God is bigger than WORDS!!!

This morning, the first time God opened my eyes, at 3 am it felt like a weight on my shoulder, so , was led to speak PEACE over myself, and all the body, and all in the house as well. Was then reminded that today is the 29th, this means departure in biblical numerics. Then it was revealed that overcoming SIN is about just that, departure. Bad things leaving, and good things arriving.

I was typing really fast, and mistyped a word, to a dear sister in Christ. I immediately apologized, and can only TRUST that GOD is bigger than WORDS, or in this case even letters. But, that nagging enemy began to taunt me about it. Thankfully God used my husband in a powerful way. He said, “it’s fine, God has it.” Just that simple phrase, was like new air to me. A reminder from GOD, that because we are surrendered to HIM, and HIS LOVE, no matter what comes against US, that LOVE will and HAS conquered ALL!!!


Don’t misunderstand, it does not mean we take no responsibility for our words. In fact, quite the opposite, we should take some of the responsibility in the learning and healing process. It is important for us to, simply go to God and say we are sorry. It is that simple. Because He has chosen to forgive, long before we arrive. 

Digest that for a moment, the LORD is always with us, just waiting for US to come around to HIS side and HIS way. Now, prior to being lead to write this entry, I looked at my husband David, and said something to him. I said, a while ago I was shown that we have responsibility God has given us. Specifically that I was sorry for not doing my part and being supportive of him, and in turn, leaving open doors for attack.” His jaw dropped, and then he said, “thank you, and when did this happen?” I said, “I cannot recall an exact date, just felt like on this day, we were to praise GOD for freeing us from sin.” We do this daily, sin and praise GOD, because at least once it happens. However, the amount of times has been transformed dramatically by God’s love. 

My husband was freed more times than we can count from addiction, anger, retaliation, rejection, cancer, and more. I was freed from self harm, barrenness, judgmental spirit, control, and more as well. Whatever it is, whatever the WORD…diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, cancer, jerk, and way more obscene ones, God’s LOVE is the cure. 

We have visited many places, some spiritual, and some not, but the fact is this, without GOD’s LOVE at the CORE of our being, we are not, and will never be FREE. ~

GOD is bigger than words, but choose them carefully, and ask HIM to guard your tongue  so that for HIS Glory, He can make us into all He desires for us, and in doing so we will walk in DIVINE HEALTH, FREEDOM of CHRIST, and JOY that cannot be stolen from anyone!!!

BTW, that issue that came up where I made a typo, and got railroaded by the enemy, it was abt 15 min ago, and I gave it over to GOD and praised HIM, and He took care of it. 😉

Cause as He said before, and we will be reminded of again…



Our prayer is that ALL who are willing to receive the sacrifice that JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH paid for us, will and GOD will SHINE in ALL HIS GLORY!!! This comes with more supernatural BLESSINGS and LOVE than we can grasp, however are WE willing to BELIEVE that GOD and HIS LOVE is bigger than the words of THIS world?

In His Grace,


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