Jesus’s Rainbow

Jesus’s Rainbow

A while back, I was on an adventure, and God spoke to me. What I hear was simple. “Come play in my treehouse. Now, at first I took that as something specific, that I and our family had been working with. But, later, I realized that it was more than that. What Jesus was saying, was, “Climb up my rainbow of promise.” Perhaps, at the time, I was more reactive to things. In fact, up until VERY recently, it was much more natural for me, to react from pain, than respond fully from LOVE. Is this a struggle for you too? Parenting, is a piece of cake, in relation to say, marriage. Though, not, on purpose trying to compare the two. It’s just marriage is about union with another, and in essence with what that person carries.

I choose UNION with Jesus. I get picked on, and persecuted because of it. This does NOT mean I am perfect. The scripture that came to me, was “be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect.” This means, through surrender GOD perfects our ways. In our weakness, HIS Grace is indeed sufficient. There is Grace to grow, learn, play, cry, to exist here. Jesus’s rainbow is all about the promises of HEAVEN. Be not conformed of THIS world, but be transformed, by the renewing of your mind. What transforms us? The LOVE of GOD. How does it do so? Through knowing His words are true, and letting that truth penetrate the pain in your life.

This world can be full of “headaches.” You know who is the healer and lifter of our head? Jesus. The hardest part about growth is that, if there is anything hidden, it comes out. The degree that it does so, is between each individual, and God. I used to believe that Grace was given when we messed up. That is a lie. Grace is given, by a measure, to obedient children of God. Not to say the disobedient ones, never receive it. But, those ones, eventually have it cut off from them. Grace is a gift and a weapon. For us to climb up Jesus’s rainbow, we have to OPEN more of our hearts and minds before HIM.

This world, often shoots or tries to kill it’s wounded. But, Jesus picks up and hugs them. He reaches down and gives them kisses, and LOVE. If we have experienced memories of others that beat, hurt, or try to destroy wounded, those must be given to God. As we do this, HE will redeem them, and bring us new memories, and remove the old hurts. We cannot beat ourselves up, when we appear to fail. Just as we cannot beat God up, He created us. WE are treasures b4 HIM, gifts, and precious jewells. It hurts our awesome amazing GOD, when we try and agree with tormenting ourselves, for a mistake or bad choice. This is why repentance is a gift.

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