The COST of TRUE Love

Tonight GOD woke me saying, “Daughter of Zion you must release this word.

He says,  On this first day of the YEAR of change, as 14 is Deliverance, my children must be reminded.  They must gently and lovingly be admonished. My babies must remember from whence they came, and will return. There is a COST for TRUE Love says our Heavenly Father. The cost was paid by my son. The battles and full war have been won. In the Heavenlies ALL has taken place. Prepare in me. Know that I alone will cause MY HEAVENS to invade what many of you consider your earth.

I have sent many of my army commanders and generals, even privates to give messages. Heed these warnings beloved Children. The enemy may come LIKE a roaring Lion, but I AM THE LION of JUDAH. I, my son, and the Holy Spirit will light your path. Many of you in the presence of holiness will be cities on the hills. Remember I alone control the storm. REST in ME. Do so like never before. Listen to my voice. Choose MY ways. They are the ONLY ones which bring to LIFE what must come.

I have said 365 times in my word, BE NOT Afraid. My precious ones, there is no NEED for FEAR. It can cause temporary restriction to occur. The winds of HEAVEN are blowing. MY WINDS alone. There will be much GLORY falling down like rain. Watch and observe. Quiet yourselves before me.

Thank you my precious children, especially to those who faithful to me, even unto death. For DEATH cannot stop MY LOVE. It is TRUE. It cannot even delay it. I AM the GREAT I AM and I am bound by nothing. There is no space and time in the Heavens. There is ONLY Beautiful Healing. Come my children, drink of ME, eat of MY MANNA, partake of holy communion with me. Bathe in my anointed oils. Receive my LOVE and NEVER be the same. Keep letting me shower you with my holiness. Know the persecution will appear hotter, but I will never let you be tempted beyond what must be. It will NEVER be more than you can handle through me, and more than I can take care of.

YOU will NEVER BE ALONE!!!!!!!!

LOVE your FATHER who made you via

A simple scribe and COG

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