First off before this entry gets off the ground, I must REPENT. I personally, on behalf of myself and the body of Christ, repent for anytime I have ever been used by the enemy, or any of us have. Because we all get emotional sometimes. I speak the blood of JESUS against the spirit of emotionalism that seems to come at us like a freight train. Thank you LORD that your LOVE conquers it…CHANGE the atmosphere as only you can. Show your children they don’t have to fight alone, that YOU must be the fighter…YOU FIGHT…ALWAYS.

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Choose to LOVE the HELL of people, cause if you don’t let GOD use you, they might not make it to HEAVEN. ~ LORD, help us not take it personally. IT is NEVER about us…

Today, as this is being written, I am very frustrated with some things. In fact, as a family we are going through challenges in GOD that some cannot and will not even try and experience. IT is not something that is our fault per se, but it IS something ONLY HE can undo. I am praying that even as we are used by HIM to minister and share insights, HE is handling ALL things. As a COG, which is who I am, long before any other gifting, it makes me ANGRY. I am righteously ANGRY that people are so clueless. I hold no judgement on them, cause I used to be that way. But, why would anyone want to STAY in the DARK forever? JESUS is waiting and so is the HEAVENLY FATHER and HOLY SPIRIT. When we runaway we must do so to GOD.

I asked for a reprieve from writing. My body seemed to want sleep. But, GOD said, NO. SO, here I am, listening and letting HIM lead, no matter how I feel. I pray this helps someone. I pray in fact, somehow it helps MANY. In Jesus name, I pray that GOD uses our posts He has given us, and writes through us, to cause HOLY CHANGE and transformation.

I get tired of people rejecting GOD, and HIS people and HIS ways. THIS battle is REAL but it is won, so why do we get hit still? Because just like GOD has a job to LOVE, the enemy has a job to HATE and to try to make us hate. I refuse to HATE. It is not in me. I will not let any demon in hell take what GOD has so graciously died to give us. But, yet it is NOT my job to guard it, even that is GOD’s job.

Please TURN the hearts of the people to YOU LORD….because many are running to the wrong things. Many are just sitting around complaining and choosing sadness. The world says it’s ok to be sad all the time. but GOD says, the JOY of the LORD is our strength. Yes He wants us to feel, but NOT worship the feelings or the wounds that might be causing them to surface. This is coming from someone who got set free from self pity, depression, self harm, you name it.

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We must run FOR GOD in HIS purpose and let HIM run THROUGH US!!!!!! IN business, in home life, in health in ALL ways, only RUNAWAY to HIM and surrender. ~~~~

JESUS died on a cross in Calvary so we could be FREE and walk in FREEDOM. So why are we choosing DEATH??? We speak it. We walk it. LORD, forgive us….

When I was a teenager, I loved the CORRS… I did not understand in my flesh, because everytime I asked questions, it was basically ‘you will learn when u are older’. But, these kids need to know NOW.

THINK how many runaways there are…they RUNAWAY because they really BELIEVE NO ONE CARES….but GOD does!!!!

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Say it’s true, there’s nothing like me and you
I’m not alone, tell me you feel it too

And I would run away
I would run away, yeah…, yeah
I would run away
I would run away with you

Cause I am falling in love with you
No never I’m never gonna stop
Falling in love with you.

THE REST of the LYRICS were left out, they were NOT appropriate. It is also because the whole point is this….people are looking to FALL in LOVE with people and NOT GOD….but they had better DIVORCE satan and MARRY GOD. Because if they do NOT their whole lives will keep being hell, and then they will die. ~
The children who belong to GOD need to know WHO He is…and who THEY are in HIM and who they are NOT….Do you know how dangerous it is to deprive  children of this information???
LORD, forgive us, we forgive our enemies, and we speak blessings OVER THEM. We know that VENGEANCE is YOURS alone, and have seen you remove the hindrances over and over. WE thank you for LOVING us and being the ONLY one that we can ALWAYS RUNAWAY to. IJN AMEN
PLEASE discern in GOD and through HIM, consistently ask HIM to do and BE through YOU, because without HIM doing it ALL, even if it looks like you succeed, you won’t. HE deserve our agreement and covenant to only RUN into HIS ARMS from now on.
In His Grace and GLORY,
E and FAM


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