After days of crying out to God silently, today I was just listening. I am NOT a huge fan of quiet. But, today ALL the things that make noise became silent. I heard, “I LOVE you.” I was really frustrated. It is NOT like I was thrilled to hear this. Even though, I should have been. But, the TRUTH is, I wanted to scream. I wanted to shake my fist at God at yell. I wanted to say, “HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME?” But, I just said, “Thank you.”

God’s LOVE is NOT always like a beautiful spring shower. Sometimes HIS Love is painful to receive. This is why many people deny HIS LOVE. To receive LOVE the way GOD intends, it takes getting struck by HIS Golden rod. When God is talking about not sparring the rod, this is part of what He is referring to. Jesus is our lighting rod.

A lightening rod is a grounded metallic structure set up to protect an object from being damaged by lightening.

Jesus is our lightening rod, a GOLDEN ROD to protect us from the WAYS of the world. God never tells us that we will not have struggles. He said, “Take heart, because I have overcome the world.”  He is our place of refuge. Our help in times of trials. The word of God says, “Our present help in time of need” is the LORD.

When do WE need God? Always.

How do WE LOVE GOD? Many ways.

How does GOD LOVE us? EVERY way.

Let me explain…. WE always need God’s help. Do WE always ASK for HIS help? Sometimes, WE don’t have words to speak, and thankfully HE reads and SEES our heart. God loves us in so many ways. There is NOT just one way to be LOVED. But, there is ONLY one way to get to the Heavenly Father, and that way is JESUS.

Most of us were raised in homes where there was one way to do something. If we tried to suggest another way, it was almost always shut down. Because, everyone believed that the way that they were taught was correct. So, naturally when we say something, and get shut down, then WE shut up. But, God never shoots us down. No matter what happens, God elevates us and encourages us.

He is the ONLY one who can constantly build us up. God can fulfill every single need. He CAN do it instantly. But, rarely does this happen. The reason why is, because if God was a vending machine God, WE would never appreciate what we receive when it came. Each gift is precious and special. WE are a gift to God.

If HE is our lightening ROD perhaps in some sense WE are HIS. God really does need us. The relationship is suppose to be united. WE are supposed to realize at some point how special WE are to HIM. Now, this may seem a bit repetitive, but HERE is the point WE fulfill a DEEP need for God. Why did He create us? Well, WE were created to LOVE and BE LOVED. God actually SEES us an individual masterpieces, that are put together to create a WHOLE.

Don’t you see? HE makes us WHOLE It is HIS LOVE alone that breaks us down and FEEDS us to the multitudes. What was it that cause food to multiply with the feeding of the 5,000? It is and WAS His LOVE that was the ingredient then and NOW. It is NOT a secret in and of it self. But, it is a VERY special ingredient. If WE do not choose to let GOD add it, then the recipe is simply incomplete.

WE are not garbage, yet the world makes us feel like it. The god of this world has a task. That task is to destroy us. The GOD of heaven has a job as well. It is to HEAL us. To deliver us from evil, and to teach US to walk in the freedom of our HOME. I was thinking about what HOME means. I have heard, it is where the heart is. So, to ME home is JESUS. It is everywhere I go that HE is. Because when HE is present, so is the HEAVenLY Father, and the HOLY spirit. It is a safe place, where even thought the GOLDEN Rod does NOT always feel like sunshine and roses, it produces them. Along with rainbows, new breeds of flowers, and precious jewels that no one has seen, are Heaven’s treasures.

Will be coming back tomorrow to add more photos and scriptures. 🙂 Love to you ALL.

So, here is the question? Who do you let beat you? What do you let tame you? Is it the LOVE of God? Because God has a requirement for HIS babies. It is very simple. He wants us to be REAL. If we get too religious, WE will be a turn off. He wants us NOT to compromise with the world, but to be a LIGHT and a JOY through HIM and the LOVE that shines through. So will YOU allow the LORD JESUS this day to use HIS Golden ROD to make you a new?

In His Grace and Glory,

E and Fam


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