More MIRACLES from Heaven

Writing and sharing, at times, is so tough. But God. Jesus do it! There is so much to share. I have to go slow. Any of you who know, me, know that is NOT my fortay. Giggles, I am a runner. I tend to sometimes jump ahead. Again, but God. to date I have watched the film, “miracles from Heaven,” 3 times. In our family, WE always say, the 3rd time is for Jesus. Boy, is that TRUTH, BUt, perhaps, every time IS.

I came out of religion. In fact, I detest i when people call me religious. Because, I am one thing. HIS. I am so over the moon, in LOVE with JESUS, and everything, JESUS. It is like living in Jesus’s theme park. yet, in this world, oh the cost. Neglect, rejection, lack of affection, and SO much more. I still can’t watch this film, without breaking down. I used to think that was a failure of sorts.

Until today. Now, I KNOW through HIM, that it is compassion, that brings those tears. HE is crying through me. It is NOT easy, for HIM, to watch HIS family suffer, He cried tears of blood, remember??? Ergo, it won’t be easy for US, through HIM either. In the film, they really never officially give HIM credit. YET, He gets credit anyway, because, it is HIS birthright. We in ¬†association are blessed. Yet, Jesus gets it ALL.

Being fully transparent….I have died so many times. I have even almost died, physically, at my own hand. But God. His LOVE conquered, for us, and the children. Still, it was US through HIM, who went. HE who goes, and WE with HIM. The trap for me. Forgetting that WE are one body. Falling into comparison. That leads straight to a mountain of negatives.

The FACT is, may who say they like you or love yoou don’t. But, JESUS does and always will!!! The peace of the LORD never actually leaves. BUT, the measure changes. JESUS, is the shalom. He lives in us! THAT is VERY good news. As I watched this film, a hoard of emotions hit me. But God. Even still, I observe, and receive more downloads, through JESUS. My connection. My ONE and only connection, to HOME.

I was sort of trained to be naturally critical. What about YOU???

My entire family is teachers, I did NOT, I repeat NOT want to be a teacher. Because, I wanted to be different. It was pride. Boy, was it ever. There was a time, I was never treachable, or teachable. BUT GOD. He is, and in places where I fail, THAT is okay. HE does NOT!!!!! He succeeds. His LOVE wins. He sickseeds, too, and sucjs the bad out. Like sickles, they flourish. Honey sickles. OH , do I LOVE them. So so so many miracles, ALL arpund us. AROUND…but we think some things don’t make sense right? They are confusing. YEP. Without Jesus, they remain a mystery.

But with HIM…Oh HEAVENS.

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