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19693_491506860886978_1220456359_n maxresdefault our brand is crisisIf you have ever read this blog before, you know one way God reaches me. It is through movies. 🙂 Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, our house had a little speed bump come up. It happens sometimes, in the healing process. It is especially common when families, grow together. 🙂 Many of us know enemy tactics. But, do we really UNDERSTAND the strategies of Heaven?

For example, the one gift we can give God is to surrender ALL, stay repentful, and work in unity. It does not seem like much, but, the obedient sacrifices, are worth so MUCH to Him. He will honor them, so greatly, because each one is a seed. It is a seed, through Jesus, who is our tree of LIFE. I say this, to say that yesterday was interesting to me. I called my husband and asked him a question. It was a simple question. I said, “Honey, Could I go see a movie?” Now, I asked him for one reason, and one only. God led me to, and my husband deserves to be honored. Because, my request, was simple and sincere, He honored it.

I went to the theater, and I began to ask God what movie to see. At first, logic told me to see one movie, then another caught my eye. So, I asked the people at the desk, about reviews. Afterwards, I knew God was calling me to see, ONE in particular. The movie is called “Our Brand is Crisis.” I will come back and add more to this entry. I am going to let that germinate a bit, and we will pick up later. God bless you.

In His Grace and Glory,



Okay, we are back and ready to share more of this review, of the film. 🙂 The movie begins with a strategist, played by Sandra Bullock. She has gone through the ringer. She made some very bad choices, and they led to the downfall of many. But yet, she got another chance, to help a candidate. They came to her for assistance, because despite, her fall, she had a good reputation. Looking at our lives, I can so relate.

I have had deep humiliation, pain, embarrassment, shame, hurts, rejections, and more. What about YOU? Can you relate??? As I was watching the film, I not only related to her character, I could see JESUS in it. There is NOTHING that we endure, that He has not. That is VERY good news indeed. Therefore, when we face difficult circumstances, WE can REST in His victory. In the MANY victories, that JESUS brings, WE can REST. His name is, just that, VICTORY.

So, in the film the strategist, goes through much difficulty to help this candidate. There is warfare, that the movie, only touches on. What really stood out to me, was the character who opposes her. This man, in the film, is just dripping with evil. He goes for the jugular, with her. Does the enemy not do this, with us? I won’t give away the plot of the film. I will say though, that there is A LOT there, in the film.

It helped me to see, even deeper just how MUCH God fights for us. it encouraged me, to be even more grateful for the fact, that HE is designed to be my advocate. Jesus is my strategist. He leads and orders every step. Through the power of the Holy SPirit and Heavenly Father, WE see victory happen. BY His LOVE and through His Grace, we exist. He will send many angels in disguise to assist us. Will WE be wiling to receive?

Or, will we be so busy entertaining the evil, that WE miss God’s hand in our lives? Eventually, God has to step back. He will LOVE us, and never leave us, but He may watch for a bit. Because, if WE are not willing to TAKE and apply the strategies of Heaven, then sadly, He has no choice, but to let us have our private hell.

When God revealed to me, I was in agreement with evil, I had to denounce it. I had to divorce it. How? Through the LOVE of JESus. i encourage you, to seek HIS will for your lives. Because, HIS will is the ONLY way, that will work, long term. It is better to be willing to die to us, so that HE can live. I am a testimony of His healing. More every day, He brings Heaven, in place of hell. He does so, because WE are and have been submitting to His desires for many years.


They’re watching. Even the angels are watching. Continue speaking TRUTH, that is rooted in Holiness and Righteousness. Be not religious, or believe I can be limited. My LOVE can, will and HAS conquered. But, will you FULLY do it My way? Many are saying they are for ME, but I see. I know who IS and is NOT for me, and who will be. My BRIDE will be spotless, without wrinkle. She will not attempt to LIMIT my LOVE, in any way. She will be purified, and united with ME. I will cleanse her, of all of this world. She will be given new strategies, and even more, Heavenly instructions and wisdom. So, my precious ones, are you willing to MARRY ME? Can you DIVORCE yourselves from THIS world? Will you let my WORD wash you, white as snow? Are you ready to withstand the FIRE, by my Grace and mercy as well as LOVE. For, I must be your anchor, My shalom, indeed, your portion. This day, for many a New Beginning comes. It will arrive, from Heaven above, on earth as it is, indeed in heaven, your HOME.

This film, helped me to see that, NO matter what it looks like, when we walk away from the evils, THERE is indeed much JOY and GREAT victory there. Our brand in NOT Crisis, it is JOY and HIS name is JESUS. ~

In His Grace and Glory,

E and Fam


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