29caf0651dd94f57758d9befcb449fc81393995_10201078220131542_2001900371_n12189871_730291773768079_329414883154103138_nYesterday, when I was getting, the prompting to write, I heard this phrase. I thought of the movie, with the same title. “TWO WEEKS NOTICE.” Have any of you seen it? The movie is about a lawyer, who takes a job, for a purpose she believes in. She takes a job, with a man that everyone sees as a BIG WIG. Once she gets in the position, she realizes, that the man, is Just a MAN. Meaning, he has a heart, pain, desires, and wants LOVE. I won’t tell you the plot completely, but suffice it to say, it has surprises in it.

So, as I was praying about this, I realized something. That MAN can represent Jesus. We come before HIM, often law based, and demanding our purpose be revealed. When the TRUTH is, HIS purpose is what matters. Don’t WE want that? Because, if WE don’t REALLY desire, fully HIS purpose, we need to take a hard LOOK. The scripture came to me, “Work out your own salvation.” Also, “Study to show thyself approved.” Both of these are really significant here. WE are HIS BRIDE. We have to choose to receive HIS LOVE. We do this, by FAITH in Jesus. TRUE FAITH comes from the finished work, that HE has completed. He is BOTH, the tree of LIFE and the ROOTS.

There are MANY that are in desperate situations and circumstances. Always, God gives us a choice. We can HEED His instructions, and receive HIS blessings, or WE can reject HIM. For us, and our family, the choice is simple. HIS LOVE conquers everything. This does NOT happen, from a place of religiousness. It happens from a beautiful garden of intimacy. I ask you something now. Are you willing, to give God 2 weeks? Can you give HIM 14 days, to turn around your burden? Not just to turn it around, but to handle it. God can and WILL do it.

God does not need THAT long. He can do it is a minute, hour, day, couple days, anytime HE chooses. But, 2 weeks is specific. 14 is the BIBLICAL number of DELIVERANCE. I urge you, to by FAITH in Jesus, surrender the TIME b4 HIM. We have done this, and ARE doing this too. Because, WE always need MORE FREEDOM. We always need MORE healing. He wants us purified, sanctified, and cleansed.

HE is our purpose. HIS LOVE Grounds US. His HEART unites us. HE is why WE can exist here. God does not ignore His kids. Yet, He waits for us to come to HIM. As patient as it appears that the enemy is, GOD is MORE. As strategic, and relentless, as it appears, the enemy is, GOD is MORE. Jesus, the Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit united are UNSTOPPABLE. Does God say it will be easy? NO. However, I would not even want to imagine, how much more difficult without HIM.

There is DOOM and GLOOM without JESUS. But, with HIM, there is HOPE. There is GRACE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS, JOY, PEACE, and MORE in JESUS’s ARMS. All the desires that WE have, that are GOOD and HOLY, are held in the hands of God. Also, they are held in HIS heart, and are waiting. He is a GREAT God, and He gives as WE receive. His giving also often arrives through surrender. That is an interesting word. Because, MANY want to have one foot, in Heaven and one in the world. But, He is clear that WE cannot serve BOTH God and Mammon. So, why are so many trying?

There are numerous reasons, why people stay stuck. The number 1 reason, is because they feel UNWORTHY to move forward. Even DEEPER, they have judged themselves, unworthy to receive HIS LOVE. But, that actually negates what Jesus did. When we choose guilt, rejection, unworthiness, it causes sadness to the LORD. I don’t know about you, but I want to make HIM happy and joyful. I want HIM to look at me, and be pleased. Even if NO one else, were pleased with ME, my desire is that HE smiles.

The challenge set before you is THIS : For 2 weeks say thank you to God. Begin with 5 minutes, start slow. You can even start with 3 minutes. A devotional is a good tool as well. Increase the time, and list of what you are giving over to HIM. I am beginning this today, with our family. Believing that Heaven will come, and Hell subside. I have FAITH in HIM, that HIS LOVE will conquer ALL EVIL. No weapon formed against US will prosper, and HE will bring the increase. To the enemy, JESUS has given you 2 weeks notice, and you will see HIS ROAR, soon enough.

In His Grace and Glory,

E and Fam

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