This entry, has required MUCH prayer and fasting. Because, ya’ll, I have to write about my DEATH. I was no like, “Yay, I am so excited, at first.” But GOD. Now, I am thrilled to share of HIS GLORY AND AFFECTIONS!!!! so, HERE WE go. šŸ™‚ I start out, to say, that THIS began in VERY deep intercession. Around Tuesday of last week, I felt the LORD tug on me. I knew He was drawing me into HIM, even DEEPER. I began to think about Sarah, our daughter. When HE drew her in deeper, she seemed to DIE. I say, seemed to, because often, on this earth THINGS look different. It takes HOLY discernment to REALLY digest it all.

Okay, so, I was sitting b4 Jesus, really missing our girl. Not, necessarily, grieving, but just healing from the deep INTERNAL LOSS. As well, as the external loss, but more just focusing on HIS healing in process. So, I sat, and just RESTED. He would not let me connect with anyone, but my spouse. He would come in, and bring me “food and water.” The first time, we experienced this, was when she went HOME, almost 2 years ago. My husband was quite bothered by it, and sought the LORD. Who then told him, to just leave me be. SO, he barely spoke to me. Now, THIS time was very different.

My husband spoke to me, and quite frankly was pretty terrified. I could FEEL it. On my birthday, God had given me a word regarding my LIFE. My 39th B-day would be a time, I would conquer disease. Will explain more about that, in a second. But, when it happened, I think I thought I would wake up, instantly feeling better, looking better and well JUST BEING better. Yet, God had way more important plans, and strategies, I could not SEE. On Tuesday, the 13th, He began to be VERY strict with me.

He let me know, that I must not let in a soul, but DAVID, till otherwise instructed. SO, I, knowing the importance in His tone, agreed, and did as commanded. For 4 days, I sat with GOD and just died, a little more each day. I did listen to His word, on the 16th, and I had many trying to encourage me, to fight. But, I had NO FIGHT LEFT. So, Jesus fought for me. I say this, to tell you, “HE will fight for you, but YOU must be still and LET HIM.” I had to, and God is NO respector of persons.

On the 17th, and really the night of the 16th, something was bugging my husband. Finally, whatever it was backed down, and he left me, to be with God. On the 17th, it continued, and God said, “Let’s do this.” So, He used me to kind of poke at, and nudge my spouse. When this happened, eventually, ALL Hell broke loose. It ended in our room. This room, our sanctuary, is indeed HOLY GROUND. The place where we are has quite a history. I say this, to explain, that IT is a place of DEEP REST too.

At exactly 7:15 am on the 18th of this month, October, I DIED. I mean that in EVERY sense of the word. It was and IS the deepest level of DEATH, that I have EVER experienced. BAR NONE, it is the most powerful resurrection, I have ever seen, thus far. But, it was NOT just a simple resurrection. It was and IS known as ETERNAL RESSURECTION. I was given a choice, to go or stay, in a sense. I knew I needed to stay here.

As far as the details, suffice it to say, that SO MUCH evil, was involved. BUT GOD. I glory not in the enemy or His attempts, but IN MY JESUS, who overcomes. HE does it. He took me over, and as they crucified, and slaughtered me, to the very nth degree, so they did HIM. THIS is what HIS LOVE is truly about. IT is about MOVING forward, ONLY in HIS Grace, LOVE and MERCY. Faith, Hope and LOve, but the Greatest of these, is LOVE.

You see, my fellow readers, friends, family, and more, I was plucked from HELL. So long ago, I was removed from that place. But this, was the time of the promise. The time HIS HOLY seed was brought back, for HIS GLORY, and forth. I LIVE NOW. I was totally DEAD and NOW I CAN LIVE!!!!! Not, again, but REALLY for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!

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  1. Kristi

    As I read this, I was reminded of the scrioture, below:

    Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain. He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.
    John 12:24-25 NKJV

    God bless you as you live in Christ and Christ lives through you.

    ā™” Kristi


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