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I have been out of the  “blogisphere” for a bit. Just taking time to heal. Taking in God’s LOVE and seeing that the weight of HIS Glory can absolutely crush us. But really, that is what we need. Because anything that is left afterwards is of HIM, and not us. This topic came to me a while ago. It is interesting that this day was chosen for writing. It is the 22nd, and the number 22 biblically represents LIGHT. It is the month of May, which is 5 and that biblically represents Grace and Favor. I enjoy numbers, yet I have no fear of them. What I have fear in is one thing, and that is GOD. Because when that is the ONLY thing we have FEAR in, ALL else fails. No idea which direction this was going today, thankfully God knew. I woke up feeling fresh out of battle. Grateful to once again still be alive. Yet, part of me still longing for home. Perhaps that is why my heart has been aching. I have had people influenced by many evil tell me things. They say, “You should not play with fire. Especially fire you don’t understand.” In saying that to someone, often they expose themselves. Have you heard of the devil’s playground? Why of course you have. It is seemingly all over the place. But, did you know God has one too? Cause that seems to be a bit less advertised. Heaven__s_Playground_by_BrownEyedWyldChyld But, He does. His playground is Heaven. Do you believe that you have to wait till you physically die to receive it? Because that is simply not true. It is a lie that has been circulated for a very long time. Thankfully, God is making HIS presence very known. Do you know how to tell when something is of God? It is very simple really. There is peace. It is a PEACE that cannot be stolen or removed or even manipulated. It is stapled to us and US to HIM. There is a HOPE that cannot be denied. God’s LOVE is like that of no other. So many try to do things of this world and call it God. There are churches being made to worship people instead of the holy creator. God is not amused, yet is also NOT moved. His position remains the same. Calling Heaven a playground is not meant to take away the GLORY. It is simply hoping to redefine how the world sees it. It is so much more than a playground. It is a place of 100% PEACE, REST, COMFORT, HOLINESS, JOY,HOPE, REASSURANCE, LOVE and so much more. Movies like “Heaven is Real” are being used to pave the way for more of HIS GLORY to arrive. Are you ready? Or will it crush you? I am starting to get really BORED with the things of this world. That is because I spend a lot of time on God’s play ground. On His land no one falls and has broken bones. People might get bruised, but heal quickly. With GOD you know what you are getting is holy. On the enemy’s playing field, you can be certain that not only is it unholy, but it will destroy. No credit given to the enemy here, because when we repent for spending time on the enemy’s playground, where there are minefields hidden as you play, GOD removes us and takes us to HIS. There is something called the spirit of amusement. It is that thing that drives us to ONLY want fun, no matter the consequences. It causes us to look out for self and often call it God. This can happen mainly because of what we have seen, or been taught. In many case this happens because we have wounds that have not been healed. We have not gone from the playground of the world, to GOD and asked for it to be dealt with. Personally, to know that if we feel the need to justify our actions, they might not be of God is part of being openly corrected. I could list all the demons that are on the enemy’s playground. But, why should we give credit, or space to that? Just know that the enemy and his minions do not work separately. The enemy knows power in unity. It is high time God’s people get this revelation. I want to be on HIS playing field. I desire not only to see the miracles but to experience them. You can be a guinea pig if you like, but I am choosing redemption. Thank you GOD that your playground is NOT just ALL fun and games. It is major battles at times and a very real WAR to LOVE the people from the other playground. It consists of a constant surrender of self, to learn more how to be holy and selfless through your coaching and guiding. Heaven will come to EARTH but will you recognize it??? If you are not coming before HIM with a PURE heart, odds are not in your favor.  Stay repentant before GOD and only GOD. If you are afraid of the enemy then be ready to fall prey to him. It really is that simple. ONLY fear, respect and revere the Heavenly FATHER, the holy son, his child and our holy brother JESUS, and the Glorious Holy Spirit. ~ Heaven is for REAL indeed  and I am not waiting till my last breathe to experience it. What about you??? It resides within you according to the word of GOD. We house HIS spirit.


