My Quiver is FULL!

This morning when God woke me abt 5 something, He reminded me of something. I went to sleep crying out for those suffering, some very dear to us, but ALL very dear to HIM. He reminded me that HE keeps His promises. God will meet us where we are, He will give us time and room to grow. He will give us Grace to learn, but not Grace to habitually sin. 

Who and WHAT are we trusting in? What makes us quiver? Do we shake in FEAR of the bad of reverence for the GLORIOUS???


This world is coming out of rebellion. I know it does not LOOK like it, but GOD keeps His promises. One of them is this, when we pray He answers. It is NOT always the answer we desire, but it is ALWAYS the one we need. His word says, “If my people will humble themselves and pray, I will answer.” So are we? Because how can we expect to see the change if we are not coming with repentant hearts in obedience to the LORD? 


Also, this morning, I kept hearing in my spirit, “My quiver if FULL.” I knew quiver had several meanings, according to the world. One of them is to tremble and shake. The other night a dear sister told me she was vibrating with His presence. She said she knew there was healing happening. 🙂 

The Lord, also led me to this scripture in Psalms. 

Psalm 127:3-5

Amplified Bible (AMP)

3 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

4 As arrows are in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.

5 Happy, blessed, and fortunate is the man whose quiver is filled with them! They will not be put to shame when they speak with their adversaries [in gatherings] at the [city’s] gate.



WE are the FAMILY of GOD and HE lifts us from the FOG of this world! ~


What if we began to see our children as God’s reward. Because they are HIS first. He decided from a LOVE for us and them, to share. Someone told me yesterday that a child is not born innocent. But, what God showed us is, the innocence is there, it just gets covered up by the world. It gets buried by stress, fear, anger, anxiety, hurts, unforgiveness, pain, and so much more. Many of these things start as emotions, and then grow. 

We can give roots to things that don’t need them. When we do, we give the enemy a welcome mat to come right in. Now negative things will happen, even devastating ones at times. Long suffering is a fruit of the spirit. We all will have a JOB season, who serve HIM. It is just part of it, and even the agony and anguish has purpose. The purpose is to bring us closer to GOD, strange as that seems. He does restore, and He ALWAYS tells the truth. Our GOD is a GOD of wonderful promises! 



Our kids love cartoons, and really within us all, is that child like heart and faith that we began with. LORD resurrect it for your purpose and GLORY and GROW US up in you, as you desire. ~

A precious sister had something tragic happen recently, and as I prayed for her, I could not only feel her pain, but I could see her tears. God sees them to, and is holding her hand. In fact, whether they realize it or not, He is holding the hand of every family member. God grieves as we do. No matter how many times the enemy tries to get her or them to believe otherwise. God, and HIS ways will shine! The verse just mentioned was what came to me when praying for her. 

I found myself weeping before the LORD, not just for her pain but my own and all the other children who are enduring. The ones who are being lied to, abused, beaten, neglected and so much more. These are children of GOD! We cannot take that lightly. Even if someone just saw them as their own, should we not be grateful for what we are given? Should we not honor them, and GOD in them? 


I know the day to day stuff happens, and no we should not DWELL on the enemy but we should be AWARE of him. Because if we don’t teach the kids, our kids and other ones, that rebellion is a sin, and not pleasing to God, and by His words, “witch craft” then who will? I know this is a tough topic. I was not thrilled at first about writing on it, But, I have learned to just obey GOD, and He does the rest. He does it THROUGH us, around us, with us, and even IN US. Only GOD can do what he does, the enemy can try and fake it, and mock the LORD, but GOD always has the final say and the last laugh. He always brings the JOY!

God has been pulling us deeper into intercession for HIS kids. Prayer for Israel, Jerusalem, and all of HIS nations. Prayer that each child will be given the Heavenly opportunity to experience God’s LOVE, is often cried out. Then, we praise GOD for what he has done, is doing and is about to do. Because there will never be a time where He is not worthy. 


This is a time where the demonic seems out in droves, but so are the angels! I repent today for not giving that enough attention. I praise GOD for the angels, but never say thank you to them. I know this seems strange, but perhaps just because we are not used to it. We should thank them, THEY are messengers of God, even say good morning to them. There will be a time very soon when they will NOT be as hidden as they were. 


I have one friend who always has something negative to say whenever we are led to post about something regarding a warning. But God, I pray He meet my friend and brother where he is and heal his heart from negativity and law of the land. Because GOD is able, far more able than we as His people have given HIM credit for. father forgive me for times I have not believed or thought the worst. I choose today to forgive myself, and I pray your GLORY continue to multiply. Thank you for the ULTIMATE sacrifice that you made, so that I and all of your children could receive FREEDOM in you. 

It is time to take not just steps of FAITH but LEAPS! LORD, grow us by LEAPS and BOUNDS!!!! help us not to regret or feel guilty for what was, but stay focused on what you have coming, and the JOY you bring!!!

