LOVE will Keep us together, HATE will Tear us apart!

Where does LOVE come from? Well, real LOVE comes from ABOVE. When you have not tasted it, it is like everything is lifeless. SO many need deliverance from HATE. But guess what most hat most? It is themselves. The word of God says that without LOVE we are like a clanging symbol, just noise. I believe the LOVE that God is speaking of HERE is AGAPE LOVE.

Everyone seems to be talking about how bad the world is, from the media, to just day to day. But, this is just speaking LOVE, indirectly it is also spewing hate. Why do we have hate crimes? Well, because people judge what they do not understand and are so wounded that the enemy has them caught, like puppets on a string.


“I would rather have 10 minutes of wonderful, than a lifetime of nothing special.” This is a line from one of my favorite films, “Steel Magnolias” She is talking about the sacrifice she is enduring to bring LIFE into the world. I think about this sometimes, when LIFE seems overwhelming in ministry.

Because when we choose GOD, we know it is not the popular choice, all the time. People call us religious, and yet we are not really. WE just LOVE God, and have a strong desire to share that LOVE in everything we say or do. Our life is not perfect, for certain, but God has a way of sustaining us.


This entry came to me this morning. Last night our spiritual “son/brother” suggested we watch a movie called ‘I Am Legend.” I had seen it before, and recalled going to see it the year it came out. I saw the movie by myself, just me and God. I was not a huge fan of it then. But, so interesting to watch it again, with fresh eyes.

Anyway the movie was about a doctor who created a “cure” for cancer and then it backfired. It caused a RABIES outbreak. The point is this, those people who came up with an idea used science, and not God. The used logic, and sometimes LOGIC is wrong. Not only that, what you do without God, He cannot bless. The word says, ‘We have NOT because we ASK not.”

There is such a fine line between LOVE and HATE….GOD erases it.


The LOVE for science, brought about hate in society with a dangerous infection, and eventual outbreak. But, here is the good news. Some of them, survived, who were not infected, so society did not die out. The interesting thing is how hard hearted the man got who was intrical in finding the cure. He was so far gone mentally, and yet when it came down to the time where He had to obey, God got a hold of him, and he did. he became a legend because of this, but he also died in battle.

Look at the story of Jesus, all that He lost so that we could have FREEDOM. He is the legend, and legacy. Today is our anniversary in marriage. The day we said to GOD that we would Love, honor, and obey. It has not been easy, but it has only been possible with HIS Love, Grace and mercy. there were so many times we wanted to quit, and even a few when we did, but God came and picked us up again. He put us back together, and healed us. Then he resurrected us, just like Jesus. Someone once told me that for GOD to resurrect something, it must be seen as dead. This has always resonated with me. Consistently when I surrender to GOD, I lay things down that are dead to me, and trust HIM. He has never failed, and never will, in showing me, and us what needs to be kept and what must be let go of.


How many of us get to this place, where the bitterness, and hate we feel seems to grow strong? We can’t keep letting it grow. We must not just pray against its effects, but also command the spirits behind them to go as well. We fight not in this world against flesh and blood, but against rulers and principalities of darkness. We can’t just give everything to the enemy on a silver platter. How disobedient is that?

There will be a transformation, it has already begun. A revival is hitting God’s land and people. It has to, because without it, HIS people would perish. We would not receive the knowledge and wisdom, as well as revelation needed, to persevere in HIM. God has promised good things, in HIS time. yes, there will be a time when it ALL ends, but we are not there yet. We must slow down and enjoy every moment, because it is a GIFT, our present.



Will you throw bricks or let GOD use you to build a HOUSE with them?

(scriptures on LOVE)

(scriptures on hate)

HIS LOVE will keep us together and the HATE from the devil will TEAR up apart. The choice is ours. We must choose this day whom we will serve, and what we will receive.

We, in our family, will choose LOVE ~

In His Grace and Glory,


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