Our LOSS is His GAIN ~

Today I was praying for a dear sister, and as I did God showed me some insight. There are certain things that can only be healed by going to heaven. Sadly, about an hour ago, I was informed she passed on. It is hard when God takes someone we love. I am praying for comfort for her family, and that God will use greatly the legacy left behind and heal the wounds. 


The original post was going to be something about God’s enemies. Specifically abt God arising and His enemies scattering. This also kind of goes with what happened. He rose up for her, and released her from the pain. Because she was a valiant warrior. She fought on behalf of many in His Kingdom. 

The hardest part about doing this, fighting and interceding for others through prayer, is that the enemy comes even harder for us. She was a beautiful soul, in fact she reminded me of my mom. Both were women who loved the LORD greatly, but struggled with receiving that love in return. Don’t we all do that, to some degree? I know I do. 


God reminded me as I began to have tears form of something very specific. Our LOSS is HIS GAIN. This is true in all respects. My mother was not perfect, but I have learned to appreciate the goodness and God in her, and release any effect that the evil around or even in her may have had unto HIM. Mom died thirteen years ago, and in my flesh it still feel like yesterday. 

But, I am certain I will see her again. I am grateful that I had 23 years to get to know and experience God through her. I also experienced things that were not so great, but the good far outweighs the bad. It always will, as God reveals. I choose forgiveness and freedom in Christ. 

I am NOT a religious NUT and I don’t worship religion. I simply believe that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, and no one comes to the father in Heaven without HIM. I know that any one except God himself can be influenced by evil. The point is evil never wins. I don’t care, nor does God how it looks on the surface. It is finished and GOD overcame. 


My husband was the one in the most shock by the news our friend passed. God gives us purpose, vision and seasons, and her final season is just beginning in Heaven. The angels are rejoicing because there is a new level of freedom and healing that occurred. A captive was set FREE 100% from this world and the enemies taunts and torments. 

My mother was 57 when she died, and our dear sister was 58. So young, yet both lived with vigor and zeal for their King. I have been praying and asking forgiveness to God for anytime I spoke ill of anyone, my mother, a friend, a family member, a child. As I did, the LORD showed me clearly, He knows my heart, and that I desire no hurt to come to HIS children. You see the reason He knows my heart is this, it is His own as well. 


I remember sis Cheryl saying to me, “My Papa owns the cattle on a thousand hills. ” I will never forget that. Anytime I have questions about God’s provision or purpose, He reminds me of this. He will provide. He alone is sovereign. He alone will be the ONE to set the captives FREE. 

Today, when the enemy tries to dig up the losses, or pains from the past remember this. Believe, trust God and seek HIM always, and have peace with whatever comes, because no matter what it seems we may have lost, the LORD has gained so much more, and He will bring restoration, in ways that ONLY He can. 


We have ONLY glimpsed the GLORY of GOD! Jubilee is coming!!!


In our weakness He is strong, and He is moving mightily. We praise you LORD still for your grace, mercy and amazing LOVE ~

In His Grace and Glory,

E, D, SE, and SSJ

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