I’ll BE Back, but I AM Here NOW!!!

Thinking today about how many are consumed by thoughts of the second coming. Or, just thoughts of what is coming next??? The enemy wants us in FEAR, because when we are consistently in fear we become inferior to his plans. Look around us, this is evident in so many places throughout the world. But GOD NEEDS us in FAITH!



To STAND in FAITH in HIM, we must REST. The word says, “we should labor to enter into HIS REST.” 

God is a TERMINATOR of Evil. This is where the “I’ll Be Back” portion comes from. In that movie, the main character is out to destroy what is attacking them. For those who have seen the film, it appears that they succeed, and then of course, there was another film and then another. Which is fascinating to me, because 3 is the Biblical number of God’s Glory. 

Yes, Christ is coming back, that is certain. But, should be miss out on the fact that He is HERE now? Because He is, within us, those who surrender to HIM. This morning I woke up and something was off. I was so sensitive to the noise that I left my earplugs in for a bit. I finally got up and started to do the day to day tasks. I repented later for not praising GOD first. I know He knows how much I love HIM. Then, I repented for not consciously choosing to receive HIS LOVE. 

Somedays it feels like we are saying “I’m sorry” to God more than anything else. I pretty much daily now go to God and say, move in me so that when it is NOT perfect, I do not react negatively. In fact, this is a prayer not just for me but many. The LORD is here, ready to pour out HIS LOVE. Yet, so many are rejecting HIM and claiming they just can’t see it. 

So many reasons that people do this. But the number one reason is, we tend to worship our wounds, and desire to shoot the wounded. That desire is NOT put there by GOD. IT is planted by the enemy. Even today, I went to GOD in prayer and said, “Help me LOVE the wounded as you do so through me.” Because our number one job is NOT to make people perfect, or even to get them to obey us, it is to be used by GOD to teach them obedience to the LORD. 


That means, when seasons change, and God reveals this, we must walk away. Otherwise we partake in the rebellion of the ones he has us ministering to. When we are used to share the LOVE and they keep rejecting it, and pretend they are applying it, we will often be pulled away. Have had this happen so many times, but GOD. He works behind the scenes in ways we may not understand, and we give HIM GLORY always. 

So, today, on this day of REST in the month of Grace and Favor, and the year of Jesus Christ, seek GOD for the HERE and NOW. Choose NOT to be trapped in the past, but receive from HIM today. Because we can only GIVE what we are given. He IS coming back, just as He promised, but let’s focus on what He is doing now. Today, we choose to stand on the promises of GOD.


In Jeremiah it says, “The Lord has plans to prosper us not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future.” GLORY to our MIGHTY GOD! He alone will vindicate US! He alone will RECEIVE the GLORY!!!!! He is HERE right now!


Show us your GLORY LORD!

In His Grace,


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