. That’s NEVER…. A regret.  His Love… Will and conquer.  But, no one said, it would be EASY TO understand, comprehend, or even receive.  When, you can’t believe.  His ❤️ does that too.  Grace.  Here.  Now.  33. To Jesus, its the perfect number.    Not bound by the clock… But Free… By the wisdom of Heaven.  Yes, He loves ❤️ Me.




Do I miss what was?  In some way, everyday.   Do I dwell?  No way.  Jesus is my liberty .  I have to TRUST IN Him. That His ways, are so much Higher, and Better, than MINE.  His mine, and OURS.  A plan divine.  However it arrives.  Grace.  His Love. ❤️ His time.  ⏰




I read tonight 1 Corinthians 15….  The WHOLE chapter… REST… And resurrection. Subject matter, juristiction. Beauty, in these words, YES.  Manna.  But, warning too.  Grace.  Grace.  ❤️




I’ve said this before, but it needs said MORE ➕. This LIFE IS so…… NOT about ME.  But, I am a piece.    A Lion kid.  Yes.  Me.  His.  True.  Sometimes, I feel ALot. I have been beaten, bruised, broken, ripped to shreds, left for dead and…. RESURRECTED. By His Grace.  Not once.  But… He knows the amount, the cost.  It’s His… After ALL. ❤️ ❤️



I will CHOOSE to be NOT afraid. Forgive Always.  Love Anyway.  And… Believe. “What you say of ME” (Lauren Daigle) ❤️  Grace ~~~~~



A present, blessing… but… oh my to digest it.  Takes Jesus….


When Sarah, went Home… A little raccoon appeared at RMH window. Just, for a moment though.  When I grabbed my phone, to take a picture. Gone. Then I heard, “Some things are just for you. ” Tears again.  ~~~ Grace.  This raccoon, waved hello.  So much JOY ,on it’s face!!!!  You just wanted to pick, it up.  Snuggle and cuddle it 2. Again… Grace.  Bathe…


245… Watching film, bout beautiful pearl.  Lost but found.    Yes.    First time, we watched ending together.  How poetic.  ❤️ Oh, the storms we have weathered.  Amazed…. That song… “Lord I’m Amazed by You. ” We sang it. Her, Celebration 4 Life.



So, there are things that will Enter in, yeah, I won’t GET them.  And, that is totally OKAY.  Because, Jesus fights for me, day and night.  He wins.  Resting in this.  My BEST FRIEND.  My husband.  Yes.  ~~~~ ❤️



Anything else… Above my KING won’t END well for ME.  It will bring HELL. And, I want Heaven instead. Oh, my such a tough lesson. Still learning…   Grace.  Thank you Jesus… You Set Me FREE   ( hill song)  Christ ⛪ my Savior brings Victory.


In His Grace,



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