Will you take position?

We have covered this topic before. But, it needs to keep being addressed. God repeated many things in scripture, because He knew our brain needed healing. In this season, people are, as a whole very aware of threats of additional war. But, what they may not be as aware of, is the WAR in the Heavens.


Yet, THIS is the most important one. WE ALL have position in God’s Army. WE are ONE BODY in HIM. Each one has a very specific purpose, uniquely designed under Heaven.  Here is the question, will we take it, receive it? Meaning, will we come under HIS wings, and allow HIM to move in, through and even around us? Will we allow GOD to fight? Because if we don’t, the end is going to be horrendous. I say this not to stir up anything negative, it is simply a fact. The bible discusses this at length.


In this myriad of WAR we are in, it is done in the heavens, it is finished and won. However, there is still manifestation, or demonstration that MUST come to earth. Not because it has to, but because GOD promised it would. He keeps HIS promises. Thank GOD for that! He LOVES us so much. 🙂


This is a great link that I was led to on HIS army.


We all are at a crossroads of some sort. Our family has had a lot of change. I mean A LOT. Some good, some great and some that was a MAJOR challenge. All we can say is BUT for the GRACE and GLORY of GOD, we would have perished. Thankfully, He gives so many chances to HIS babies.

Because we LOVE Him so, we are strong advocates for HIS military. This is, in our world what looks like a “scary” time. But, the fact is, in HIM, it does not have to be scary at ALL. How many times does God command us to encourage ourselves in the LORD, or to be of good courage? Too many to count.


I encourage you to take position in HIM, hunker down and prepare. IT will eventually get rough, but GOD will see us through. HE will, because again, HE has promised He will NEVER leave us or forsake us. THIS is not about religion, it is about relationship with GOD. It is, about not giving our enemy, or his minions an inch. Because trust us, he will take a mile, in fact a few. But GOD…


I am so honored to be LOVED by GOD. I don’t know about ya’ll, but when the day sometimes seems darkest, I can CLING to HIS LOVE, HIS words and HIS amazing presence to bring comfort, healing and peace. No matter what our circumstance, HIS LOVE is the answer….Our family is in position. It is WAR, and it is heating up, and thank GOD. Because there will never be a time, that HE is not worthy to be praised. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THE LORD is not going to keep waiting on us. Look around you and you will see, that HE is making a command. WE can either do it HIS way or die. Power of life and death in our tongue. IT is in what we say, how we digest, so many insights and revelations here. WE SPEAK LIFE over God’s kids, and thank GOD that vengeance is HIS, not ours.

In HIS Grace and GLORY,



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