Do WE Waiver?

I was so not planning to write today. But Father said, “I have need of thee.” SO, here we go. LORD, do this through me. IJN. He put on my heart and in my spirit to speak about UNWAVERING FAITH. First we will have HIM define what unwavering means. Because when I think of a waiver it means to wave through. For example, a child can have a waiver saying, NO VACCINES. Hopefully you guys are understanding this, by His Grace. It is deep. 


This is subject matter that is meat and vegetables. GOD says we cannot flip back and forth between believing and unbelieving. WE either DO at the CORE, or we DON’T. It cannot be self reflection, it has to be HIS reflection!!!! ~

  1. 1.
    steady or resolute; not wavering.
    “she fixed him with an unwavering stare”

So wavering would in turn be the opposite. GOD wants US FIXED in HIM. Meaning, He wants us fastened unto HIM. Just as Jesus, the son of GOD is part of the Father and part of the Holy Spirit, so we should be as well. When JESUS walked the earth, HE was just like us. YET, because of the plan that Father had, HE never sinned. JESUS’s gaze never left the FATHER. HIS eyes were fixed on HIM, with UNWAVERING FAITH. 


This morning, my AGH (Awesome Godly Husband) David went to our child’s school to get a waiver regarding health. We are being led to get a new social security card for her, because years ago, she was adopted, and now needs a new card. Anyway, THAT waiver cause them to understand that she is healthy and whole. It also gives her FAVOR. 

GOD gives us a waiver too. It is HIS GRACE and FAVOR. IT is HIS FAITH that we lean on. He is OMNIPOTENT and knows ALL outcomes. We must TRUST in HIS ways, because in the time we are rapidly approaching, ALL else will FAIL and FADE and lead to disaster. 


IF we are wavering or have been wavering, we must repent before GOD. We do partner with GOD, by saying YES. However, HE does all the work. FAITH without HIM 100% doing it, fails, and is dead. BUT, when we surrender to HIM, and ask HIM to overtake us in HIS ways and purposes, HE succeeds. He resurrects it!!!

This morning, we were ALL tired. This has been a season of LOTS of spiritual warfare. If you do not know what that is, it is definitely time to learn. The church as a whole, has been affected by the spirit of avoidance. We cannot count on both hands, how any churches do not even offer spiritual warfare insights, or classes. How else will we learn or others learn to work in UNITY in HIM without instruction? 

The enemy tried to mess with us, but GOD. We all came together, and each of us repented from a place of sincerity, and GOD moved. IT is awesome because when we do this, HE moves from a place of LOVE ALWAYS. Even the discipline that comes is from HIS LOVE. Even HIS wrath, comes from HIS LOVE. 


THIS is a GREAT study…..LOVE GOD in this brother of ours 🙂 

He also has given great wisdom about how to be prepared while in BATTLE. We often git hit most when we are at a HALTE.

H- HUNGRY (both for the word of GOD or for food in the natural)

A- ANGRY (secondary emotion-seek the root)

L- Lonely (loneliness can be a spirit and emotion) 

T- Tired (Warfare happens a lot at night)

E- Exhausted (Barely able to speak or move) 

The first 4 came from Charles Stanley as God showed him. The 5th one was given to us, pertaining to our On the JOB Training, or OJT. 

Being really transparent here, we have wavered before. In fact, a few times. BUT GOD. Thankful for HIS Grace, and the choice as well as honor to come before HIM with pure hearts, asking forgiveness and repenting. He is a beautiful GOD.

LORD, we thank you for instilling in us as well as resurrecting your UNWAVERING FAITH. Posses us GOD, so that your perfect will and Holy Plan will manifest from HEAVEN unto EARTH. We LOVE YOU LORD!!! IJN AMEN 

In His Grace and GLORY

E and Fam 

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