The Beginning

Well everyone, today is day 3, in year 2013. That is divine completeness and perfection, according to the word of God. I kind of feel like Julie did in a movie I watched abt Julia Child. Beginnings are new, and in some cases ODD, but what isn’t that these days? She wondered as I do in my humanity, will anyone read what I write?

First off, this is NOT a place to just get stuff off my chest. The things we have been through have a message at the core. Nothing can destroy you by staying surrendered to God. He won’t let it. The fact is, we cannot fix anything or do anything or be anything without His guidance, that is sustained and worthy. So, here I and my husband on occasion will share what God reveals to us. You may even get some insights that God gives our children. The picture posted is our daughter Sarah Elizabeth who was healed of cancer in 2009.

This is a great time of REDEMPTION, hence the name given, and God needs usImage not just wants us to sharpen our spiritual muscles. He is the sharpest tool ever, we will never become or be HIM, however He can unite with us, and bring to pass amazing miraculous healing, deliverance and JOY in the process.

So, today we begin, on the edge of many cliffs. Leaping into the arms of the only one who truly loves us. He saved our family from the biggest demon of ALL which is SELF. You may think that evil is not real but the fact is, IF you think that and are walking with GOD, you will likely find out the hard way very much is real, however it is NOT and will never be more powerful than the word of GOD, HIS love for us, or the GRACE, MERCY, PEACE, HOPE and JOY that God brings.

Sit back, buckle your seatbelt. This life can be a bumpy ride. But God will catch you when you fall, if you let HIM. There will be sunshine, rain, clouds, storms, and many more natural and supernatural disasters, but He is with us in the middle of every storm. Just as Daniel was unscathed in the lion’s den. Spirits are not people, they USE people and anyone can fall prey but God.

The good news is once JESUS died we were set free, and that fact cannot be changed. As many have said that are much more experienced than us, FREEDOM must be fought for! Now is not the time to lay down and take it. God built our country on great morals and values, and whether it stands on them or not, He still does. Hang in there, stay encouraged, and let HIM love you.

In His Grace,


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  1. Mary Heineman Griffin

    I so agree with SELF can be the the biggest demon of all. Ego is a very bad thing. Only GOD can help us overcome ego. I am so happy your little girl is healthy. Keep posting… You have much great stuff to share:)

  2. tnkat36

    Amen. PRIDE and SELF are one and the same…the biggest battle we have is not with others it is with what we think we know, which is usually only partial information. God is not always logical, yet we lean toward logic. The best choice, is to do something similar to what we learned as kids regarding fire.

    Stop, drop and roll into GOD’s arms and PRAY, praise and worship HIM! Only papa’s love can overcome evil, and the LOVE all on it’s own. It is rarely easy but always worth it. The body of Christ is Healing. It is an amazing time to sit back and watch God, as well as praise HIM for doing what He does best, sharing HIS infinite, unconditional and endless love. No matter what comes at us, it is the ONLY constant.

    Thank you for the support. This was not an easy place to go, glad to know it is helping someone in the growth process. 🙂


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