Solitary Confinement

This morning God has been teaching and revealing so much. Today is the 9th, Biblically it means The Father’s divine perfection. What a Glorious day it has been! It began with kindness, and every plot and scheme of the enemy, God has squashed. While out and about today, God showed up and out. He revealed that ” He is breaking us out of solitary confinement.”


So, do you guys wanna be FREE? Cause who the son sets free is free indeed!!!

First, He sent us to Walmart. I am so grateful we waited till today. Lots of sales, and lovely opportunities for Him to minister. Anyway, we come in, with the list He gave us, and start looking for who ” jumps out at us.” Anyway, usually when we go shopping, I get headaches or back pain, or something, but today was different. A dear sister of mine, Carolyn told me something about Walmart. She said, ” God gave me a ” Walmart ministry” for years.” Every time God sends us, it has a purpose.

Today was no different, in that respect. We met people who needed His encouragement. We high fived people about His awesomeness. 🙂 We walked by the baby department and heard, ” Rise and Shine and give God the Glory Glory, Rise and Shine and give God the Glory Glory, Rise and Shine and give God the Glory Glory, children of The Lord.” My husband turned to me me and said, ” What the???” I said, “Signs and Wonders Baby! Go God!” You see you are one of His signs and wonders. Good things follow God in you, when you do it His way, and He ultimately does it. Glory to God!

People are hurting, even His people. Wounded people will bleed out if their wounds are not healed. In scripture God shows us, by His word, He bruises us, but He also heals us. Everything has purpose and reason. The enemy of our soul, satan wants us in solitary confinement forever. Because when we are locked up within, bound, he is not troubled by us. In fact, indirectly, we are working for him. Because, this means we are puppets on a string. All be it temporarily, because eventually, the string or perverbial rope gets cut.

Guess who cuts it? You guessed it, it’s God. Guess who breaks us out? It is GOD!


He gave me this when Sarah Elizabeth was in treatment in 2009 ~

It Is God

Verse 1:

You never think it will happen to you…but it could. When it does it feels just like your suffocating.  Life goes on as you wade in the waters not knowing when to come up for air.

Verse 2:

No person here can help… No amount of human love can heal. Yet we try… Cause it’s what we know to reach for comfort elsewhere. He forgives us for our ignorance and wraps us in his grace and care.


It is God that finds you when you are hurting…bleeding and dying inside. He never binds you from what you need.  He IS the only answer…the only key to finding who you are…in the midst of all the chaos and broken dreams.


It IS GOD that needs you…more than any other does. He needs your help to reach the lost ones. So show His love and share HIS love by giving and receiving.  Know that you will fall, and He will pick you up and start you over. God is the everlasting… better than a 4 leaf clover!

Verse 3:

For it is written that God goes after every lost sheep. He will not stop until their brought back to their shepherd. It says He won’t give up until we ALL are found. So Praise Him now… for we WILL come around. Praise God in the midst of crisis…praise Him every hour…in the good and bad times…for ALL the trees and flowers. For It is God who created us…It is God who renew us and it is God that will ALWAYS find a way.

Repeat Chorus:

It is God that finds you when you are hurting…bleeding and dying inside. He never binds you from what you need.  He IS the only answer…the only key to finding who you are…in the midst of all the chaos and broken dreams.

It is God that can sew us together when we come apart at all our seams…Praise God!

Ask and It shall be given seek and ye shall find.

For HE is GOD!

Imparted by the LORD

Scribed and written by: Eleanor Katherine Sharpe

So many times God shows us that weapons of warfare are not carnal. Another dear sister share something else today. She said, “God wants warriors not wimps.” Ministry is not for the faint of heart. Those who are in it, better be there to win it. It MUST be God’s way and for His Glory. Because anything else only leads to destruction.

Think about Paul and Silas, how did God help them? They praised Him and He broke them out of prison. They were set free by saying thank you to God. they got out by having repentful hearts, just in case they did something wrong, and trusting that God is bigger than circumstance. He is, no doubt about that.

I personally hold no ill will toward anyone. Now, I absolutely could, but that would not please God. It would complicate His desire to move in and use me. In fact, any of us who hold onto bitterness, resentment, anger, unforgiveness, and pain, as well as anything else are indirectly rejecting God.

This is a time of judgement. Those who serve the evil one are getting put in solitary confinement. But, God’s people are FINALLY being released! The pharaoh spirit is being dealt with, as well as many others. Those who are trapped in the enemy’s camp and want out are being sent. They are being sent to those children of God ( COGS) who have the insight and wisdom needed. It is essential in this hour. Revival is hitting the land, like an earthquake, a monumental one.

What was done in the dark, WILL come to LIGHT!!!


Be prepared, the enemy is desperate. Cover your family, let God do so through you. Pray psalm 91 daily. Anoint yourself and children, daily. Do communion at least 3 times a week. Praise God and speak OUT His word. He has need of us. Challenges will come, but God has won! Choose this day whom you and yours will serve.


Glory to God forever! The devils may seem stronger, but the only newness there is that it feels different, more intense than before. The Lord killed Goliath through David. He will do the same through all other children of His, who let Him. The last part is key! We must surrender. Because if not doing so unto the Father, His son Jesus, and Holy Spirit then we are not a friend of His. The word days, a friend of the world is not a friend of God. I Live and LOVE for and through HIM. He is my best friend. No matter what comes in life, He alone is there, always.

We pray our kids, His kids have even more passion for our mighty God! Every generation should be more connected than the one before. We will fight, as He fights in and through us. The battle is His, and He wins!!! So, we win too, in Him.

Lord, our prayer is that you do whatever it takes to keep us humble in YOU. There should always be, more of you and less of us. It’s ALL abt G O D it’s NOT about you and ME! Oh he LOVES us so, He is Gonna Flow. Watch God!



God HIMSELF will break us free from addictions and ALL idols of this world! NO other gods before HIM! NONE!!!

SN : Will come back and add pictures. Using iPad to blog today, D has the laptop doing other cool God stuff. Yay God!!!

In His Grace and Glory,


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