May 22, 2014 at 7:39am
THIS WORD OF THE LORD IS A SIGN OF PROPHETIC FULFILLMENT AND APOSTOLIC ALIGNMENT TRANSPIRING AT THIS HOUR TO BRING US IN A SPIRITUAL RE-POSITIONING. IT IS MANDATORY FOR YOU TO STAND, SEE, WATCH, AND LISTEN BECAUSE THE LORD IS CAUSING US TO COME UP HIGHER AND THIS IS THE PLACE THAT HE IS BRINGING “GREAT SEPARATION” IN THE BODY OF CHRIST. IT IS A TIME FOR UNITY AND A COMING TOGETHER, BUT AT THE SAME TIME THERE IS MUCH DIVIDING TAKING PLACE FOR THE SAKE OF DESTINY. THERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE DOING THE WORK OF THE LORD BUT THEY HAVE BECOME A TASKMASTER FOR THE ENEMY. THEY SPEAK ONE THING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS, BUT THE REALITY IS THAT THEIR HEART IS MADE OF MANY IDOLS THAT THEY HAVE “NOT” CONTENDED AND DEALT WITH. THEREFORE, THEY LIVE TWO LIVES.      THERE ARE SOME LEADERS THAT HAVE LINKED UP WITH PEOPLE AS WHO I DESCRIBED ABOVE WHO DID NOT AND WILL NOT DISCERN THE EVIL INTENT BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN HEART IDOLS, BUT I WANT TO ENCOURAGE THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE BEEN LIED ON, TALKED ABOUT, PUSHED ASIDE AND TRAMPLED. I TELL YOU TODAY THAT IT IS “NOT” THE END. LOOK UP AND KNOW THAT GOD CAN SEE ALL THINGS. HE ALLOWED THESE THINGS TO COME IN ORDER TO STRENGTHEN YOU AND FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT EVEN LEADERS FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY, BUT DO NOT BE DEPRESSED OR MOVED BY IT.      REVELATION 3:8 SAYS, “I KNOW YOUR WORKS, SEE I HAVE SET BEFORE YOU AN OPEN DOOR, AND NO ONE CAN SHUT IT; FOR YOU HAVE KEPT MY WORD AND HAVE NOT DENIED MY NAME BY YOUR ACTIONS AND ATTITUDES. EVEN AS THESE PEOPLE HAVE MANIPULATED OTHERS AND MADE YOU INTO SOMETHING THAT YOU WERE NOT, GOD HAS THE LAST WORD. THERE IS NO NEED TO RETALIATE OR SEEK VENGEANCE BECAUSE IT IS ALL IN THE HANDS OF GOD. BELIEVE IT!     THIS WORD IS FOR YOU BELOVED….     TRIUMPHING OVER YOUR TASKMASTERS by Prophet Tavolacci     The Lord gave me an incredible word for the body of Christ this morning. In the book of Exodus chapter one, after Joseph and his whole generation had died, the Israelite’s were fruitful, and increased abundantly in Egypt because of him. When the new king had seen this, he was fearful and put task masters over them to oppress them. The task masters made their lives bitter with harsh labor and afflicted them with heavy burdens; but as they did this, something unusual was happening. The more that the Israelite’s were oppressed as the Egyptians worked them ruthlessly, the more they multiplied and spread abroad.   The Holy Spirit is showing me that many of you have been driven and oppressed by the enemy, as well as used and abused by people. Some of you have gone through situations which have been brutal. As you fear God and not man, these afflictions are going to bring you into expansion, growth and prosperity.     The Lord says; those who have tried to manipulate you and belittle you will soon recognize the favor on your life. Those who have tried to control you and oppress you will soon withdraw because of the shield of protection that I have around you. No one could bring harm to you as I am faithful to My word. I will establish you and guard you against the evil one. Don’t fear the spiritual weapon that is formed against you. It shall not succeed, and every tongue that rises against you in judgment shall prove to be false. The evil assignments that are coming against you will be rendered null and void. As the enemy tries to bring devastation and destruction, I will preserve your life. This is your heritage as you abide in Me. Listen for My voice in every situation. Know that I am present in every assault and violation says the Lord.Then the Holy Spirit showed me something else in the same paragraph of Exodus chapter one. In verses 15-21 The king Pharaoh ordered the midwives to kill the first born males as they are born but the midwives refused. When he asked them why they didn’t obey, the midwives replied: “because the Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women; for they are lively and give birth before the midwives come to them.”And The Lord says; You will even observe in your own life the things that I impart to you will come into fruition and come to pass expeditiously. The intentions that I have for you will come forth suddenly. And just as the Israeli women, you are going to produce in a way that will amaze others. They will witness My goodness as they see your harvest in abundance. You will see the increase even before the midwives come to assist you. This will release you into favor with the Pharaoh’s and the oppressors, and many will begin to submit and reverence My name. Even your enemies will be at peace with you as they see the goodness increase in your life says the Lord.     Exodus 1:11-14 Therefore they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh supply cities, Pithom and Raamses. But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were in dread of the children of Israel. So the Egyptians made the children of Israel serve with rigor. And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage-in mortar, in brick, and in all manner of service in the field. All their service in which they made them serve was with rigor.   Psalm 41:11 By this I know that You are well pleased with me, because my enemy does not triumph over me.     Luke 12:32  “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.   This word was how GOD wanted this to END. Humbling indeed. Thanks be to GOD.   In His Grace, E and Fam


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