It is ALL connected!

Do u ever notice that when one thing happens in life, something else happens, at the same time or right after? Good and bath, this is TRUTH. People say bad things can come in 3’s but GOOD things can as well. I cannot say enough how much GOD has impressed this upon us. WE are ALL HIS KIDS and it is ALL connected. WE are connected to each other, to GOD who created each other, most of all. 

There are many many many people who currently are experiencing deception. There is actually such a thing as TOO MUCH boldness. Jesus, had just the right amount. When we do something on our own, GOD may bless it but oh will the complications abound. He blesses us as we grow, and continue to repent before HIM. 

Remember the weapons of warfare are not carnal…wear your armor, and put it on at the least, for your family, and the most for ALL HIS children daily. This is in Ephesians and Isaiah where it states specifics on the armor of GOD. It is a MUST and has never been so important to reaffirm as often as Holy Spirit leads. 


There are spirits around us. We fight them, not flesh and blood. Or at least we should be doing this, and GOD should be the one doing so. If we are doing something and it starts out as more trouble to GOD than the enemy, GOD will hinder it. He will cause it to cease and desist. But, He will also keep loving the HELL out of us. We have to keep doing the same with others. He does so through us. 

He does NOT want us to have a religious spirit. I find myself lately, going before HIM and saying, “crucify my flesh GOD.” He is, and it often hurts. When the FIRES of HELL come at you, because GOD in you is a threat, it is anything but easy sometimes. BUT GOD.


I read a post from our dear sister and fellow warrior today, Barbara Gaines. It was a GREAT reminder. Basically the post said, “WE NEED EACH OTHER.” We absolutely do, and GOD’s word teaches us this. We also need GOD in each other, even more. See, His word says clearly that we, HIS people will perish for lack of knowledge and vision. Instead of competing we should let GOD be completing. 

I go before GOD, it seems daily as of late, crying out on behalf of the entire BODY of Christ. Because if we are in error, and out of order, than how can GOD use us to be examples of what should be? If we refuse to be the kind of warriors who please GOD, how can HE use us to defeat the enemy? 

The answer is, if we REBEL against HIM, He cannot. He will work with, on and through those who are obedient. He says clearly, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” Let’s look at marriage for example. I have had to come before GOD repenting because of numerous things. One of them is blaming the other person, and not owning my part.  We experienced ‘Job’s friends” coming and giving their 25 cents worth too. But GOD. 

From long before  we were ever a spec of dust, or an apple in HIS eye, God had plans. He has plans to prosper us, not to harm us. He wants to save the least, last and the lost. Why? Because HE LOVES us. Also, because we all have been and at some point will be all of these. But the ones whom God chooses, have not their own life.

I have hear people in relationships say that, “I want my own LIFE!” When you work for GOD, it is never your own. Hallelujah for that!!!! He has it, in HIS hands! We have had people say, “How could anyone not like ya’ll?” Our response, if they don’t then GOD in us turns them off. 

I even recently had a childhood friend, someone like a brother say to me, “Not everyone can handle the GLORY of GOD, and you carry that. I am sitting here thinking, “I wonder if he knows that he does too?” Jesus died on a cross for us, to take everything that we could ever imagine in a negative manner, EVERYTHING. Please let this register. Any slander, pain, hurt, sin, death, theft, abandonment, and anything else your mind can conceive that is not HOLY, JESUS took it ALL. 

This is an incredible picture that captures the crucifixion. Please, take a moment and reflect on the DEPTH of what was taken for YOU and for me. ~


This does NOT give us the right to rebel against HIM, and HIS ways, yet we have. Just like in the Garden of Eden, the very first sin, we continue to think we can do it, with GOD watching. We can try, but we will fail, cause GOD cannot be distant. He must be around SOVEREIGN in every way, GOD must be the one to complete the battle. But, He does it through us!!! He needs us. 

Not saying that GOD is needy, not in the least, but He has NEED of us. 

When Jesus died on the cross, He became the ultimate sacrifice. He is also the ultimate catalyst, one who propels us forward. We are coming into a season, after the jubilee, where the people of God will face the anti-Christ. Some, sadly may not know who it is. Do u want to miss out on the revelations of GOD? 



We honor and worship ONLY our GOD…no other idols or little gods before HIM, ever. ~ GLORY to KING JESUS of NAZARETH!!!!

If we believe that the death of Father God’s son Jesus had no purpose, we will fall pray to the enemy’s plan. The word says, “His people perish, for LACK of knowledge and vision.” He is clear, so we must be as well. NO BLURRED lines allowed. GOD brings clarity. It had great purpose, still does. He took our sins in the spirit and physically upon HIM in the natural. Yet, so many do not receive the freedom available. 

Have you ever thought that maybe the sin, might even be used as a weapon? The enemy will use it to try to kill, steal and destroy, but GOD. For the LORD will use it to deliver us 100% as we come with repentant hearts, and ask HIM to move in, around and through us as HE births HIS GLORY. 

I am asking GOD which pictures to use here, because this one is so important….LORD, have your way. May all be drawn to YOU in us, so they can be set free. Each healing, deliverance and salvation is connected to more than our own. Hallelujah!!!! Glory to GOD!



LORD, have your way alone as we come and partake of you and your sacrifice. We humble ourselves before you LORD JESUS, and thank you for undoing the plans and tactics of the enemy, on our behalf. The word says we will do even greater things because you intercede for us. You do it LORD, you NEVER FAIL, never have and never will. Oh how we praise you. Here in your presence we stand. Thank you for this honor and privilege. ALL GLORY and honor to you, now and forever more. Thank you for convicting us to repent, because you LOVe us. Teaching us to choose your ways because it is the only way,  and for always being a GOD of GRACE, LOVE and MERCY.  You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. None other is worthy but you. The way, the truth and the LIFE!!!

In Jesus name and BLOOD,


BRING ON THE JUBILEE GOD! help, us be not distracted by the sorrows. The great I AM is so much BIGGER than that. ~

In His Grace and GLORY,




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