Last weekend God led us to a conference. I know 100% it was HIM. I laid out a fleece that if He wanted us there, He would make a way. Because ya’ll in many respects, there was no way. He did, and He moved. He gave us money for the trip, and favor as well, HIS favor. Our car died 2 times before we got there. It was a test for us, because God has been dealing with us on HIS time. 

We were running late, car would not start, our sweet neighbor had some info about the car. As he spoke I got frustrated, thinking where is this man’s faith. I heard God say, you are my examples, and he just needs to be heard and loved. SO, today I ask LORD that you bring him opportunities to be heard by you, and LOVED deeply by you. I repent for feeling frustrated, anxious or anything else, on behalf of me and our family. Thank you for your amazing Grace and mercy. 

Today, is the 19th, a day of faith in the month of completion. God has been showing me completion and closure are similar. This year may be apostasy and rebellion to some, but I am believing it is the year of JESUS Christ, a mighty move of GOD in HIS LAND. I am believing that 13 is a beautiful number, after all when u add Jesus plus HIS disciples, that is what you get. 🙂

Because the LORD’s quiver is full, ours will be too. I decree and declare it in the name of JESUS Christ of NAZARETH and through the authority of Christ!

I have a few testimonies to share. One is from last weekend. After the conference, where God blessed us to both be used to minister, and also to be ministered to, and refreshed, we were weary. I asked for prayer from this wonderful group God put me in. The LORD heard, and the next day, my JOY and OUR JOY in HIM was even stronger! Now you know when this  happens, you must prepare for an enemy attack.

We pray Psalm 91 daily for protection, and praise GOD that the enemy cannot retaliate to a point that is not fixable by GOD. So, we were led to go to see a dolphin that was in the movie “Dolphin Tale.” We love that movie! It is one of Sarah Elizabeth’s favorites. 🙂 Anyway, we got up to the place, and my husband had been under attack that morning a bit from unrest. God provided rock start parking (a spot up front without a fee), and then when we got ready to pay, we can our debit card and it said declined.

Now, anyone else might have just left, or checked the wallet and noticed that there was not enough, but not us. Because we know that we know that we know that GOD is bigger than that! He would not let us leave, but I admit I considered it. Then, God reminded me of something. Sarah Elizabeth was given a word in March abt going on this day to see this dolphin. The day was so important, because in the film, there is a child with one leg, and God has called us to healing. He has shown us many times that coming to this place to visit this sweet animal, is a seed for greater to come. So, even though hubby was stressed, and I was unsure, I said a simple prayer. I said this, “Lord if you desire us here this day, please make a way where there is no way, in Jesus name. Amen  

What God did next was amazing, but “normal” for HIM. 😉 He prompted me to look in the wallet again, and there was an extra 20 dollar bill. God gave us the amount we needed, and an extra dollar to put in the adoption box for Winter. Sarah Elizabeth put it in and said, “Lord, bless this seed for your Glory.” Even thinking about this now, tears well up in my eyes. 

God was using this experience to say to her, and us, YOU made it! It was more than just a victory for us, it was and IS a victory for HIM. She should have died,by the worlds standards by but He saved her. Why, because she submitted to the healing. I remember when she was born, before I ever knew her in the natural, I could feel the JOY inside. This beautiful gift from GOD, and just the beginning. Because my quiver is FULL! This is what the LORD says, and so shall I. 

How about you? Is yours full? Are you doing things God way? Are you receiving the POWER of GOD daily? Because if not, I am here to tell you that YOU are missing out! Missing out on the GLORY of GOD, the LOVE of GOD, the mercy of GOD, the JOY of GOD, the Grace of GOD, the PEACE of GOD, the HOPE of GOD, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much MORE!!!

Today our prayer as a family for you is this. LORD fill up the quivers of your children. Help us to see the angels through your eyes, and experience YOUR LOVE anew each day. Father we pray for Israel and Jerusalem and even EGYPT today, that you will resurrect their JOY. Bring them to a place of UNITY in you, for your GLORY and purpose. 

For only YOU can BRING LIFE! ONLY YOU!!! The enemy is jealous because he cannot. You are a jealous GOD, but what you are jealous for heals, delivers and saves us and ALL we come in contact with. We must not fear who won’t reach the Heavens, but have FAITH that your perfect will be done. Thank you LORD that you are a GOD of more than enough. You can drop 20 dollars in a wallet, or 10,000 in a bank account, which has also been done for us by HIM. You will resurrect ALL that you desire us to have and then some, because you know our hearts, and they are 100% for you alone. For all we ever receive is and always will be YOURS!




Tremble or shake with a slight rapid motion.

WE QUIVER with the FEAR and REVERENCE and GLORY of GOD!!!!

In His Grace,



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