This morning I am really reflecting on what the word rejection means. The definition will be included last. It is not easy, and yet it is a promise. Our prayer is that we will rise above it and be not affected when it comes. Jesus dealt with the demons, sometimes just by praising Father GOD, other times by casting them out.  


Shouldn’t we reject evil, instead of embracing it? THE EVIL needs to be rejected and ejected. THAT is what GOD commands, and desires for us to do, through HIM. So, let’s rejoice, when He uses us to plant a Holy seed, even when it is not received at first. The SEED was planted, and GOD will bring harvest. 

The point is this, we cannot keep ignoring spirits. YES, we are told not to fight them, for the battle is GOD’s. But at times HE uses us to fight. HE wins, He fights through us and others. Are we letting HIM? Or, are we ignoring HIM while we ignore the darkness? 



LORD free us from this dark prison of this world, and all evil in it, help us not be tolerant or immune. Cause us to keep 100% FOCUS on you. ~

Look at HIS word, there is a TIME for everything, and a season. That means there is a time, where like Christ we will be rejected. But in being crucified with HIM, we cannot take it personally. We have to recognize that people reject GOD in us at times. 


When do we take it personally? Well, usually when we are wounded, or in some cases,  we indirectly get affected by another’s wounds. This day, I repent on behalf on myself and the BODY of Christ for any time, I have ever made anything, about me. 


It is NOT about us, and never will be. It is about GOD’s plan, to use us and others though. IT is about GOD in us, ALWAYS. Even HIS LOVE is not about us, it is FOR us. It is a GIFT. Do we receive it, or reject it?



The gossip, bullying and rejection must END. These spirits must be told to GO in the name of JESUS…they should have no power, not even an inch. GOD needs us to OBEY. 

Today GOD led me to do something, simply to test a spirit. The response I got in return was defensive and excusing, instead of being open to being corrected. Because what could I know, at least in this person’s mind. They might have been thinking, that they know more, and don’t need assistance. Sadly, this is a mindset that can be so deadly. 



THIS is how the world sees it, something we must accept, but when GOD has us stand in HIS authority, we rise above this, in HIM. So, even if it continues, it takes no root. THANk you GOD!!!! OH how you LOVE us!!!

It is a false sense of security, where we think throwing out all evil and ignoring it, keeps it from our hearts, or spirit. Sometimes we have to observe it, even if for a moment. Mainly so we know the difference, between that, and the good. Cause sometimes it is so hard to tell the difference. Without GODLY discernment, it is impossible. 

With GOD ALL things are POSSIBLE….

We have to cut ties with this world, all ties that are unHOLY yes, but we may need to understand the enemy’s plots and schemes. We must seek GOD, for revelation, in whatever forms and tools He uses to give it to us. 

I don’t believe JESUS loved rejection, but He did not let it or any demon deter HIM from the goal at hand. We must do the same. We praise you LORD, even amidst the rejection. We thank you that NO WEAPON FORMED against us will prosper. 

You are so beautiful mighty GOD. Give us your senses, and your mind, so that we will 100% receive and not reject you. We cannot keep throwing the baby out with the bath water, because if we do it will only lead to destruction. Convict us LORD, to give you your way in all aspects. YOU alone deserve the GLORY. 



THIS picture represents GODLY acceptance. HE loves us too much to let us stay in the pit where He found us, or to take us back there, without HIS Guidance. This day we speak GODLY acceptance that is from Heaven above, over the BODY of CHRIST. IJN and BLOOD AMEN. ~

These are scriptures about rejection. LOOK how much is here. HOLY MANNA every day. 



World English Dictionary
— vb
1. to refuse to accept, acknowledge, use, believe, etc
2. to throw out as useless or worthless; discard
3. to rebuff (a person)
4. (of an organism) to fail to accept (a foreign tissue graft or organ transplant) because of immunologicalincompatibility
— n
5. something rejected as imperfect, unsatisfactory, or useless
[C15: from Latin rēicere  to throw back, from re-  + jacere  to hurl]

In HIS Grace and GLORY,


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