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God has a habit of waking me early. Today, He was particularly merciful to me. Instead of waking at 3 or 5, He waited until close to 7. Was wrapping up a good dream, and was happy to awaken. I woke up, thankful, sleepy and ready for whatever He chose. My head, heart and spirit is so full of life today.

Now, don’t get me wrong. That  does not mean, I woke up, naturally feeling great. But, what I know is, it is so WORTH it, to come inside Jesus’s world. So here I sit, before His throne. Come and join me, won’t you? It is time for a glimpse into the world of Heavenly Eternal.

Inside Jesus’s world, it is always peaceful. But, we’ll get back to that. The intent here, is not necessarily to compare. More to reveal what is rare and precious to our amazing God. Stay with me, because it is about to get good. 😉 He speaks a lot in the mornings.

I asked the LORD, “What would you like others to know about your world?” His answer was simple. He said, “In my world there is LOVE. It is not love as your world knows. But, it is LOVE that is real. There is nothing false in my world. ”

He’s taking this post a whole new direction. I thought, that this was going to be about a movie we saw. We’ll get to that part, in a moment. The movie was about THIS world, and what happens when it works apart from God. But, before we go there, let’s focus on the LOVE.

“When I was a child, I thought like a child. But, then I became a man, and put away childish ways.” This is scripture, from the word of God. He talks to us, about His life. Jesus never apologized for who He was, and is. So, why do we? Especially, when WE are willing vessels, for His Glory to shine. We must stop apologizing for the LOVE of God arriving.

Looking back to the Garden of Eden, when the choice was made, to betray God; we see clearly several things. One, immediately, they felt guilty. Why? Because the decision was life altering. Two, that guilt and condemnation was a generational curse. The curses took roots, through the agreement with the enemy.

So, what happened when the agreement was changed? Well, first there was discipline for His kids. Why did God discipline them? Why does He discipline US today? The answer is simple. He LOVES us. The word of God states, “He disciplines those He loves.”  God’s LOVE itself is not conditional. But, receiving the LOVE, is conditional. There is a reason. If WE are not willing to walk away from the enemy’s plans, WE will NEVER fully receive the plans of God.

Now, to the movie that He led us to watch. We watched “Jurassic World.” This movie was interesting. It shows the torment that the world is currently battling. Why were people killed by these creatures? Because they were afraid, and they gave into that fear. You might say, they were married to the fear. It was what was leading the way for them.

Those that were the lead characters, were led by passion and purpose. Ultimately, they were not just trying to survive and conquer. They wanted to SAVE the people that they loved. It was not a perfect film. But, it sure did have a lot in it. Starting at the beginning, it began in a lab.

Therein, begins the problem. These people were trying desperately to create. Yet, not even bothering to consult the REAL creator. They created a world, from another world, that was before. Don’t we see that all around us? I don’t know about you, but I have noticed quite a few “mini worlds.” The film centers on a theme park. A place built to bring joy, they say, but really at the core is about MONEY.

No place that is made for that purpose, in God’s eyes is a success. However, that does NOT mean, that God cannot and will not move there. Because, God is not limited by anything. We can temporarily stop blessings from arriving. But, we cannot and will NOT ever stop God, or His LOVE. Not even the enemy can do that.

In this film, the man who is the hero, has a bond with the dinosaurs. I saw this, as compassion. It is a major aspect of LOVE. If we do not have that, we are a clanging symbol. We have a pointless existence without LOVE. If you have ever felt useless, worthless, like there was no reason for living; love may be missing.

In the end, the children are the ones who have the answers. Please take note of this. That is scriptural. To let the “Little children come to HIM.” He says, “Let nothing hinder them, because the KINGDOM of Heaven is made of such as these.” The child in us, is what taps into Jesus. But, we have been taught not to feed that. We have been taught in error. Jesus desires us to have child like faith, yet to allow HIM authority. This means, that we have faith of a child, and even renewed and redeemed experiences. But, when it is time, we put away childish ways.

In the film, what is interesting, is the evil creature, that usually would destroy the people, destroys the OTHER evil creature. It destroys the one, who is trying to take it’s job. In psalm 37 it refers to evil. Specifically it states, “The wicked will destroy themselves.” Also, what I thought of, was as the team was united, the enemy became the footstool.

I also thought of the book of Esther. In this book God’s name is never mentioned. Yet, as one theologian pointed out. His name is clearly ON the book. This movie, I don’t believe ever mentions God. But, He was clearly present in a way, that should become more obvious. Especially for those of us, who go on a God hunt every single day.

So, here is my question. Are you looking for a way into Jesus’s world? In the film there are 4 people who conquer. The number 4 stands for Biblically, creative miracle in the earth. These heroes, are the starts of this film. But, who are you? Are you a conqueror? If you are hidden in Jesus, you most definitely ARE.

But, if you are stuck in bitterness, and hopelessness, grief, despair, unforgiveness, and anything else that is unholy, you will stay there. You have to ASK for a way out. You must seek HIS ways. He will come and rescue you. He is here, and waiting. Have you said YES to HIM? Because, if you have, then it is NOT too late. He can and will redeem the time. Why, will He do this? Because He LOVES YOU.

He is not focusing on every sin, or mistake. He sees the flaws that we have as intricacies. He developed each of us, as a special and unique gift. He just wants our mistakes, and brokenness surrendered before HIM. Because, then, WE can participate MORE with HIS world.

There comes a time, when you know the word of God. But, you may not KNOW God. It is then, that He will bring you out into the ocean of the world, and SHOW OUT. He will prove HIMSELF to you, because HE LOVES you. SO, I say to you, keep believing, and receiving, the GOOD. Not, from a way that you ignore the bad. But, more from a place of KNOWING and be able to REST in the facts.

The facts are, that in JESUS’s world, death leads to resurrection and new life. In His world, He always wins. He NEVER sleeps or slumbers. The enemy is already defeated there, and is NOT allowed entry. In Jesus’s world, everyone gets along, and works in holiness and Heavenly unity. In His world, there is freedom 100% of the time. Shouldn’t we live there? In the land that HE promised, is where His world resides. It is finished, and WE don’t have to worry. But, WE do have to obey the plans of God.

If you have chaos in your life, and there is no peace. Then, the fact is, the REAL Jesus, does not have full authority there. SO, the wisdom is to seek HIM for the changes. They will be good, in the end. But, that does not mean that they will not, at times hurt like hell. Because, suffering here, through Jesus, is an honor to Him. If you know the weapons of warfare, but they sit on the floor, and never get use; expect attacks.

But, if you are allowing JESUS to fight for you, and through you, then the peace will NOT stay hidden forever. The more you THANK HIM and praise HIM, the more you will notice the manifestations of HIS GLORY. Come visit Jesus’s world. He created it for you. He desires you to move in, and take up residency there. It is a GREAT place to live, and the ONLY place that WE can survive and thrive. The ticket into His world, is repentance. Will you come inside today?

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