Today what I am reminded of, from our beloved is the Choice is always ours. In a world where it appears that almost ALL our choices are being stripped, that is a comfort. In a movie I have always admired, the main character states triumphantly this, “They will never take away our FREEDOM.” It is only part of the speech, but is the end of it, and likely the most memorable. Can anyone name the film? It was Braveheart and Mel Gibson was portraying the title role. When God woke me today and put it upon my heart, mind and spirit to write. My first thought was, “Oh that bed is so comfy, and it’s foggy outside this morning, just inviting us to sleep more.” My next thought was GOD is bigger than that. So, I got up and obeyed instruction. There is such peace in that.

Not like if I had chosen to sleep, God would have made me pay. He is, contrary to the belief of many, NOT that kind of GOD. He gives us choice. In that instance, it was the choice to sleep more, or to wake up and be refreshed in HIM, and have the LOVE of GOD restore what was to be seemingly a sacrifice.

All the way back to the Garden of Eden, there was a choice available. God, in HIS infinite wisdom knew what that choice would be. Many it seems make the choice that something can be handled on our own. I include myself in this, because there are times still where I, from habit want to take it from GOD. But, HIS LOVE keeps reminding me that at the CROSS is where we were redeemed, so at the cross is where it must go and stay.

Funny, the world teaches us to set boundaries on some level, yet He and HIS LOVE is absolutely and equivocalness BOUNDLESS. Is it possible people in general focus so much on these things because failure is a FEAR? Because we cannot fail GOD when we are seeking HIM, and choosing HIM daily and asking HIM to dwell within us all the more. Could it be however, that because of the deep hurt almost ALL of us have experienced, we shut out the world, and indirectly, shut off God. Like a water valve that gets “shut off,”God is still running behind the scenes. 😉

Asking these questions today because it needs to be addressed that no matter what comes in this world, the choice is ours. Do we RECEIVE or REJECT the LOVE of GOD? I am now 36, and there have been many times where I really thought I would not live to be this age. I did not watch my words, or ask God to speak them, and a lot of death creeped in. Meaning, a lot of negative word curses were spoken, from my very own mouth. Doing so, was indirectly rejecting GOD and what He had made.

Talk about convicting, this one was a doozy. Thankfully our GOD is the best! He is so kind, loving and compassionate as well as patient. He showed me daily that as I would, and we would as a family unite and partner in HIM, use the tools He has given us, there would be peace, safety and BOUNDLESS blessings in the process. Some tools He has led us to use we have already touched on in previous posts. Along with the armor of GOD, we have been led to anoint ourselves daily with oil, do communion daily, pray as a family daily, and separately with hubby as well, and Sarah E when asked one on one. Years ago, we prayed, in fact David prayed, that GOD make our family a House of Prayer. This prayer is being answered, and wow it is humbling. We are grateful.

God is not usually forceful. Feel led to say that more than once. God is not usually forceful. He is overall a God of peace, but when we disobey HIM, and stand in REBELLION, which the word of God says simply is witch craft, He has to discipline us.At that point, He can become a GOD of war, heavenly war. So, here feel led to share this, A relationship in and with GOD is like a garden. Interesting that it began there. 😉 We must go to HIM and let HIM teach, guide, and essentially water our lives. Also, we are required in the process, to be used by HIM to plant other seeds as well. God picks weeds, and He does what is called pruning. Speaking from very personal experience, that can hurt like HELL. But, the only thing burning away is what needs to go. This is what we must remember. Father know’s best, 100% of the time.

God has led us to long seasons and short seasons in friendships. As people who primarily do ministry, it can be a challenge at times to give to the friendships what is needed to sustain them. So, glad we have a GOD who loves us and them as our mediator. His prayer line is always open and available. Would like to encourage some of you who have gotten to a place where it just feels hopeless, to cry out to GOD. His word says He catches every single tear. He answers the cries, and when we complain, waits for us until those seemingly frustrations often bring us to humbling tears. Oh, how He loves us!!!!


So, this day is the 27th, and yesterday something absolutely BEAUTIFUL, GLORIOUS and HUMBLING happened. Our sweet gal, Sarah Elizabeth, rode her first horse. Well, it was a pony, but it was sensational! I am so beyond words thankful that God looks out for us. He had sent me to an event at a local church, and I sensed today would be the day. It was a milestone indeed. I am still in tears just thinking about it. On this day GOD resurrected her JOY. It seemed to be fading for years off and on, and yesterday in an amazingly safe and loving way, GOD restored it!!!! It was ALL over her FACE! I am so glad God led D, my hubby to take a video. This way, I could experience LIVE the JOY that He was blessed to see first hand! Our Father GOD, brother Jesus, and Holy Spirit, are like this, meaning GOD united rejoices every time we receive even a glimpse of JOY.

When we got here, to this place where we are with GOD, both in geographic locale, and otherwise, I asked HIM for JOY. He answered and is answering in abundance. 🙂  We were really going through it, and to some, in fact would say many, some of the choices we were making seemed to not make sense. However, we had to do, and be led to do, what needed to be done. So, we picked up and moved across country. The second time for my husband and I individually, and the first as a couple, yet second move as a family.

This is to show that in a relationship with GOD, we are second. As well we should be, because He makes the BEST choices always. His word says the last shall be first and first shall be last. We could easily fall into bitterness for the battles that have been endured. But, to be really honest, we are simply glad to have survived them, and live to tell about how GOD delivered us. He is indeed MIGHTY to SAVE 100% of the time!


The choice is yours, “whom will you serve this day?” That is a question God asks us in HIS word. Today is the number 27, which means preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Today, we choose GOD, now and forever, to be HIS and for HIM to use us when needed and BE our balance and VISION. Hallelujah that no matter what comes, that one thing REMAINS.

His love never FAILS! The choice is ours receive it or reject it?

Love to you all, always holding you in prayer. He loves YOU so much and so do we!!!

In His Grace,


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