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No Wrong Turns

This morning I was awakened by my Jesus. That is NOT unusual. For many years, that has been such a gift. Though recognizing His present, in the presence of HIS LOVE, is NEW each morning. Especially in the mourning, which HE is turning to DANCINg as promised. This morning, as I woke, the song, “CINDERELLA” (SCC) was on the radio. There is so much significance to that. And it was 3:28. Part of ME wanted to go back to sleep, but I know, when it is TIME to write. There is an unction, from GOD, when HE wants to speak. And TODAY is a BIIIIIG day. LOVE will show itself. As the song on, is, “Love’s Been Following You” (Twila Paris).

The #1 thing, I have really battled with, is fearing I will mess something up. Or, that someone else will. Do you struggle with this too? I definitely do not believe my heart is to rebel against God. And I desire to simply LOVE others, and share HIS LOVE. Really, that IS my Ultimate goal. It amazes me, how many come to attempt harm, and yet God says, Love them. Because, the truth is, they are NOT coming against YOU. And THAT is truth. IT is ALL about where, EVERYONE is with GOD. That seems, so simple, yet so profound. For example, if someone is angry at God, they will likely, take that out ON you. And YOU cannot take that personally, or to heart. Because, it is really not about you.

So , to the title of this entry….

This morning, picked up where I was yesterday with Jesus.

I was catching lightning bugs with Jesus. I used to love to do that, as a child. We were at my childhood home. But, it looked so different. It looked joyful. He was reminding me, of the “GOOD” memories. He reminded me, of playing softball, with my mom and dad. He said, ” Beautiful ONE, there were NO wrong turns. I know YOU feel like you messed up. But you did NOT. I am so VERY proud of YOU. I want YOU to ALWAYS stay FOCUSED on the GOOD. Remember to pray for those who have ill intent, LOVE always. This is key. You deeply know, and that is not EASY.”  Tears fall. He catches them, and puts them in a bottle.

I hear the song, the lyrics… “in need of resurrection….take the pieces, make me whole again. ”  (Resurrection – Nicole Sponberg)

Father forgive us, for fearing the motives of others, I say. My heart is not to judge, from pain. Jesus smiles. He says, “Darling, You are ALWAYS learning, and GROWING. Remember, there is Grace to heal. Always, as You are healing with me. My promises are true. Yes, and Amen. Walk with Me, Talk with Me. I am Here. YOU are NEVER alone. Thank you for your willingness to surrender, and forgive. Choose to forgive you too. Love.”

I look up, and I see my sweet husband, has joined today. I smile. “Thank you, I say. That matters, so much. This is a NEW day, and NEW FREEDOM will come today, won’t it sire?” He smiles. I hear HIM laughing with JOY.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Today READ this, through HIS eyes, and lay down, ALL. Know, that to JESUS, who knows EVERYTHING, you MATTER MOST. He wants YOUR HEART, in FULL. You are so VERY Loved.

In His Grace,


13 Jan 2019

Sparkles in the Sand 🐾 🚶 👣

12166887_10207993635856946_547456957_n10356327_797736560298840_800842292463146719_nthankyouthe-time-travelers-wife-fieldToday, is the beginning, of something new.  A wonderland of sorts.  But, it doesn’t always “feel ” wonderful to me.  I often feel like Alice in the story.  But God.  I will be just walking along, and then Heaven appears .  This happened today.


Not everyone takes in the sites, the same.  Let alone the sight view, we all have.  And me, well I’m “different .” And, people either love that, or don’t. Thankfully, those God surrounds me ,most often with do.


So to the title, of the entry 🚪.  Was walking on the beach, with Jesus, and more.  It had been raining for days.  We went for breakfast first.  And, Jesus had us, mention her story.  Particular, the “green ticket” part.  If you don’t know this part, it’s from when she was, maybe 3. It was around Easter, and she wanted, it for Sunday School. I was puzzled at first, what she meant.  Then I saw a dollar flash, b4 my eyes. I looked in my purse, and pulled one out.  I said, “This? ” She said, “Yes. ” ❤️

I remember being so humbled by her. Still am.  I prayed that she always stay, that humble.  And, that we as well.  ❤️  God has kept that, in tact.  Humility doesn’t always feel fun.  But, that’s not, it’s purpose.  That is simple.  Humility ,draws  you closer to Jesus.  You can’t go through a humbling season, and not need God.


After we finished our meal.  The Sun came out.  Were told, It hadn’t been out, in days.  And it was exciting to see people ,come enjoy the sunshine.  Little did they know, it was sonshine too.  ❤️



The Sparkles in Sand happen, when the Sun shines on them.  ❤️  To Jesus ,WE are the sparkles 💖 in the sand.  As are the gold 🌟 nuggets of wisdom, hidden in each story, He writes and shares .❤️



Was walking on the beach, beside my Love ❤️.  And I hear,  “You see those beautiful little angels 👼 ?”  Jesus shows me a little boy, and girl.  In so many ways, it was healing.  They stayed on the beach, and played.  The whole time, He said, “Remembrance of the good.  That’s what makes you sparkle and shine. ”  I watched them play some .  And He said, “Like you and he.  Always and forever my kids, my family.  My sparkles. ”


I see Him smile 😊, and I say,  “He did it.  I just want to be apart of it.  ” He looks up,  and says, “Beautiful one, YOU are NEVER left out. You are ALWAYS, a part of my world. I’m so proud of you. You’ll see.  Joy, in ALL things.  1,2,3 jump.  Love ❤️




There was a big puddle.  He held my hand, and jumped in.  #splashheardallaround ❤️


#laughterandjoybeautifulsounds ❤️


Healing…. Freedom… And Refreshing.


A beautiful way 🚦 to end, and begin.


#Lifteduponangels ❤️


In His Grace,




01 Jan 2019